This stall in Hong Lim Market sells various salted egg themed meals -- one of those new fangled stalls that cater to the millennium tribe. When I spied fried mushrooms on the menu, I knew I had to give it a try.

The enoki mushrooms were freshly fried till crisp and surprisingly not oily. It came with a thick salted egg yolk sauce with a balanced creamy and savoury kick.

There was a bit of astringent aftertaste (probably too much baking powder) in the mushrooms but overall a steal for $2.

Sorry for the hideous picture but mark my words -- this dish touched my very soul and converted even the most cynical of hawker non-believers like me into a diehard fan.

Fine fine, it's not like I hate hawkers! It's more like I didn't expect much of this stall in Hong Lim Market with no lunchtime queue. However, I was extremely surprised that the laksa scored full marks in flavour, portion, and price.

Fish Laksa ($3) 🍜 10/10

First of all, the laksa came with FIVE (5) gigantic pieces of fried fish! They were still crispy even after sitting in the bag for a long while. The laksa also came with an entire rectangle of tau pok 😍

And those weren't the dish's only perks -- the laksa was so fragrant and flavourful that I slurped up every last drop. Perfect to dip the crispy fish into!

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Truffle mushroom pasta ($9.90) 🍝 9/10

I know this was good probably because a whole carton of cream was dumped into it but I am DEFINITELY not complaining. If you're into creamy and rich pastas like I am, this would be right down your alley!

The pasta was deliciously velvety so I appreciated the leafs of rocket salad which cut through the truffley creaminess. It even came with tartufata (truffle paste) on top. Crazy worth it for $10.

Note: don't get the carbonara because they don't use cream for that -- they crack a rather raw egg over the lukewarm pasta instead which results in a runny and lackluster sauce.


Apparently this stall in Yishun Park Hawker Centre is helmed by an ex-marche chef and their burgers come highly recommended, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Italian beef ($13.90) πŸ” 7/10

Wagyu beef ($16.90) πŸ” 7/10

The burgers are pretty tasty because the patties are quite thick and juicy. The Italian beef burger came with slices of salami that made it taste a bit like pizza. The wagyu beef burger, however, tasted very similar to the other regular beef and isn't worth your extra $3.

DONT top up to get wedges because their "wedges" were just undercooked slices of potatoes. Their fries, however, were very generously peppered with parmesan and were crispy enough to survive the ride home, too.

Overall, I didn't find the burgers that worth it because they come at quite a hefty price point. I did some googling and found out that their burgers used to go at $7.50 last year πŸ˜’ I'd be much more impressed if they didn't raise their prices tremendously.


The wok hey, abundant ingredients, and friendly grandma who remembers my order come together to create the best Penang char kuay teow in Singapore!

They used to boast 500 cal dishes but I'm not sure if it still is that healthy haha. But I'm not complaining!

The crust here was just the right thickness but a bit bready. With the slightly meagre toppings on top, the crust got a bit dry at times. As you can see, there isn't much of bulgolgi on top. The bell peppers tasted a bit foreign but also gave it a refreshing dimension. The portion of this entire dish was a bit small so I wasn't too impressed but it was worth a try.

The fish and chips from this stall is quite pricey but bearable considering that the piece of fish is pretty big. The batter was quite light and fluffy and the chips were chunky -- the way I like them. The tartar sauce could use more seasoning.

The crispy flakes of hae bee hiam makes the chicken may look dry. Actually, it was quite tender and the portion was rather substantial. The notable part is that under the carpet of the thick chicken is a racy trove of thick laksa sauce and al dente spaghetti. The sauce could do better if it was much less oily and slightly less sweet but it was an indulgent treat nonetheless.

For $10, I suppose this is quite a steal for duck confit. However, the duck was rather dry and not as tender as I hoped even though I had read that this dish is cooked for at least 14 hours.

Granted, I can't comment about the crispiness of the skin because I had this dish takeaway so it was a bit soggy by then. What I can comment is that the mash tasted a bit powdery and the gravy wasn't memorable either. I would still recommend if you're craving for duck, but otherwise I'd go for the laksa pasta.

This coffeeshop western stall was hella EXPENSIVE so I was expecting something really good to match that price.

Well, the batter for the fish is notably crisp (as crunchy as beer batter!) while the fish within was soft and silky and reasonably fresh. The fries were very crispy and quite well seasoned.

What I can't get over are the tiny portions! I couldn't believe that for $13.90 you only got two small portions of fish and sooooo little sauce. The salted egg wasn't even enough to cover half the fish 😑

I also didn't really like the salted egg because it was overly creamy and sweet. The cheesy curry tasted like frothed up nacho cheese sauce so it was quite tasteless also.


This stall sells all of my guilty pleasures that I'm always tempted to order at restaurants even though breakfast food is so easy to make yourself.

HOWEVER, I find rosti difficult to make because you have to keep your shredded potatoes bone dry, and deep fry them taters while covered while resisting the urge to peek at them before they're done.

This rosti was ON POINT on so many levels! It was crispy on the outside without being too oily as rostis tend to be (cough Marche cough), while the potatoes within were perfectly al dente without being too hard nor mushy. Yum.

Pictured here is the small chili pan mee (or more commonly known as dry ban mian). You mix em all together (see second pic) and slurp up the spicy noodles. Beware if you don't have a great spicy tolerance because I could feel my tummy reacting to the heat of the spices!

The noodles were really comforting and I loved the big heaping of fried onion, but the noodles ended up a bit mushed when I mixed them around because ban mian isn't that firm. Also, I expected the garlic chips to be crispy but they were quite stale :(

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