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Hawker Affairs

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Grow Fat And Huat
Grow Fat And Huat

There is something about this Ayam Bakar that’s addictive-probably the sweet sauce.
This is probably one of the best Ayam Bakar I’ve eaten as they used coconut rice instead of plain white rice.
Chicken was grilled to perfection as it was moist and tender. Drenched in the sauce, a perfect combination. Chilli was good and had a kick to it.

Was surprised at how good this tasted. The wok hei was very evident and portion was huge. The slight sweetness of char siew went really well with the seasoned fried rice and runny eggs. This plate of rice definitely worth every buck.

Second time I’m having this and it’s still as good and is priced affordably.
The gravy was well seasoned, together with the bitter gourd, pork ribs and crispy noodle, everything went well together.

What surprises me was that even though I dapao the food, the hor fun still tasted good. It was silky, lathered with their flavourful gravy which had a pleasant tangy taste.
Hor fun portion might not be a lot but definitely a hearty meal.

Nothing much to shout out about, and I changed the baked beans and coleslaw to a fried egg. The chicken was thin and small and the sauce was on the saltier side. Not a stall which I’ll come back to.

Definitely one of the better zi char style noodle that is priced affordably. The gravy was well seasoned, together with the bitter gourd and pork ribs, there’s something about cantonese style zi char which leave you feeling satisfied.

First mouth it tasted good as the tom yum paste used was very fragrant and of the right spiciness. Each mouthful of rice was coated with tom yumand egg.
After a while, this box of fried rice tasted like any ordinary fried rice and was on the saltier side probably due to the tom yum paste.
Nothing extremely fantastic given the 45mins close to an hour queue.

Meatballs were tender and juicy which is probably due to them using minced chicken thigh meat. The sambal mayo dressing definitely enhanced the well seasoned meatballs.
Broccoli was extremely crispy and tamago cubes were sweet which went really well with the savoury meatballs.
Pretty good food but service given definitely has a lot of room for improvement.

Remembered trying this 2 years ago and it didn’t leave a ”WOW” impression. This year after the hawker gone through a renovation I decided to give it a try again.
Price definitely increased and $6 wasn’t an option anymore.
I ordered the $12 and definitely find it pricey given that we’re in hawker and also for the portion.
Prawns were indeed big however it was sliced into half so technically only 2 prawns for $12.
The broth was rich but similarly this trip did not leave me a “WOW” impression.

Maybe all the reviews increased my expectations for this bowl of noodle. Everything didn’t blend together and each components were on its own. For me, I like the feeling of mixing everything and still taste all ingredients together, something like bak chor mee but this doesn’t feel the same. For its price, I think it’s a tad too expensive given in a hawker centre.

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The noodles were springy, and cooked just right leaving it slightly chewy. The sauce was extremely well tossed with the noodles. Together with the chilli, this was the perfect bowl of noodle. Had to admit the chilli was a little too spicy for me.


Well charred caramelised char siew with sio bak. Char siew has a good ratio of lean to fat meat which was very addictive while sio bak was a little disappointing as it lacked the “wow” factor. One of the better char siew in food court.

Live to eat and I wonder why I can’t see my abs. Instagram: @growfatandhuat👇🏻

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