Back For Seconds

Back For Seconds

Featuring Rakki Bowl, Fuel Plus+, Umi Nami, The Social Space (Chinatown), Chico Loco, Elixir Boutique Roasters, Grids & Circles, Winestone, Moc Quan (UE Square), Old School Delights (Esplanade Mall)
Natalie Loke
Natalie Loke

Used burrple 1-for-1 smoothie bowl and cold brew tea set.

Absolutely loved the smoothie bowls! Very generous filling of fresh fruits which gave natural sweetness to the bowl. The chocolate granola also gave a lot of taste and texture to the bowl. Matcha lovers you have to try ‘The Hulk’!

We also ordered the Roasted Mushroom Crème fraîche (single slice) to share. Mushrooms were delicious, however the bread was a tad too tough.

Would totally recommend their smoothie bowls! Total bill came up to around $25.

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Absolutely loved this dish! The salmon was cooked to perfection as it was flavorful yet moist. The roasted vegetables may look unassuming but they sure packed a punch taste wise. Portion was generous and made for a hearty lunch. Used burpple 1-for-1.

A very filling meal! The beef patty was juicy and each bite of the burger was delightful. To my surprise, the sauerkraut brought out the flavour of the burger really well! This dish is a crowd favourite as many other diners were observed to have chosen this too. Used burpple 1-for-1 for this.

Would totally recommend the Zen Spread! All the ingredients complemented each other very well and the portion was substantial. A lovely cafe for a relaxing slow afternoon. Both mains were redeemed using burpple 1-for-1.

The crowd favourite! Totally recommend having this. Used burpple 1-for-1.

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At $12.90++, the portion was generous with the usual standard fries, baked beans and cole slaw. Chicken was marinated with a sprinkling of black pepper before being grilled to perfection. The meat remains juicy and succulent while the skin had the right amount of crunch with the flavour stemming from the light drizzle of black pepper marinate. Used burpple 1-for-1 for this.

This dish was so sinful yet so delicious! The sambal hit the right amount of spiciness, prawns were fresh and the otah was fragrant. Portion was quite big and I would recommend trying this out! Used burpple 1-for-1.

The boneless duck leg confit was very soft and the stew was very flavorful. It made a very good pairing with the sourdough bread, to my surprise! The portion was just nice for lunch. Used burpple 1-for-1.

Pork was barbecued with the right amount of flavour and I really enjoyed this dish down to the very last bite!

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The beef was well-marinated, juicy and melts in your mouth. The taste of truffle was distinct and just nice. I would recommended this! Used burpple 1-for-1 for this and it was a very good deal.

It is recommended to come early for dinner as by the time I reached at almost 8pm, most of the sashimi dishes were already sold out.

Left: Braised Seafood Risotto
This was the star of the night. The seafood broth was rich yet not too cloying, and the seafood used was fresh and the serving was just nice. Would really recommend this dish.

Right: Pellegrino Pizza
Pizza was average.

Service here is good and the ambience is very romantic, perfect for a date night. Burpple 1-for-1 was used and the bill came up to be ~$33 for 2 mains, a very good deal indeed!

Left: Truffle Eggs Prosciutto
The saltiness of the prosciutto complemented the creamy scrambled eggs and crunchy kale. You can taste a hint of butter in the toast which is soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside.
Right: The Breakfast Works
Have your greens and meats in this complete breakfast dish. Loved it.

Portions for both are huge, so come with a very ravenous appetite or perhaps consider sharing - there’s more than enough good stuff to go around.

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