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🍽️ Char siew(BBQ pork) Rice @ Man Tang Hongkong Style Roasts $3.50

,🍖At first glance, I was quite disappointed at how thinly sliced most of the char siew are. But when I bite into it, the charred flavour from the meat and sauce burst in my mouth! This is what a good plate of char siew should taste like. Eventhough the char siew is more to the lean side of the meat and for my plate, there's no fat at all. But the flavour wins it all.

It was a pleasant meal. I will be trying out their roast duck and roast pork next. I think they have a few outlets around Singapore too.

🍽️ Coin Prata @ Al Madina- famous prata corner $4

This is my first time eating coin prata and just as my expection, it's just a coin shape plain prata😅. The one I had is even out of shape. I'm not sure what's the correct way of eating but mine was scattered with sugar and it makes it sweet even when I dunk it in curry sauce. I honestly feel that it's more worth it to order 4 plain prata for $4 instead of 6 coin prata for the same price.

🍽️ BBQ Chicken and Fish Fillet @ Riverside Indonesian BBQ $8.50

🍗 🐟The Chicken Thigh is tender and the Dory fish fillet are cooked to crisp at the sides. Both proteins are doused with the Indonesian BBQ sauce, in my opinion it's just Kecap Manis(Indonesian sweet sauce), which is nice for the first few bites but I feel it gets too sweet towards the end.

🍛 You have a option to add curry to your rice and I think you should! It balance out the sweetness of the BBQ sauce abit and also adds flavour to the rice.

🌶️🍳🥗 The chilli, and runny egg yolk together with the curry, forms the golden triangle of condiments. Mixed them all up together and you have flavour explosion every mouthful. Haha. Ok I exaggerated but they do go well together. The cabbage plays the role of clearing your palate in-between the heavy sauces.

Overall, it's a satisfying meal but will only eat it maybe once or twice a year as the sauces and seasoning are really heavy. I believe the meal already provided the sugar and sodium consumption for the month 😂

Totally unpleasent experience.
I will not reccomend such kind of stall to any customers for the following reasons

1- Very Very Bad customer service( No sense politeness.shouting at customers.

2- No proper hygeine (helpers and cooks are not wearing masks or gloves.

3-Kitchen helpers using dirty cloths to wipe their hands before handling food.

We got xiao la and it was not spicy and all, just salty and oily. Not a very impressive mala and not cheap either. Maybe worth another try with zhong la but otherwise it’s a pass.

Trying out the newly opened @goldgrillsg mix and match pasta stall at South Spine and I'm loving it.
I had prawn, crunchy broccoli and beautiful sous vide egg. Spaghetti was a little softer than al dente but had a good slupy texture. Cream sauce was rich and flavourful with a good consistency of creaminess. Garlic taste was minimum but hope got more. Ingredients gave were much more generous less the prawn, only 3 pcs, pathetic but at least was 3 delicious fresh peeled prawn. I shall order meat next time as I saw how they spam it. Literally a big grab and a half from the tongs.
Noodles were sprinkled with parsley and parmesan cheese once they are done cooking.
You can add black pepper, chilli powder or even more parsley powder from the utensils station.
Finally, its Slurping good!
Price Breakdown
Add Pasta(+$1)
🚩Gold Grill Western, Fine Food @ South Spine, 50 Nanyang Avenue South SS3, B4, 639798
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Definitely worth the price. Additional meat was $2 but they definitely gave $2 worth of portion.
Extremity well seasoned basil chicken with chilli padi which gave the punch. Spicy yet addictive.

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Apparently the previous time is an anomaly, my father said they have been consistent with generous portions of meat for years. This ratio is really good, you taste the savouriness and the moistness is sufficient overall too

An extremely satisfactory rendition of rougamo, must try!

Fish fillet and French beans. I was craving economical beehoon. But this was quite bad.

Beef mutton pita bread soup

The price comes from the work mincing the bread. It's got a very different texture than when it's dry, this is almost like mee hoon kueh actl, but with more bite(hence smaller)

The meat was quite little for the price, and there's barely any mutton. But overall apart from the oiliness the taste is actl pretty solid, huge portion though get it to share.

Delicious. As expected it's not authentic but the thickness and slightly oily savouriness made it extremely addictive. Their noodles are excellent as always. Don't think of it as zhajiangmian and you'll love it

Definitely worth the price. Additional meat was $2 but they definitely gave $2 worth of portion.
Extremity well seasoned basil chicken with chilli padi which gave the punch. Spicy yet addictive.