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Mammam Buddy
Mammam Buddy

Haven’t tried many Portuguese egg tarts in Singapore because the one I had in Macau was so goodddd. But anyways saw many review of KFC’s egg tart so tried them.
The tart was a bit hard to remove from the tray but I could feel the flakiness of the tart as I take it out of the tray. Very flaky and buttery!
The egg filling is sweet, soft and bouncy kind, not bad actually! Egg filling is also quite a lot - egg filling to tart ratio about 7:3. Will consider buying when they release new ones next time!
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The soup was heavenly too, all the prawn essence!! But don’t drink too much if you’re watching your cholesterol level. The chilli sauce and shallot oil and bits makes the dish very fragrant.
Albeit tad expensive, worth it!
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It was really nicely caramelised and seasoned with a good proportion of fatty and lean meat. It comes with 5 fat slices so I think that’s quite a lot compared to normal wanton mee!
The wantons got hidden under the noodles so I didn’t get it in the photo. But they are pretty plump and juicy. For the soup, it comes in a tumbler on the side where you can help yourself to it. Do add their chilli if you like a kick in your noodles!
Noodles were slightly fatter than the normal wanton mee noodles so more chewy.
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Tried a few other places but it just doesn’t have the same bitterness aftertaste like ah seng’s. Get yours while the season is on!
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Freshly cooked mhk from here is comfort food anyday. Their kueh is really v good - super smooth and chewy. Also new found love for the pumpkin and spinach flavour kueh in the dry version as I found them to be a very good pair with the chilli sauce. I had it in soup version before and it felt a bit heavy but dry version is so gooddddd. Now I know what to order for soup/dry 😋. Rainbow needs to be preordered for those who are interested!
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This one is super creamy and smooth. Not crazily sweet and the crackers at the bottom are so well done.
Not cheap but a good treat when that cheesecake craving calls 😋
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Maybe having a drink with it would be good. To be honest the chicken pieces were not very pronounced, like small and a lot of batter. Their egg was well fried and not too oily.
Would go there once in a while when I have cravings for something creamy and sinful.
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Its a good blend of their red bean paste and milk. Not too overly sweet or milky that’ll cover the red bean taste. Could be slightly heavy if you’re having this after a meal, more for like a tea break 😋
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Portion was ok and comes with 2 prawns so I would say super worth it in terms of price. The sauce was not very impressive to me.
Overall it’s good for value but not something I’ll look for or crave for 🙂
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Matcha is good but not too overpowering, good for all. Rose has a unique fragrant taste haha almost like perfume.
On top of these, really like their original flavour too! Haven’t found any place that beat them in terms of mille crepe 🧐
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Ranked from my fav to least. Green pepper one is so good with the numbing flavour, it’s like the middle of xiao to zhong la when you eat mala.
Soy sauce flavour one is very easy to eat and goes super well with rice and can help neutralise the spice a bit if you eat with the green pepper one 😋
Red pepper or flame is my least recommended as it can be too oily and the veg and fish loses its flavour over time.
Now that they offer delivery/ take out, it’s actually more affordable as you can add whatever ingredients you like when you eat at home. It comes with the solid fuel and container and set up so you can enjoy your grilled fish hot 👍🏼 #tanyusg #sgfoodies #burpple #grilledfish #bestmammamlist

The beancurd tarts are super bouncy hehe, very different from the egg tart that are normally creamy and very eggy. The beancurd makes the tart feel like a dessert, especially if you fridge it before eating. The tart shells can be a bit fragile if you eat it at room temperature!
I liked the jelly grass one as the texture integrates so the whole tart is very bouncy together. My parents loved the other flavours too hahaha so all good. Also it’s not too sweet overall!
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