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Unique dish. Surprisingly tasty. The beef cubes are tender and flavorful.

This is a new addition to the menu, so tasty and a perfect starter for sharing. Sadly it only comes with four pieces of bread (I think 6 would be just nice as the squid ink is quite salty and flavorful so you can't just pile it onto one pc) and they actually wanted to charge us additional $4 when we asked if we could have more bread. Pls don't be so cheap! It's bread!

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It’s by no means revolutionary: pork and apples, a classic combination, accompanied by sides of mashed potatoes, purple cabbage, and a pommery mustard sauce. But every component is given equal attention and executed perfectly, playing its part in balancing the overall dish and bringing it harmony. The pork chop, though tough under the blade, is extremely juicy and tender when you bite into it. The mash is buttery, smooth, and well-seasoned; the purple cabbage holds a touch of crunch and welcomed accidity; and the mustard sauce unbelievably moreish. What sealed the deal for me though, were the apples. Syrupy, perfumed with vanilla, soft to the bite while retaining its structure and bite, the humble poached apples added a lovely (seriously addictive) sweetness and imho ties everything together perfectly. I’ve had apple purée/roasted apples/apple sauce with pork, but never poached apples — and they work so well I’m surprised I’ve not tried it elsewhere 🤤🤤🤤


Chocolate pappardelle — you can bet your ass I’ve never heard of, much less tried, anything like it. Theoretically with the earthiness chocolate has, it’s got so much potential for uses in savoury dishes (mole sauce anyone?); but I’ve never seen a local establishment use it as excitingly as South Union Park. Weaved into their handmade pappardelle dough, the chocolate lends an amazing aroma and nutty depth to the dish, especially when you slurp it with a mouthful of tender braised beef and it’s flavourful jus. Take all of that with the chewy, al dente handmade pasta, and a touch of underlying sweetness from the sherry, every bite is literally a fireworks display of flavours and textures. I know this sounds really out of the box and possibly too crazy for some; but if you would just trust me and take a leap of faith, I promise you’re in for a huge treat.


Seared Pork Chop, Apples, Purple Cabbage, Mashed Potatoes, Pommery Mustard Sauce. One of the many new mains that had been introduced with the new revamped menu of South Union Park which was launched last week.

Really liked how the folks behind South Union Park consistently push their boundaries with each menu change; an item that is safe as much as coming with their own twist, the Seared Pork Chop is without a doubt tender — not much effort required to chew nor did it carry a porky stench, whilst expertly seared to achieve that hint of smokiness that makes the Pork Chop so tasty on its own. While other places may try to provide a contrast using apple sauce, South Union Park serves their Pommery Pork Chop with stewed apples — not only does it add a sweet touch, but also helps to add a soft bite that provides for the textural aspect. Mash is smooth as usual, while the purple slaw gives a refreshing crunch as usual; the Pommery Mustard Sauce providing a slight tang that cuts through the meatiness and sweetness. Not a lot of pork chops get to me; mostly because they come with little meat being served bone-in or being too porky or tough, but this one — I definitely would be developing cravings and returning again for that stellar execution. Yet another dish at the favourite place that does not dissapoint.


Aglio olio pasta} 🍝tasted amazing gotta say! The seasoning was great! We were given choice of home-made pasta for $4 but my mom says meh no need so she ordered with regular pasta which is probs not as al dente as the homemade pasta.

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