Featuring South Union Park, Rakki Bowl, Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), Creamier (Gillman Barracks), Armoury, Denzy Gelato (Bishan), Moosh Softserve (Haji Lane), Carrara Cafe, Herit8ge, Kei Kaisendon (Suntec City)
Isaiah Lim
Isaiah Lim

Nice. Was served cold with spoon. Tried green tea and Horlick one. β€œ takeaway β€œ

- Jieyi reviews

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We ordered duck confit tagliatelle, chocolate papardelle and truffle fries. The dishes and fries were rich in flavour and definitely tantalised our taste buds while the meat had superb texture. There was even a cheeky crunch to the duck confit. Very delightful fusion-esque food!

-jieyi reviews

empress pasta: cereal prawn flavour mixed v well w the creamy base, & mantou was a nice bonus! 😸

lotus treasure: surprise surprise, vv hearty bowl of goodness!! baked in lotus leaves to give a rich flavour to the rice, soft & tender lurou, topped off w a layer of cheese 😝

overall, loved the alfresco style & vibes of the top floor at jewel. go at night when the fairy lights are turned on for a real cosy dinz 🀩

ps: portions slightly small but after the 1-4-1, is not bad!

- debsy reviews

used burpple 1-4-1 which came with 2 mains & 2 alcoholic beverages at ard $50 - a lot of food for 2 pax, so full 🀰!!! Hearty italian Vibes. interior design was made to look like exterior!! (fake cobblestone floor) also situated in a good location for DATE NITE. pizza dough and crust was crispy, good olive oil drizzle, altho prosciutto and cheese were a bit too salty after a while. risotto was flavourful and tiger prawns were tender. the cocktails topped off the italian Vibe!! overall, 8.25/10 πŸ˜›

- isaiahreviews πŸ’•

ordered ice cream cookies (sea salty and milk chocolatey). cookie was cooked and ice cream was iced. would Try again!

- dings review

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used burpple 1-4-1 deal to get their signature acoustic milk latte & a "dreamy" tea which was served in a cute teacup set heheh. brownies were delightfully warm (& not too sweet!) which was paired well w the ice cream (+$1). croissant w scrambled egg was maybe bit more average, but overall still a peaceful place w a nice ambience for studying/chilling in the cosy aftn ((:

Ordered Mentiko fries, tom Yum spaghetti, and truffles mushroom egg bacon spaghetti. For mentako fries, was crispy (: mentiko taste was not bad but mebbe too mayo. Fries is a bit pricey :0 For sawasdeekap tom yum spag, fresh taste sans too much oiliness or saltiness (: For truffles mushroom egg bacon spaghetti, was delightfully creamy and bacon added new crispy dimension. Mushrooms were very truffley. In all, me & my companion enjoyed. (:

- Isaiah Reviews (:

Merely I scream β€œiz delicious”

- isaiah reviews

Title says it all. Got a Small but the portion was generous. Was real tasty too.

- Cheeky lyn reviews

good combination but too sweet.

- ashie reviews

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Nice cold soft serve for a hot date. Ondeh ondeh flavour was light, a perfect combination with the heavy Nutella brownie cheesecake. Small sitting area, but the optimist would say it’s cosy. A must try!

- Dings reviews

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