Everyone knows that jam-packed sandwiches are sooo fetch right now and which other joint's sandwiches have been more ubiquitous than korio's?

Ok I splurged a good dozen buckaroos on something I could make at home but was it worth it?? I'd say yes but not regularly -- only if you're having a bad day because this sammie is sure to put sunshine in your pocket.

I mean, how could you say no to that ridiculously creamy (and aesthetic) egg gribiche? Aka egg mayo, gribiche is apparently supposed to have a higher proportion of vinegar and mustard than your sando classic, and an addition of capers.

I always thought that there was only one uncharitable slice of spam in the middle of the sandwich but I was wrong. There are actually salty bursts of spam wedged all around the space between the gribiche and brioche. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess -- just like the calories in this handheld indulgence 😳

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For a coffee-shop brisket, I'm gonna say this was awe-inspiring. Each strand of chewy 72-hour-slow-cooked brisket was reasonably tender and thoroughly-seasoned with barbecue sauce.

Expect a very sweet dimension to this, though. I found the sweetness a bit jarring but others loved it. I wouldn't say that I liked this more than the original burger because it wasn't as juicy nor rich but this was a strong contender.

The first bite into this had me wide-eyed and slack-jawed. Just kidding, my jaw was just fine because I couldn't help but take another bite into this thick monstrosity within seconds -- with juicy patties and melted cheese, what could I ask for?

If I dare, I might even say this was comparable to shake shack -- but without the latter's overwhelming oiliness. The price even factors in fries!

The only gripe I have is that there's a fair bit of gristle in the patty that gets annoying after a while.

Finally a @shakeshacksg outlet in the west at @westgatesg ! Decided to try and review their new burger.

As an arugula-lover myself, this burger looked like it was batting its lashes at me. However, after the first bite, I soon realised that the bitter arugula flavour and truffle aroma failed to come through. I'd attribute its mild flavours to the notable lack of sauce (there was maybe only a tiny dollop in the middle) but somehow I feel that this burger was lacking the sort of oomph in it that you'd find in shake shack's staples.

Truffle fries ($8.90) 🍟 7/10

These fries had a lot more truffle sauce than the burger, so at least it satisfied my craving for truffle that the burger certainly didn't provide. Don't get me wrong -- I love shake shack fries, but I feel that these fries aren't elevated enough to justify its price point of just about double the price of normal fries. Since I'm a big fan of fries, I don't regret trying this once but won't be coming back for more.

I went on opening day at 1+ pm and only had to queue for 10-15mins before I was seated!

Solid "burger" with perfectly pink patties at Twomenbagelhouse !

Guys. I wasnt expecting much out smashed patties from a bagel shop (which I associate with brekkies) but this knocked it right out of the ballpark. The pink medium-done patties were so juicy they leaked past the bagels and down my wrists. Trust me -- no amount of tissues are will rescue you from the deluge.

There was an attempt to temper the juicy meatiness by the onion marmalade, but I found it a touch too sweet. Overall a very solid burger-bagel though.


I'm so late to this party that everyone's already gone home, but I'm here to announce that IM SOLD! I used to turn my nose up at these expensive sandwiches (essentially) but I finally see their appeal.

Wanting a more personal version of the BEC, I picked the cheese bagel, scrambled eggs, bacon, scallion cream cheese, and a hashbrown. Definitely will be opting for the cheese bagel again because there was an entire layer of charred cheese on top of the chewy bagel -- didn't even have to add on the cheddar!

What I loved about bagel this was the combination of the thick scrambled eggs and creamy cream cheese with the salty and thick bacon. Simple pleasures but each bite was so downright decadent.

I'll just want to say that the hash brown kind of disintegrated so don't get it.


I’ve reviewed and raved about the Camden Hill Cheeseburger before, and the sides for this are generally the same. I chose this because I’ve never tasted beyond meat before and this actually was cheaper than the cheeseburger. However, I don’t recommend it because I found that the beyond meat tasted weird with a permeating bean flavour. I guess I’m in the impossible camp!


Lunch set ($12) πŸ” 8/10

Their burgers here are their specialty because the chef used to own a Fatboy's joint. You can kind of tell because the lamb patty was really juicy and the fries were exceptionally crispy -- and stayed that way!

Unfortunately, the beef patty I had was rather dry but I'm not sure if that was a fluke given how I've been here twice and really enjoyed their lamb. Either ways, it's an absolute ✨steal✨ with or without the 1 for 1 deal!

If you're a tamagoyaki fan, you'll adore this! The thick layers of egg were bursting with a strong dashi flavour balanced by a subtle sweetness that kept me wanting more. To level it up even further, the tamagoyaki was deep-fried with panko to provide some exciting variation to its texture.

Tamago yaki hambaga ($10.80) 🐣 9/10

If you're a tamagoyaki fan, you'll adore this! [Do read my separate review on this!]

The best thing is that its firm structural integrity wasn't compromised even when cutting and biting into it!

Tori Teriyaki Hambaga ($11.80) πŸ— 8/10

Don't let the fact that it's chicken dissuade you. The thigh meat here was mad succulent and coated generously with a moreish Teriyaki sauce. The dark horse of this burger feast!

Cheese burger ($12.80) πŸ” 6/10

This was alright but the beef patty was a little dry and the cheese left me yearning for more. Compared to the other delectable burgers, this one paled in comparison.

Unagi bata roll ($18.80) 🐟 5/10

Sadly the unagi wasn't comprised of great cuts and there was way too much butter in here. If you think the yellowish stuff is mayo -- it's not. Its a heavy-handed slathering of creamy butter! I think this would taste much better if I ate it at the Paragon shop itself.

Fairfax ($12+3 for bacon) πŸ” 7/10

I'm sure you've heard all about the rich and fluffy eggs in their signature dish and how they it probably consists of eggs and butter in a 1:1 ratio. Yes the eggs are decadently creamy, the bacon is thick, and the caramelised onion seals each mouthful together with a faint sweetness.

What you haven't heard is that scrambled eggs don't hold up well in a burger. With each bite, the eggs collapsed more and more until I was left with just a mouthful of bread. I would've enjoyed it a lot more if they served eggs on a plate like eggs usually are. I left a little underwhelmed.

Hash brown ($4.50) πŸ₯” 5/10

These hash browns were perfectly crispy on the inside and enjoyably textured on the inside but I barely got a whiff of truffle like they promised! I couldn't get past the first medallion without asking for some sauce.


The chicken was perfectly seasoned and even held its crispiness for an hour despite being takeaway. The inside of the chicken was also deliciously moist and tender.

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