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Thick cut of brioche french toast topped w fresh fruits, almond & lightly drizzled w syrup. This was pretty good! It came w 3 thick slices of brioche which were soaked w loads of egg which we appreciated bc it made it v french-toasty! The sugar-coated almonds & fruits were a nice touch as well. It’s quite a hearty dish, so it’s v worth w the entertainer 1-for-1!

Pulled pork eggs benedict served w homemade cornbread, hollandaise sauce & salad. Eggs were nicely poached & pulled pork was tender & well-seasoned. However, the cornbread was a miss for us. Although they were v generous w the cornbread, we felt like the texture & taste (it was pretty tasteless in our opinion as the pulled pork overpowered it) didn’t go well w the dish & we would have preferred a more flavourful buttery crispy croissant roll instead (like those served w their salmon eggs benedict)! Salad was pretty good tho. There was a 1-for-1 on entertainer, so we would say this is quite worth for the price! All prices r net as well 👍🏼

Pancakes w sausages, hashbrown, sunny egg & baked beans. This dish definitely beats the crepe! Pancakes were nice & fluffy, w a THICCC slab of butter & maple syrup served at the side. Hashbrowns were crispy, eggs were runny, just like a typical American breakfast! Baked beans were also served fresh & hot. Sausage was okay. Could have been more generous w their hashbrowns & sausage, but I guess for the price we paid w burpple 1 for 1, it wasn’t that bad!

Crepe w boneless grilled chicken thigh, turkey bacon, pineapple baked w mozzarella cheese served w creamy tomato sauce. We found this dish a lil disappointing bc there were so many elements & sadly, the elements didn’t go well tgt. The grilled chicken thigh was good on its own, the turkey bacon was a lil weird, w a plastic-y taste & the pineapple didn’t really do much to the dish except give it abit of crunch. We also found that the entire dish (especially the crepe and creamy tomato sauce) very bland, just needed more salt! Salad was really sad too. The only good thing was that they were v generous w the chicken thigh but we would not recommend this dish even w the burpple 1 for 1 :(

Tried the primal which came with smoked brisket, cheddar, chimichurri & charred peppers w an all sorts bagel. Smoked brisket was soft & tender, but it was abit too fatty for my liking (don’t really like fatty foods in general, like pork belly etc) but if you’re really into fatty stuff, then u should definitely give this a try! The charred peppers helped to cut down on the ‘jelatness’ but would have tasted nicer if there were more greens! I think we would stick to Winner next time. Also got the PBJ with a multigrain bagel, it was good but we thought the PBJ tasted nicer w the blueberry bagel!

This dish came with a Hokkaido Brioche French Toast topped with candied bacon, pistachio nuts, caramelized bananas, raspberry jam & vanilla ice cream. The brioche slices were light, fluffy & soft which tastes delicious when eaten together with the caramelized bananas and vanilla ice cream. The raspberry jam had tiny seeds inside which gave it a really nice texture as well, & it had the right amount of tartness. The entire dish (even the candied bacon) was not too sweet which was good! Super worth! 👍🏼

We were really impressed by this dish! The eggs were perfectly cooked & the pulled pork was tender. The Hokkaido brioche was also toasted nicely, crispy on the outside but soft in the middle! It came with a sriracha sauce at the side but we thought the dish tasted nicer without it as it was already well-seasoned! The salad was a good palette cleanser too. It had corn, tomatoes, beans, rocket leaves & it was drizzled with a light, slightly zesty sauce which was refreshing. Don’t really eat salads but I gobbled this one up! The portion was huge & this was really worth w the burpple 1 for 1 👍🏼 We will be back for more!

Winner with Garlic Bagel
Garlic bagel came with fried garlic bits on top to give it the extra crunch. Fillings included hashbrown, cheddar, sunny side up egg, spicy chicken sausage, pommery mustard & some greens. Overall it was delicious & the cheese pull was great but could have been better with more mustard.

PBJ with Blueberry Bagel
Blueberry bagel served with peanut butter & jelly filling. Peanut butter was crunchy with many peanut bits inside. Jelly was the right amount of sweetness too. Overall, it was delicious but we could not really taste the blueberry bagel as it was overpowered by the peanut butter.

We also tried the cold brew black ($6), it was okay. Service was good & the staff were really polite & friendly!

Would come again!!! (Prices exclude GST) 🥯🍳🧀

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