Went during lunch to try out the highly raved pork and rice soup. Ordered the Busan style Daejigukbab ($21++) and Myeongran-jeot which is basically salted pollack roe ($9++). The pork broth was light and peppery, similar to an extremely lighter version of our Bak Kut Teh. The pork was extremely tender which had a good mixed of pork collar, pork belly and stomach. Though the meat seemed fatty, their sides especially the pickled vegetable helped to cut through the fattiness. The rice was well cooked as it was not mushy and starchy allowing the soup to retain its flavour and texture. The salted pollack roe had a nice sesame and saltiness which went well with the rice.

Overall, this is slightly on the pricier side as the meal cost $35.97 after GST + service charge but good to try at least once

The ham & ananas pizza was surprisingly good. It has a fluffy texture yet remained thin. The tangy tomato sauce complemented the sweetness of the pineapples and saltiness of the ham. A must try!

Grilled prawn aglio olio came with 5 halves prawns. The pasta was a little mushy and did not have the al dente texture which I’d prefer. The dashi broth was flavourful and stuck onto the pasta. Being a garlic lover, I loved the garlic crumbs on the prawns as it made the whole dish more fragrant.

Grilled octopus was just like any other octopus salad you can find. It wasn’t spectacular that it’s a must try so skip if you’d want to save your calories for other food.

We ordered rare for grilled striploin and it was done perfect. Beef was not too fatty or dry. It was tender. It came with potato salad and tuna sauce. The tuna sauce was interesting. It had a little of the tuna texture.

Dipping broth was thick but find that it lacks the rich sardine taste. Noodles were al dente though and portion was generous.

Dried sardine seafood flavored Niigata SHOYU Ramen topped with hearty 4 slices of tenderly stewed aburi chashu, flavored soft boiled egg, dried seaweed and bamboo shoot, all-in-one special NIIGATA SHOYU Ramen.

Pork lean to fats ratio was good however once the dish starts to cool down, the meat became extremely tough and dry. The sauce was well seasoned and went well with the pork. Highly recommend to eat this while it’s still hot.

This was a bit of a disappointment as the beef tongue was dry and tough. The beansprouts was nice though as it had a slightly charred taste to it. The beansprouts eaten together with the beef tongue did help with the dryness of the beef. If you really want to try gyu tan, I recommend the skewer instead.

For the price, I would recommend to skip. It came with 4 pieces of cod fish which was overly seasoned and nothing special about it. I’ll not recommend this unless you’ve the spare money and don’t mind the measly portion.

This was very well done. I’ve been to several places which serves unagi don but none could come close to it. The unagi portion was alright but the winner is truly the rice. The rice was very flavourful, soft and fluffy. It wasn’t like any other plain rice. Each grain went so well with the unagi, seaweed and pickles. I would definitely come back for this.

Chicken ball which was tender and juicy. I did find this a little too well seasoned which was slightly too salty to my liking. However the egg really balances the saltiness out.

Live to eat and I wonder why I can’t see my abs.

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