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Hawker Foods

Featuring Tong Ah Eating House, Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Market & Food Centre, Beach Road Prawn Noodle House, Katong Mei Wei, Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee (Hong Lim Market), Da Shi Jia 大食家大大大虾面, Blanco Court Prawn Noodle, 928 Yishun Laksa, Inaniwa Yosuke (Japan Food Town), Ah Heng Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee (Hong Lim Market)
Jinghui Huang
Jinghui Huang

The basic prawn mee goes for around 6 bucks which is pretty decent for a meal in town.

The soup was very nice and balanced with enough prawny umami. The chilli when mixed into the soup adds more savory notes to the soup, and is interesting. However it could do wirh a slight bit more porky sweetness in it.

Order the 虾枣here! Truly a highlight

Very famous char kway teow at Hong Lim food centre. The queue for this char kway teow is usually so long it snakes around the stall. Very well reviewed as well.

On the dish itself, it was overall a very credible and delicious plate of char kway teow. Taste wise it had a slight tang to it similar to the tamarind taste in penang char kway teow. Very nice and moist and smelled fragrant too. Could have done with a bit more wok hey but they were going for a wetter version which was fine too. Would recommend!

Quite pricey for a chicken rice...

For the dish itself, the chicken was tender, and it was chilled for the chicken juices to form a nice jelly. However, the chicken itself tasted frozen and tasteless. The sauce was good, with a good mix of soy sauce and I could taste the chicken essence. The rice was fluffy and light even though I thought it was not seasoned enough.

Overall, not a bad chicken rice but probably not living up to the full hype

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$6 for their basic size

The broth was done very well. Very good balance of umami from the prawn shells, sweetness from the pork and was seasoned nicely. Shallot oil and lard were also made in-house and shallots had the aroma of freshly fried shallots (vs the ready made shallots). Prawns were decent for the price as well. The pig tail was tender with a nice collagen feel to the pig skin. Overall a very good dish which hits all the right notes. One of the best if not the best soup prawn mee around.

Ps. You can ask for an extra serving of soup so use ur privileges!

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Let's go for the good points first: the broth is very flavorful and among so many prawn mees I've eaten (too many to count) it has the best balance of seasoning, umami from the prawn shells, and sweetness from the pork. Excellent base which is a big plus (and one of the most impt thing in prawn mee)

However, there were other problems: the broth was too peppery, prawns were not the best in quality and pork was cooked too long - instead of a succulent meat you get tender but slightly dry flesh.

Overall would eat if im in the area despite its shortcomings because the broth balance is good


928 Yishun Laksa is a popular Laksa shop that has been around for a very long time.

A highlight for this bowl of Laksa must be its broth, which features a strong prawn flavour that is unlike any other Laksa around. It is more savory than lemak like many other famous Laksa places. Accompanying the broth are fresh cockles, and the usual combination of ingredients. What I like about this place is they give crabstick as well which is a step away form tradition.

Overall a very flavorful bowl of Laksa, can be quite spicy for those with low spice tolerance. Must try if around the area. May not be the best in sg, but definitely the best in the North

Note: they changed location from below block 18, to the coffeeshop opposite: block 19 lorong 7 toa payoh

What can I say, everything was executed just right. The noodles are fried adequately before adding the broth to remove the alkaline taste in the yellow noodles. The ratio of yellow and white noodle is ideal. The broth is flavorful with savoury notes from the prawn shells and heads, balanced with sweet umami flavour from pork (stock similar to the famous Hokkien mee at Lorong 1 toa payoh which likes you to come everyday). Enough starch released from the noodles made the dish cohesive as a whole

Lastly the ingredients are really fresh! Prawns and squid are quite good quality for the price.

Would highly recommend. All the details were done right, bringing it close to a perfect plate of Hokkien mee. Maybe the only small thing that could be better is that it lacks a bit of wok hei (fire not big enough?)

Quite a famous Hokkien mee in Singapore

Done very traditionally with cut chillis and soy sauce (not sambal). The stock used to make the prawn mee is very very good, very pleasant tasting, with right about of savoriness, umami and sweetness from the pork inside the broth. The squid and prawn was very fresh which was a pleasant surprise as most places cut cost by giving inferior quality seafood with their Hokkien mee

Maybe it's a style thing but this Hokkien mee does not have a lot of wok hei, and the yellow noodles were not dry fried for long so there is still an alkaline taste which isn't necessarily bad.

Overall a good plate of Hokkien mee. Not my favorite but I can see why it has its share of fans. The stock though, probably one of the best among the Hokkien mee stalls in sg

Quite expensive, even with Burpple Beyond was about 15+ per person. However given the quality of the unagi it was worth it. The unagi was really nice and fleshy, I would say better than a particular location in bugis famous for their unagi that rhymes with na na.

Very decent bowl of dried ban mian. Everything went well together, the sauce and chilli was a good combi with the noodles. Noodles can be more dense though (since its ban mian), and dish can be less watery. There was a poached egg in the soup but think it would have been better on the noodles

One of the best teochew porridges imo. If you visit this place, be sure to get their:

1. otah - think the source it from the fishmonger in the wet market beside. It is really tasty and has large pieces of fish inside
2. Clams: fresh clams with a sweet tangy sauce that goes with it
3. 卤味:the stock sauce is really flavourful, their pig rectum (大肠头) is really clean, with a nice chew. Their meat is not over cook and has a really nice clean taste to it as well. Mix it with their chilli sauce!
4. Mince meat: their mince meat is slightly spicy, with some soybean paste sauce. Very deep flavours that go well together

Quality Teh Bing. Tea is of the right strength for me, condensed milk complemented well by giving a good bodied taste suitable for its strength. They steeped the tea with the right duration, giving just a very slight bitter aftertaste from the release of tannin compounds. Toast was also well done, with a kaya that taste homemade, not so sweet and still slightly chunky.

One big negative point however was the service. The place was empty and they made me sit outside, where they were burning some offerings. When I expressed my concerns, they told me the inside was reserved for customers who came to eat (but really. In an empty restaurants). No matter how good ur tea is (good but not to say mindblowing), would hesitate to go back. Already increasing my risk of diabetes with the sweet drink, need not increase my risk of lung cancer. The tea was not bitter but their service definitely was.

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