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The ckn was tender and portion was generous, it's glazed in a sweet sauce much like teriyaki actl, and quite smoky(altho no crisp)

The curry was dreamy, it's somewhat mild, but still you can taste the spices. Creamy in texture and lemak

However I couldn't fathom the sweet sauce and the curry working when I ordered it, but how wrong I was. The strength of the glaze and the mildness of the curry means when you have them tgt, they work flawlessly. The sweetness of the glaze comes through, yet it is rounded by the curry. The Curry's spice gets covered, and only the creaminess comes out to accompany the chicken. Much, much better than I expected

Definitely worth a try. Only gripe was the cold egg. Service was friendly too by the young malay guy

7 bucks for one drumstick and one veg. Wth

The drumstick could have been more tender. And that's unacceptable for the price. Mild herbal base if anyone cares

Veg was unique and good as before

Wallet friendly prices for the roast pork belly and roast duck rice.
Definitely to return for it.


Crispy youtiao & Taupok (add the cuttlefish!) perfectly paired with peanuty-rojak sauce! “Lucky” we found this hidden gem tucked in the corner of this coffeeshop and lovingly prepared by the friendly lady-boss. 😋


Really frigging good soup, deep umami yet reasonably clean tasting. Ckn was abit dry though

Worth a try

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The red bean is quite average, not sweet, the bun was very dense, and the ratio is thus very off

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The tomato egg was quite tasteless

Stir fried pork strips was nice

The braised pork w tofu was somewhat mild, and homely

Their other dishes that I tried I forgot to take a pic of, the 农家小炒肉 stir fried sliced pork was quite decent too, and the mushroom in chili oil was mild

Overall get the stir fried dishes, they're fine for a stall


Had this traditional Lor Mee ($4.50) after a long while. I like that they have their own handmade meatball in it. The gravy wise kind of watery.

Overall, not bad for a neighborhood food if you live around the area.

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This is from Cookhouse by Koufu at Velocity.

Happy to find leicha at this food court, but compared to other leichas I’ve eaten, this pales in comparison. This is by no means bad, but the ingredients aren’t as tasty. There’s long beans, cabbage, xiaobaicai (that was overcooked), firm tofu cubes, ikan bilis, floss, and peanuts. I got brown rice, and it wasn’t mushy, and I did like that the ingredients weren’t oily. Thunder tea soup was alright, had sufficient bitterness. I wouldn’t mind eating this again since it’s convenient, but it’s very average.

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From Fruits and Juice counter
Freshly crushed watermelon juice
Refreshing indeed


From Hualong Fishhead Steamboat
A quick lunch of beehoon x horfun.
Yummy portion.


Was a hearty pork noodle on a rainy day, the shop was quite generous with the meat. The broth was flavourful, with no pork smell which can get quite overwhelming in a soup.

The lunch set comes with a milk tea, which wasn't too sweet and aromatic.

I do prefer their pad kra pow than this, but a nice change!