Will Return!! ✨

Will Return!! ✨

A list of good and affordable food (mostly, because my budget per meal is $15) 😉
Sophia Foo
Sophia Foo

This is the BEST garlic steamed fish head i’ve ever tried. Located at the green section at a ulu part of Chinatown Complex ,this fish head has so extremely tender and succulent meat that sends you begging for more after the first taste. The garlic that they pile on top of the fish head really made me salivate and want to devour every bit of it even though i’m usually not a huge fan of garlic. Magical right ? 😂Although priced at $18, it is worth every single cent that we paid. Also, every other dish that we tried here are unquestionably yummy ! Highly recommend :-) it can be found at #02-57 , don’t give up if you can’t find it 🤤

Was goooooooood (but the waiting time was sooooooooo long!!! We were the first customers to enter - and our food only arrived after 30minutes. It was honestly yummy but really over priced if not for Burpple :’( after all, its 2 pieces of toasted bread with very little fillings.. Even with Burpple, I felt that it was not that worth considering the ingredients going into it (items were about $16 before 1-for-1).

WHEAT is definitely one of my go-to! Their portions are always deceiving small but filling. I liked the mushroom!! Generous portion for the price (first attempt at getting it as an add-on ingredient)

Lobster laksa pasta @ $15! Portion was small, gravy was little (note that this was after I requested for additional gravy!) But taste was 4/5! 😋 The noodles texture was perfect for me (cooked just right - not over or under cooked) Broccoli was wet and not the crunchy kind (which was to my favour) Lobster was pretty small, but what do I expect from $15? Oh, the sauce wasn’t spicy, it didn’t taste like laksa, but was good.

Veryyyyyyy gooooooood salmon poke bowl ($10). The soba had a tinge of sourness from its sauce which I really loved, and noodles were soft enough! Not too undercooked. I’d say the portion was deceivingly small but ended up being just right. A MAJOR DRAW BACK THOUGH.. is that the burpple 1-for-1 deal is only applicable to 2 dishes. One particular dish was $8, and drinks (either coconut juice or Coke Zero was priced at $2), however, if you use the burpple discount, they’ll charge you $18.90! Which absolutely didn’t make sense to me! That’s an additional overpricing of $8.90, and is almost as good as getting 2 sets for $20 without the burpple deal :-( Felt really disappointed at their schemes..

Ordered 3 items (beef stew, curry beef, curry cheese) to get each at $2.90 instead of $3.30.

It was just slightly warm when I ate it, which I feel diminished the taste. Overall, $2.90 is pretty expensive for the portion. Do not expect too much filling too.

Liked the beef stew the best! I think the curry ones are a far cry.. However, if you’re a fan of curry puffs, you may really love the curry ones as I found it much better than curry puff in that the flour was crispy and yet rather light.

P.S. they charge $0.40 for a packet of worcestershire sauce :( personally think that the sauce is unnecessary as it tasted just as good without.

Ordered the charcoal burger ($20) and pesto pasta ($18). Preferred the charcoal burger! Came with truffle fries which were not too salty and crispy on the edges. The meat was not bad. The pesto pasta can be better - not as flavourful as I’ve tried elsewhere. However, I the meat was quite nice. The price were also nett so no worries on additional costs ;-) Good and quiet ambience here - where you can people watch with some jazz music. Drawback is that we spotted a fly hovering around our dishes.

Been here numerous times and my preference would be the matcha cookie over chocolate one. Favourite combination is matcha cookie with lemon curd ice cream for a less sweet cookie alternative + a tinge of sweet and sourness which to me is yumzzzzz! But those with a sweet tooth can consider the lava cookie with milk cereal ice cream. Wasn’t very impressed by the tea - one of the flavours tasted like cough syrup (but otherwise, the other 2 flavours that I’ve tried are alright) Place is small so it’ll be an issue if you come in large groups (max would be a group of 6 because anything more than that you’ll have to sit separately due to the space constraints) They also do not have alcoholic flavours.. Servers are friendly and will ask you if you wanna photo/boomerang the process of the lava oozing out of the cookie during non-peak period. However, waiting time for seat can be long & serving time too so come here only if you’re not in a rush and not looking for somewhere to chat for hours.

I’d say that the food quality is pretty great considering the 1-for-1 deal. I like the grilled salmon (served with pretty ordinary salad base + avocado which I believe is an acquired taste so it depends on your taste buds). The skin was slightly oily, giving the dish it’s tastiness! But yet not too greasy. The menu for main course is pretty limited - with only 5-6 options, but the portion should be sufficient for one. Would be better if the burpple deal was applicable for other food items i.e. all day breakfast etc. Noticed the cafe also switched up the lemon in water to orange instead. P.S. The truffle fries remain my personal favourite - not too salty, crispy and flavourful! 😍

Returning again because of its affordability, especially in town! 🙂 Considering the chicken rice is Michelin star, it was really value for money @ $4.80 ($5.80 for chicken thigh). However, did not feel that it was superb. They do sell several hot soup though, liked the bitter gourd one! Really worth the visit if you’re exploring affordable eats that are yummy!

In light of COVID-19, the restaurant has also taken several measures to ensure hygiene! Mandatory hand sanitizing before entering the restaurant, and all cutlery are placed specially in a plastic bag.

Been there countless of times, and I’d always go for the bulgogi beef/chicken soup with noodles. The soup is very sweet and flavourful. At $10, this dish never fails to leave me satisfied with it’s quality and cost! Simply value-for-money and affordable. It’s a hidden gem at Wilkie Edge (not that accessible) but definitely worth a try, and 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 from me.

Went all the way to Bread Yard wanting to try their candied bacon pancake but was told that it’s only available on weekends (booooo) Attempted the steak grain bowl ($14) and avocado toast ($14) instead. The steak in the bowl was really good (not a fan of steak yet appreciated it’s flavour! It’s doneness was medium and the inner meat was still reddish (heads up for those who would prefer to request for a different doneness) the sauce was reallyyyyyyyyy good! As for the avocado toast, the bread was slightly too hard for my liking and I’d prefer it crispier. The taste was good tho, pretty generous amount of avocado! If I had to be picky, the poached egg wasn’t cooked that well - as you can see, it was a little over cooked. Overall, for $7 per dish I wouldn’t be picky about the nitty gritty and would patronise again!

On a journey to source out value-for-quality deals because why not?

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