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Stephanie Sim
Stephanie Sim

Pretty good except a little oily! Chutney and sambar clearly made fresh.

I don't know who is going to have the misfortune of ending up here after a nice walk in the botanic Gardens, but do yourself a favour and get out for better food. Unless there happens to be this tomato egg rice 番茄炒蛋盖饭 from the China stall next to the mala. Then get that. It is the best thing The Summit can offer you, trust me - - while not amazing, the portion is huge for the price, and altogether a really comforting dish.

Got this on foodpanda bc I had a discount code and was really craving fried rice and this was the cheapest option.... But WOW THIS WAS SO GOOD. I've walked past this restaurant countless times and always thought it looked a bit shady/wasn't sure how it carried on operations bc its really so decrepit-looking, but the fried rice blew me away. Fragrant with a nice bite and generous with ingredients! Would order again even at full price.

I don't know what this place is called but it's near the central at a coffeeshop which also sells spinach soup and mee chiang kueh. We got a gigantic bowl for $18 and it fed 3 very comfortably. Seasoning was very well done!

Loved the quorn patty! If you want to eat light and yet still have your carbs, swap out half of it for the lettuce (they allow you to mix the bases!)

This was the kovan outlet near my house but I can't seem to find it here. Food at Hansik restaurant is always consistently good and I esp love the lunch sets which come w free flow banchan!! at really affordable prices too!! I've been going w my family since young n seen how theyve really grown from a much smaller and less crowded space and I think they rlly deserve the love!!

Loved the congee, Japanese style 红油抄手 and XO carrot cake. Wasn't a fan of the bolo bun-ish liushabao bcos it was really SO jelak given sweet exterior + interior but I know I'm the exception!! All in all almost everything we ordered was of exceptional quality so I'd say go here and skip the other v well known place down the road (why do people go there again? Sorry to my mind it just reminds me of NSFs exhausted after a night out at zouk's old JIAK KIM Street premises).

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So good. Nearly comparable to the one I had in hua ting!!

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Haven't come across a stall like this in a mainstream-ish food court like Koufu! Pretty interesting, they have skewers like those for satay lok lok and you can mix and match as many as you'd like (3 meat and 3 veg for $5.50) if I remember correctly. I went for another fixed item 招牌捞渔粉, which sounded dodgy but tasted really good! Came with super fresh fish, veg, tofu and buckwheat noodles in a rather milky sesame broth - kinda like pork collagen broth from BIAP but less salty and way healthier. Reminded me of a cold winter day in Beijing some months back :-)

Got the tofu bibim salad which had a rather heavy sweet chilli sauce (so maybe not health in a bowl after all?) and really fresh ingredients. Tofu was so firm and meaty that I didn't regret choosing this over the options w meat. Yummy!!!

Everything here, including this chirashi don, was fresh, decently portioned and excellently presented. Prices werent too steep either, considering the quality. Really enjoyed my meal here, courtesy of my brother.

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