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Top 10 Places for Kopitiam

Top 10 places for Kopitiam

Latest Reviews for Kopitiam

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Kopitiam

PRICE: $4 for Maggi Goreng
(Added prawn cracker for $X)

WAITING TIME: More than 5 minutes at 2A.M. because the cook was having a break

- Soggy. Very overcooked maggi noodles. SIGH.
- Could do with more flavour. Quite bland.


I find myself craving for a nice warm plate of ayam panggang every now and then. The chicken thigh was huge, tender and spiced with a sweet sauce that complemented the curry. The dish comes with a slice of egg but I swapped it for the cabbage. I like that the curry is not surfeiting and leaves you wanting for more!

My first meh meal at this zichar stall. Nothing special.

I must say that this is pretty good and cheap! Esp from a randon coffee shop!! 馃憤馃徎

One of the famous roasted meat stall in this neighbourhood. The only thing I鈥檓 not satisfied is the meat was too little for me, mostly I got the bones. Would come back again to try other roasted meat. $5

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From the stall "Jew Kit Hainanese Chicken Rice", they have a selection of different sets with egg and tofu and other things. This was just the roasted chicken rice at $3.80, which is slightly more expensive than normal food court chicken rice, and I had added soy sauce on top. The chilli and ginger were both good while the chicken was nice and tender.

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Sorry I mean One-North! @kopifellas serves up the best Teh in this region! For $1.10 of guaranteed happiness and caffeine fix!
I honestly don鈥檛 know why it took me 100 cups before I shot a proper photo of this swag cup!! 馃ぃ

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The only place I know selling this. Quite interesting. It's oily and the flavour is in the oil.

PRICE: $17.80
Which is ridiculous because when we order individual single portion it only ranges between $6-8, and it's not like we ordered twice of our usual single portion this time. It was a different guy calculating the price this time, so he must be the reason why.

SPICINESS: Ordered the lowest level because we were both sick. There's pretty much ZERO spiciness in it. What a letdown.