Top 10 Places for Kopitiam

Top 10 places for Kopitiam

Latest Reviews for Kopitiam

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Kopitiam

Pretty decent plate of hokkien mee if you are around the area with some wok hei from each bite. Besides that, nothing fantastic and the chilli is way too savory for my liking.
Tampines 802 Hokkien Mee
Address: 802, Tampines Avenue 4, Chang Cheng Mee Wah Coffeeshop, Singapore 520802
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Extremely extravagant I know but so blessed to be given a lunch treat here.

The laksa is really very aromatic save for the poached chicken breast which carried a “ frozen chicken “ smell .

I particularly enjoyed the satay which had a good balance of sweet and savoury and the peanut sauce which has a darker tinge and delightful roasted peanut aroma.

The black carrot cake was probably the most memorable for me . Unlike carrot cakes which are typically oily and cooked till brittle outside , this carrot cake came in large chunks which were moist and soft and the serving of eggs was extremely generous . My only gripe was that it could be less salty.

A nice place to meet for a satisfying local treat - save for the prices 🤣

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cant compare to astons and isteak but its less than half the price here.

standard doneness which i guess is medium well. the steak itself is quite thin so its easy to cut and eat. not tough at all. very filling but no fatty bits for people who adore those.

with the overload of carbs and sides, the stomach will definitely be filled up.

always a good place to get my local western craving at. but be warned about the waiting time as the queue might be long.

7.5 for this.

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Finally some halfway decent food that’s not chicken rice, noodles or economic rice in the gastronomic deadzone that is Ubi. Leggy Business is a newly opened stall in the foodcourt of Starhub building, specialising in unique rice bowls that are packed with generous amounts of meat and veg. The signature Leggy Bowl abounds with both gelatinous layers of fat and pull-apart Thai-braised pork that has soaked up all the braising liquid. This is cleverly balancd with the sharpness of shredded pickled papaya and crunchy greens, atop a mound of sauce-drenched rice. Most delectable.

Taste: 3.5/5


2 soft boiled egg, kaya butter toast & cup of hot coffee.


Bought a plate of wanton mee while waiting for our order of prata. Though the slices of char siew were dry, the chilli sauce used was really enjoyable with a kick. It has been really challenging to find wanton mee with good chilli sauce recently, hence finding this was a delightful surprise:) The noodles were springy too! At a price of $3, the serving was really generous.

Not too sure if this stall is still there though, now that Mr and Mrs Moghan Prata stall has relocated😐


Jerry’s Beef Burger :$8.20
Looks good, but this dish just taste like the Ramly Burger you can find in Pasar Malam. Plus the taste of coleslaw over powers the meat.
Cajun Chicken with spaghetti :$7.20
Spaghetti doesn’t have much taste, the chicken is not bad.
BBQ Chicken :$7.20
One of the most okay dish out of the four.
Tender Steak :$11.80
The beef was heavy marinated by the herbs so end up the taste was towards the bitter side.
Overall, the fries and the BBQ Chicken would be the only dish I will recommend.
Also, it’s halal certified!! :))

Will I come back? Not really 😅

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Hot plate pork & Bulgogi Hotpot. My all time favourite Bulgogi as it’s sweet and flavourful. Glass noodle & Rice Cake included in the soup, served with rice.

Minimum 45-minute wait but worth it. Crispy outside, pillowy inside. I didn't know the humble carrot cake could be created this way. If there's carrot cake perfection, this might be it.

This was one of the few stalls still operating past 9pm at Tanglin Halt and it still had quite a queue despite the timing.

I really enjoyed the noodles which were a little thicker than your average wanton mee. The noodles were also able to absorb the sauce base well.

I also like how they were generous with their serving of char siew slices but otherwise, there was nothing to shout about it.

The wanton in the soup was delightful though as the minced pork within was fresh and flavourful.The hidden chestnut bits within gave the wantons some crunch to it as well! I also like that the skin used were not too thick as well.

Overall, a good dish but only if you are in the area.