Taste: 4/10 (The char siew was dry and the roasted pork, tough and not crispy at all.. We used to rush over to Alex’s for lunch all the way from Tanjong Pagar when I was clocking my internship.. and I remember the meats to be much tastier. Meats aside, the legendary dark sauce was also lacking in flavour, just plain sweet.. Will opt for Fatty Cheong over this any day!)

Price: 8/10 (We paid $8-10 per pax for 2 plates of rice with an assortment of meat and a bowl of salted vegetable soup.. Food here is very reasonably priced considering the rental cost)

Deep fried fermented bean paste pork belly - crispy on the outside; firm yet tender on the inside.. This dish was SO SO SO DELICIOUS, my family went back for a second round the next weekend! Taste: 10/10 🌟

Price: 7/10 (Compared to other zichar establishments, food at JB Ah Meng is slightly more expensive but IMO well worth the heftier price tag.. We paid $24 for the large portion, but prices start from $12 for this dish)

I have always wanted to try out the different flavours at this cosy little ice cream parlour located near Arab Street. I got the lingonberry swirl which turned out to be too sweet for my liking. The pieces of cookie/biscuit rolled into the ice cream tasted like they have been left out for a little too long (in local terms, “lao hong already leh..”)

Paid around $6-7 for a single scoop with cone.

Ordered the tteokbokki (떡볶이) to share. Checked with the server if the dish includes ramyeon cause there was ramyeon in the image on the menu, but there was also a “add noodle for $3.50” option. He confirmed that the dish included noodles - technically making it a 라볶이. 15 minutes later, the spicy rice cake was served, without the promised instant noodles! When asked, the server dismissed our concerns by saying that he must have misunderstood - no apologies were given! We paid $18 before GST for a dish that contained maybe 15-20 pieces of rice cake? Taste was average and food was unfortunately served lukewarm..

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