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The pasta didn't impress me very much as I found the tagliatelle undercooked (much harder than what al dente should be). The beef short-rib was nice but nothing spectacular.

The combination of tangy tomato passata, creamy burrata and nutty pesto was HEAVENLY! Definitely a pizza to remember. Unfortunately, the Burpple 1-for-1 promo did not allow us to order 2 pizzas - otherwise, I may very well have just ordered 2 burrata pizzas. 😂


The pastas served here vary on a daily basis, which is really cool. However, the food took extremely long to arrive -- our group of 3 waited about 30 min before the first pasta was served, and then the next 2 plates came 10 min after that. Service could have been a bit more considerate on that front!

As a result, when I finally got to dig into the pasta, it was lukewarm at best, and rather hard, barely al dente. To their merit, the beef ragu was really delicious.

The La Nonna pizza includes a runny egg in the middle which unfortunately hardened on the journey home. This is thus one of the foods that should really only be enjoyed when dining-in.

Pizza from La Nonna has become one of our CB dabao staples as we have ordered it close to 4 times now. The pizza is still relatively warm by the time we reach home, the toppings are generous and the pizza crust is thin and crisp.

A huge slab of USA pork paired with a cranberry sauce. I did not eat the sauce for personal reasons, so thankfully the pork was very well-seasoned with a blend of interesting spices! The cut of pork was also a good balance of lean and fat.

200g of New Zealand grass-fed ribeye in a thick mushroom sauce - this was very delicious, and I have no complaints. The roasted baby potatoes and mesclun salad generously doused in balsamic vinegar complemented the steak perfectly.

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The vongole stock was delicious, but there wasn't enough garlic in my opinion. Also, I would have much preferred fresh linguine (who wouldn't!)

The aroma of truffle perforated the air around our entire table as this huge basket of fries was served to us. I was very impressed. The fries were crisp on the outside and mealy inside, each coated generously with parmesan shavings. I especially liked the truffled mayo dip that it came together with. Eaten together, this helped the (long) wait for our mains more bearable.

The calamari was unfortunately quite dry, and the arrabbiata sauce did little to alleviate the dryness.

I liked that the top of the pudding was caramelised and to an extent, crisp. However, the pudding was a bit on the dry side and there was not enough ice-cream to (ironically) balance out its sweetness!

Traditional Italian cheese cake with mascarpone, coffee and Strega liquor. Very boozy lady fingers but the mascarpone cream absolutely hit the spot!!


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