Korean food lah then what else
Melissa Teo
Melissa Teo

Personally feel like this place is too underrated!! The restaurant is run by a real Korean Ahjumma so you know it’s the real deal. They serve a decent variety of Korean dishes but we always come back for the KBBQ sets which are damn worth it ($52-$62 if I’m not wrong). The meat that comes with the Kbbq sets are of excellent quality, very chonky boys that are marinated well. The staff will help you cook the meat and they always do such a good job so as each piece of meat comes out tender and not over or under done. They also have a very extensive selection of sides and they are not stingy with them! Pls do pay them a visit and give them some love, I’ll be very sad if this place closes down.

Bingsu used to be all the range but it isn’t as popular as it used to be 2 - 4 years back. However, if you need an icy treat in Singapore’s blisteringly hot heat, you can consider O’ma Spoon. They have pretty decent Bingsu that hit all the right spots, but it’s on the pricier side IMO. But hey, that’s how it is in general for Korean food all around in Singapore so I can’t really complain either. Their mango Bingsu, which is about S$19.90 if I’m not wrong, features very fleshy and juicy chunks of mangoes that are paired with a dollop of vanilla ice cream and an adorable mini slice of cheese cake. I like how the sweetness factor here isn’t too overwhelming, unlike other bingsu variations like Oreo etc. Will come back for it, but only if my wallet isn’t feeling too empty.

What gives Dosirak its appeal is

1. It’s Korean food
2. It’s customisable
3. It’s wallet-friendly

Check off all these boxes and you’re on your way to success.

Their customisable bibimbap definitely gives it plenty of edge over other Korean establishments and with such an extensive variety of ingredients and authentic Korean flavours, theres not much you can fault them with. Tick off the ingredients you want on the provided form and when your customised bowl arrives, douse it in the sauce of your preference, give it a mighty good shake and voila, you’ve got yourself a hearty and very healthy bowl of goodness that’s incredibly addictive too. You can choose to complete the meal with a bowl of soup, side dishes and a drink as well. Highly recommend for health junkies, K-culture lovers or people who just want a filling meal in the heart of town.

I’m very picky when it comes to Korean food (except Korean bbq) and few Korean spots in Singapore have managed to satisfy my stomach. Daejon House is one of the rare exceptions and they push out authentic Korean fare that’ll bring you straight to Korea itself. Ban Chan (side dishes) here are free flow, try not to eat too many before you enjoy the actual food (am guilty of this). I’ve had the army stew here twice and while the portion size isn’t as generous as I would like it to be, the concoction is hearty, hits all the right spots and warms you down to your bones. Very good for cold, rainy nights. Their Korean pancakes are also fantastic; perfectly crisp, not too oily, just the right amount of filling. Also recommend their dumplings which are very generously filled with ingredients and have a lovely, crisp exterior that gives off that satisfying crunch which we all love to hear when we bite into a fried dumpling. Have yet to try the rest of their menu and am excited to, especially their KBBQ. Setting is great for large gatherings too, highly recommend you come here with your friends and colleagues!

I had to use flash to get a shot of this because otherwise all you’d see is a messy blur that’ll make you wonder if it were a pizza or a pasta instead of a Korean pancake. Might have gotten some unhappy stares from flashing half the restaurant but I HAD to tAke a picture of this glorious pancake. Outrageously crispy and decently sized and not too starchy or doughy, this probably may be one of my top few favourite Korean pancakes in singapore. The food in general here is great too but the prices are not friendly at all. We got the army stew as well and wanted to top up and get more ramen but it’s a whopping $5 for extra ramen. You’re charging me the price of a plate of Hokkien mee for some extra instant noodles? No thank you fam. But the food here is good enough for me to warrant another visit back. Will just need to scrimp and save a bit more for now.


For weeks, my friends have been gushing non stop about this new ice cream spot so I had to go down and try it myself. Definitely lived up to the hype. For one, the variety of ice cream flavours alone are pretty impressive. Sampled a few of them and I have to say that for now, lavender is my absolute favourite. It’s damn gao and good. Not a fan of cones but the boyfriend insisted on getting it and no regrets fam, their cones are pretty lit. Worth the extra dollar. WILL BE BACK SOON AFTER CIRCUIT BREAKER!!!

Hands down one of our favourite gelato spots in Singapore! If you adore ultra sticky and creamy ice cream, this is the perfect place to get yourself some. Our favourite flavour is pistachio but honestly, it’s quite hard to pick one out; they’re all so good!
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