South Union Park

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  • Beyond: 1-for-1 Main Dish (save ~$25)
  • Chill space, good for small groups
  • Casual cafe perfect for brunch dates
  • Pommery Pork Chop, Duck Confit Tagliatelle, Beef Ragu Spaghetti

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From the Burpple community

The combination of shredded duck, with some unknown secret home gravy, topped with cooked spinach and hazelnut is a rather rare combination that worked out pleasantly well! The unknown gravy tastes rather seafoody, with a good portion of garlic. The husband was quick to point out that I probably wouldnt enjoy this due to the prominent presence of garlic. Well, that's quite true but in all fairness, it was palatable as garlic wasnt the highlight here; I was quite looking forward to each bite in the combi of al dente tagliatelle (homemade!), shredded duck and hazelnuts! And yes, hazelnuts were as huge as pictured - whole hazelnuts sliced in halves!

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Poached apples were adequately sweetened but somehow lacking in the typical apple fragrance. Perhaps they could consider adding a lil' cinnamon to intensify the flavour. It was poached to a decent doneness tho; neither too mushy nor too 'crispy'. Mashed potato was well seasoned! Love how it didnt smell of .... raw potato. The hubs who isnt quite a fan of potatoes except when it in the form of fries also gave praises to the mash! The pork chop was done well, a lil' too tough in my opinion. Flavour wise, nothing much to scream about when you have it alone but I guess you're supposed to have a bit of the pork, with a bit of the poached apple and a bit of the mash?

Y'know, the typical comfort food. It was crisp on the surface facing upwards. The underneath was kinda mushy from the condensation. Aw. i guess this could have been managed slightly better! Freshness wise, no fishy-tasting oysters (phew!)

We had the duck confit tagliatelle, sorrel salmon and truffle fries. Pasta was great, salmon was soft and well cooked. Place was cosy. On top of that, I used the $30 voucher Burpple gifted to me when I signed up for their membership during their promo! Thank you Burpple!


One for one on Burpple beyond is available here! Al dente, generously studded with hazelnut; this was very good! Loved the nutty fragrance within the masala cream base with tender shredded duck confit.

One for one with Burpple beyond is available here! Thought it sounded interesting but didn’t quite get the hint of chocolate from pasta. Nevertheless it was a pretty tasty pasta dish that reminded us of beef ragout.

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