Set lunch ($11.80) ๐Ÿฅฉ 8/10

The set lunch comes with a salad, main, and fresh fruits.

And... of course I got the steak for the main. Overall, there's nothing to complain about at all! There was minimal gristle and the meat was reasonably tender for this price.

In fact, my steak was overcooked the first time and I had the cheek to send it back. After a few minutes, the waiter gladly brought back a new piece of properly medium-rare steak.


I thought this was going to be a sandwich but the 'bread' turned out to be a tater tot waffle! Tasted crispy -- basically like a rosti. The tender beef pastrami was also covered in perfectly browned smokey cheddar.

Looks fantastic but actually not very exciting :( There wasn't enough chili con carne on the nachos, which turned out a little bland. Also, the bottomless queso was impressive to watch but sadly didn't add that much to the flavour.

I've never taste anything like this before! These dense cubes were like rice krispies mixed with charred marshmallows, butter, and tonka (a rich, nutty and vanilla-caramel bean). There was also some smoked salt in there that helped subdue the overly-sweet flavours.

At $5, I thought it wouldn't contain much meat but the lamb merguez (a north-African sausage) turned out to be a patty that gave off a strong aroma of lamb meat and cumin. A delicious two-mouthful!

This amazing bowl of poutine uses normal ole processed fries but they were sooo crispy even after just sitting in the scrumptious beef jus gravy after so long. There is also a gratuitous amount of thick smoked cheese curds sprinkled all over.

Ottoโ€™s Wall ($23) 1/10
The waiter said this was a savoury cocktail and he wasn't lying. One of the ingredients in this is simply... 'salt'. And that isn't a lychee in the drink -- it's a pearl onion. Combined with the white wine vinegar and french wheat vodka, a sip of this felt like getting hosed in the face with an unreliable hangover remedy. As for the drinking partner who ordered this, he said it was incredible.

Rose-Coloured Glasses ($26) 10/10
I asked for a sweet but strong drink and I got this japanese gin-based treasure with elderflower, greek vermouth, palo cortado sherry, and orange bitters. And oh boy did it deliver! The moment the cocktail arrived, the saccharine, grape-y scent of the muscat gummy practically pulled my lips to the rim of the glass. The taste of the drink itself was sugary and smooth with floral finishing notes -- a light stroll through the gardens of candyland while tipsy from muscato. I could go all day about how much I love this drink!

Despite much ado about its lighter notes, the cocktail was still strong enough to give me the sensation of having drunk 2 drinks after I was through with it. And I'm no lightweight.

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๐Ÿป Happy hump day everyone -- if covid-19 wasn't devastating the world, I'd be out enjoying ladies' night for sure. |

Hopheads, the popular watering hole doesn't really need an introduction, but is definitely known more as a drink spot rather than a place you'd get good food. That's why I was pleasantly surprised when I got such a gigantic bowl of nachos topped with Pico de Gallo, heaping spoons of sour cream, and a side helping of nacho cheese to keep the chips crispy while you drink and chitchat. |

These gigantic bowl of nachos were so good, my friends and I ended up ordering 2 while we were playing our game of Jenga and card games. | .

Who can even tell when you're home every day? |

This fusion pizza was eaten at a dark beer pong lounge in clarke quay but I was beguiled in by their 1-for-1 pizza deal. I don't even think this lounge is around any more. |

All I want to say is that pork chui crackers atop a pizza with smoked duck and sweet hoisin sauce somehow blended surprisingly well! Tasted really good for some easy bar food. . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Yeah you read that right. Those babies are $1 each. You thought Tanuki Raw had good oyster deals? This is practically daylight robbery. |

If you come to the 45th floor of the Singapore Land Tower building between 6-8pm you can experience these cheap oysters too. The bar also has many other drink deals like $10 cocktails and beer flights, and a fantastic view of surrounding CBD buildings and boat quay below. |

The oysters, to me, weren't particularly amazing but at $1 I can't complain. The cocktails were slightly more unique but quite diluted. I personally liked the one with a lemongrass stalk inside but the sangria was sour as if someone puked in it. |

What really stood out to me was the terribly slow service. Each order took about 30 mins to come even after asking them about it repeatedly. The bar wasn't even crowded but the staff were already scrambling about the whole time. At least they were friendly. |

All in all, come for the oysters and the view but don't stay for the view. Make sure to come early because they run out of oysters when it nears 8pm. ยฎ๏ธ: 6/10 .

It was terrible ๐Ÿ˜ญ pictures was supposed to be beef and quinoa but they ran out of quinoa so they gave us white rice :/ and the beef was so dry, the frozen cold storage kind is so much more better. .

I also ordered a burger and it was ABSOLUTELY terrible. It came with stone cold nacho chips, and the burger was also so terrible, the patty tasted like complete chicken nugget mush -- not even minced meat. The bacon on top was even completely cold and hardened, as if they let it solidify in some tray for days. Honestly, how do you even screw up bacon?? .

Needless to say, we didn't even finish this disgusting meal and went to Macdonald's for a REAL meal afterwards. .

We came back for the craft beer they're famous for at night, and it was much more acceptable than the "food" they served us during lunch...

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๐Ÿ” I got a full sized cheeseburger with fries here for only around 10 bucks ๐Ÿ˜‹ what a steal around the CBD.

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