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Japanese Food

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Yisle  Lim
Yisle Lim

Ordered negitoro chirashi don ($17.80) and truffle bara chirashi don ($17.80). Both were large in size with huge chunks of salmon, tuna and swordfish sashimi. I requested for mine to be aburi-ed and service staff gladly consented. It came exactly as requested and even better as quantity of sashimi were phenomenal. It was also really fresh and of excellent quality. It also came with tamago slices/cubes,cucumber and tobiko.

Truffle bara chirashi was really tasty and you could really smell the truffle smell when it was served which shows that they weren’t stingy with the truffle sauce poured over. Definitely recommend their Kaisen dons as it’s really worth it for the price and quality! Sure to make you full.

Ordered the unagi maki ($15.80) which was alright, although the slices of unagi were quite thin and overall, tasted very rice-y because of the proportion of ingredients to rice. However, still not bad for the size and price! Might try other maki flavors in future though.

We also ordered edamame ($3) which came steaming hot and fresh, tossed with a good amount of salt. Really good appetizer to go along with our dons and add a side of crunch.

Highly recommend hitoyoshi and will definitely be back!

Horrible don - quantity + quality of sashimi was bad and they covered the rice with diced up crab meat to try and mask how little sashimi they were giving! Waited approx 30 mins for the don although we were the first ones in the restaurant during lunch.

Ordered the signature maki roll and it was the smallest, plainest maki I have ever seen and cost $22! Really overpriced and can’t see the quality at all.
Salad bar was pathetic with 5-6 choices of mundane choices.

After Maru’s menu changes, their prices went up, quality and quantity went down and that’s the reason for their downfall.

Will never visit again.

Brought my dad to Mitsu Sushi Bar for an omakase dinner as it was his birthday; chose Kou set [$238++] which came with appetizer, sashimi, 2 hot dishes, 6 sushi, soup and dessert

Appetizer was some sort of sea snail and also grilled shirako (fish sperm) with shaved black truffles. Initially I was apprehensive as I did not have a very good impression of it when I last ate it in Tokyo. However, they aburi-ed it which made the taste more manageable and the addition of shaved black truffles and salmon roe really helped elevate the acquired flavor and mask the fishiness. Overall, we truly enjoyed that dish!

Next came plump and fresh oysters [$9++] which were an ala-carte order. I highly recommend ordering this despite having an array of dishes that have yet to arrive. Oysters were impeccably sized and sat in a pool of ponzu sauce which was slightly citrusy and gave the oysters a nice acidic kick. It was so fresh it melted in our mouths and we were left craving more.

Soon followed a plate of 5 variety of sashimi (pictured above) ; botan ebi, ootoro, hamachi, ika and a type of clam. It also came with a pinch of uni (sea urchin) which was creamy and tasted like the ocean. All the sashimis were delicious and you can tell how fresh it is.

Our grilled dishes were Kagoshimaya Wagyu beef slices with charcoal grilled ginko nuts and tofu with uni and king crab. Both were delicious. The crab dish was lighter on the palette and coated with a thick and clear sauce which had a very mild flavor. This was largely palette cleansing and prepared you for the rich, fatty and savory flavor of the Wagyu beef. Truly melt-in-your-mouth due to the high content of fat marbling and we were told to dab each slice with some pink Himalayan salt to elevate the taste. Umami goodness!

We ended with 6 immaculate pieces of nigiri sushi consisting of sea bream, chutoro, flounder, unagi, flat fish and saving the best for last, aburi-ed Wagyu topped with a slither of foie gras. All were made after you finish the piece presented to you. The attention to detail for each and every dish was truly amazing. No wonder it takes so long for one to become a sushi chef!

Washed everything down with a refreshing and piping bowl of clam broth. One of the biggest clam I’ve ever seen and the meat was juicy and succulent.

We ended with a bowl of fruits which was also decorated with cream and a candle as it was my father’s birthday.

Overall, an incredible dinner and paid approximately $600 including a house pour of sake. Highly recommended for a special occasion and if you truly love and enjoy Japanese cuisine.

Nerdy hobby of reading food reviews and wishing I could be a professional food reviewer 😋

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