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Beef and veg soup ($6.80)

Comes with rice. The soup is nice and lots of ingredients including spinach, beef, bean sprouts and vermicelli.

Worth the price!

One of the more popular stall with a queue. Tastier than the claypot rice from Malaysia boleh

A little on the oilier side as with many caifan stalls. Quite a variety of choices and even the vegetable dishes had meat/seafood like sausages and squid in them. Comes also with a clear old cucumber soup. Not bad.

小辣。so delicious (nice balance of salty, spicy and numbing flavours) and definitely will return for another portion

This picture doesn’t do the food enough justice. This is 1/2 pork knuckle with two chicken chops. The amount is enough to feed 2. We used the burpplebeyond 1 for 1 and ordered another 1/2 pork knuckle with spaghetti for two starving gluttons. The whole meal costed us $18.9 and was good enough to serve 4. The food was so good we finished everything even though we were so so stuffed. We were so full we had to skip dinner. Glad we found this place. Definitely coming back even if there is no 1 for 1 coz it’s worth it!! No regrets👍🏻

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Delicious plate of classic nasi lemak.
Total $4.40 with added taukwa.
Kopi C was smooth.


Back again but sad that the fish soup stall next to them is gone and the standard of the duck has dropped. Meat is slightly on the dry side. Plus they don’t have white rice? Had to settle with oil rice instead. How disappointing.

The chicken gives a nice bite, while the thick noodles provide additional textures to the overall mouthfeel. North canteen’s ban mian was generous and comforting. There’s nothing like a good bowl of noodles on rainy days.

For the amount of ingredients ordered plus rice and Maggi was $20.90. The fragrance of chilli and the numbing aftertaste is a good combination. For this store, it is more ma (numb) than la (spicy). I like it that it isn't too oily.

Where is your fav mala place?


Food was quite good. Had steamed egg, steamed pork with salted fish, stir fry water spinach, scrambled eggs with tomato and olive rice. Olive rice was tasty and fragrant. 6.0/10

Really tasty bowl of horfun with savoury sauce, slices of tender chicken meat.
Green vegetables definitely value add it.
Loved the fried shallots!
From Hainan Chicken Rice stall.
Wallet friendly prices.

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Beef Banh Mi (Baguette, $6.90)

Beef is nicely marinated and cooked. Soft but still retains nice bite. Comes with cucumber carrot and lettuce. Asked for coriander not to be added. Hearty healthy meal.

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