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($5.80) The sauce for bibimbap was quite ok but not that spicy. The meats (pork) was not bad. But their side soup was quite weird tbh.

Pretty good. Even tho it looks mild the flavours were actl ok, and the spiciness and numbness were there but not over the top

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This is a dish I wish appears in more places because it's a great combo. They should tone down the seasoning because it's slightly too spicy for noodles.

Theirs is not the super tender kind. It has quite a lot of bite. Still ok texturally

The chili powder is simple, just chili flakes and salt but it works. The vinegar was weak as usual

Overall avg

Hairy gourd, 辣子鸡, tomato egg. Ate for fun.

Holy hell this was good.

I mean you can tell from the generous amounts of various kinds of peppers that this was going to be superbly fragrant. They penetrated the meat v well and the ratio of ckn to potatoes was great. And the ckn were chunky as well as well cooked

Simple but smashing. Must try if you're here

A very common dish but their spin is unique, because of the chilies so it's not sweet

Stumbled upon this place at the new Parc Komo while I was searching for food around the area. Had the Butter Pork Rice ($8) with a cup of Iced Lemon Tea ($2.20). Prices are certainly steep while the quality of the food is just decent. The sambal chilli is damn good though.

#01-73 used to house 1 of my childhood western food stall(Pete's Western Food), and was surprised to see that another shop as taken its place.

To be Honest, the braised ducks that were on display looked damn good and I had to try it.

The braised duck was tender, and portion was very big for a drumstick.

The soup was herbalicious. And the chilli was great as well.

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