Crispy lobster claw ‘nuggets’ in a spicy batter served with a cooling lemon mayo. This was a bit too dry to my liking and batter was too thick. The mayo tasted normal which did not have a wow experience. My recommendation is to stick to their rolls.

Chilled chunks of lobster meat dressed in lemon mayo and served in a toasted brioche roll accompanied by lemon and garlic butter. Lobster was extremely fresh and had a slight sweetness to it while the brioche roll was buttery which wrapped the chunks of lobster nicely. Drenched it with their lemon garlic butter, best combination.

With mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, seasonal greens and red wine jus.
This wasn’t really up to my expectations as the pastry was a bit too dry. Beef was done well which definitely made everything slightly better. What I enjoyed was the carrots as it was glazed and the sweetness was just right. For the price, I was hoping it to be even better.

Was pleasantly surprised how this tasted. It was filled with truffle aroma and there were pork cubes. This was definitely a very good twist to the usual normal fried rice. Would love to have more pork cubes though.

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Chicken was well grilled hence it was juicy. The brussels sprouts were a little too over done in a way whereby it was too sweet. The Apple mustard sauce could have more flavour of mustard. The overall experience was alright.

Was very surprised at how tender the beef was and well marinated. Tomato sauce was flavourful but personally found that pasta was slightly overcooked as it was too soft. Overall, it was a relatively good plate of pasta.

Japanese noodles with marinated beef. There was a slightly charred taste to the udon as they stir fry the beef with onions before serving with the udon. There was a slight zest to the soup which definitely balances out the saltiness of the soup. Was impressed at how everything tasted so well.

Salmon shio set with unagi and salmon okowa. Although it was glutinous rice, it was light, slightly chewy and extremely flavourful as the unagi and salmon was well mixed with rice. Salmon was grilled to perfection without it being too dry or hard.

Came with half size grilled eel, assorted fresh sashimi, tamagoyaki, chawanmushi, pickles, miso soup and rice. Opted for the gokuku rice which is made up of 5 grains.
This set was valuable for money as it has a lot of varieties. The unagi was well charred and what I appreciate was the separation of sauce. Overall, would come back for this.

Tuna, salmon, hamachi, snow crab, spicy negitoro, ikura, tamago and house-made pickles over steamed rice, seasoned with special blend of furikake and tare. Sashimi was very fresh and portion was just right.

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Selected some sashimi (swordfish, tuna and salmon). The pro of having it there was they helped to slice the sashimi on the spot after you’ve purchased. Sashimi was very fresh and worth the price.

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Truffle cream, sautéed mushroom & Mozzarella. Truffle was fragrant and definitely worth the price. It’s savoury and tasted really good especially when eaten fresh.

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Live to eat and I wonder why I can’t see my abs.

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