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Desserts, Pastries

Desserts, Pastries

Featuring Sunday Folks, Wimbly Lu (Jalan Riang), Matchaya (The Cathay), Twenty Grammes (Bugis), Tom's Palette, Hatter Street (Kovan), KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar, Shrove Tuesday, Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery, Lickers (Hougang)
Audrey & Cady
Audrey & Cady

Discovered this new ice cream place tucked in the quieter areas of Thomson! They have a small selection of safe flavours of ice cream.

Both scoops were very smooth and slightly sticky in texture, perfect for those that like the creaminess and stickiness of gelato.
The pistachio was good - towards the sweet side but not too sweet, and tasted like the real nut. I personally liked this flavour more.
The lychee raspberry tasted similar to a raspberry ripple ice cream but with a lychee accent to it. It was a nice take on a familiar childhood flavour.

What pleasantly surprised me was that the hipster looking ice cream shop was manned by a warm and welcoming middle aged couple! The aunty spoke minimal English when I asked her about recommendations and we switched to Mandarin eventually.
I felt so at home as the uncle served us our ice cream and then switched the fan on for us (we sat outdoors) as I handed him a ten dollar note to make payment. Felt as if I was ordering drinks at a coffeeshop haha.

Overall the ice cream here is pretty standard, would be a nice getaway from the crowded spots in Thomson, but what stood out for me was the dining experience - it was definitely one of a kind and very sweet! Never thought I’d order gelato from a hipster shop in Mandarin (I struggled a little with the flavour names, but it was fun!), but you learn something new everyday: I learnt that 开心果 is pistachio :D

Discovered this cozy little store tucked along Dunlop street on a Monday morning. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. The muffins here were warm, moist and fluffy!
We enjoyed them while sitting on large steps lined with pillows - a unique and interesting layout concept of the place, which I really liked.

We used the Bake + Coffee Beyond 1-for-1 deal - it doesn’t necessarily need to be coffee despite its name, so we got a matcha latte and a chai latte to go with our muffins. We paid an affordable price of $10 for it all. I’m glad we found this hidden gem!

When we were buying the scoop of Oolong Lavender, the staff kindly warned us that the lavender taste was very strong and offered to let us try it first before getting it. We appreciated that gesture very much! The lavender taste was indeed overwhelming and honestly I couldn’t taste the Oolong, it was more like a lavender ice cream, which is fine by me and still yummy because I am a fan of lavender.

The roasted pistachio ice cream was surprisingly very good - it was super nutty and tasted like real pistachio, not the “fake pistachio tastes” that you may encounter in other ice creams. It was as if I was eating frozen blended pistachios, and I loved it!

This roll cake was very “matcha” - there was the matcha chantilly cream and the matcha powder drizzled around it, you’d love this if you’re a fan of the authentic bitter, fragrant matcha tastes. It went well with the sweet Azuki. The charcoal sponge was a little bit too dry to me but overall this was a pretty good bittersweet cake.
It’s perfect if you like the bitter matcha tastes but probably not if you’re looking for something sweet to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

Would I pay $6? Maybe once, just to try it. I wouldn’t get it again. I’d probably try the other pastries.

Be prepared to wait - we had to queue about 20 minutes to get a seat here on a Saturday afternoon.

Thought there was milo ice cream but there wasn’t and you’d need to top up $1 for the chocolate flavours as they were premium. The rest of the ice cream flavours didn’t fit the Milo powder, so we had to opt for plain old vanilla ice cream with Milo powder drizzled on top.

We initially wanted to order the S’mores Waffle (menu said $15) but then they told me I’d have to top up $1 because the chocolate ice cream shown in the menu picture was premium - so why’d they state it was $15 geez.

Overall an okay waffle place but nothing special imo. I do think it’s extremely overpriced at its original pricing.

Visited this cafe on a Monday afternoon and it wasn’t too busy, we could easily get seats for two.

Soft serve was quite nice, but I personally didn’t really like the waffles because it was more crispy than fluffy - I guess if you prefer lighter waffles than this might be suited for you. Waffles look cool with the yuanyang design but both parts taste the same to me. :P

Overall an okay waffle place but nothing special imo. I do think it’s extremely overpriced at its original pricing but with the Beyond deal it’s alright.

Visited this cafe on a Monday afternoon and it wasn’t too busy, we could easily get seats for two.

Pastry was soft and moist, and the cream was smooth and not too sweet. They were very pleasant.

Cupcakes were so cute, presentation is definitely a plus. Loved the pink box it came in as well - it’s perfect for gifting!

The soft serve was not too sweet and the Earl Grey fragrance was just nice - it was very enjoyable. Texture was smooth and creamy too, just a pity that it melted so fast, especially since we took the outside seats.

This is definitely on the pricey side for what you get (literally just a cup of soft serve for $8.50) but at least it’s good. Would come back maybe once in awhile if I’m around the area but honestly it’s not thaaat special or worth it imo.

This is quite a popular spot so be prepared to wait a little to be seated!

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Felt a bit more adventurous so we tried the Lychee Martini and Beer IPA ice cream flavours.
The Lychee Martini flavour was good, martini smell was not too strong, and the texture was similar to a sorbet. Lychee flavour was sweet but not overly sweet, which was ideal.

I personally didn’t enjoy the Beer IPA flavour (could just be a personal thing as my friend found it okay) because I didn’t feel as if the taste of beer matched the creamy and milky taste/textures of the ice cream. It’s not bad overall, I just wouldn’t order it again. There was that bitter and dry aftertaste of IPA which my brain found it difficult to pair with the creamy textures. But I do think that it’s worth a try, especially if you like IPA.

Below average high tea set. Even with the Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deal, I would not come back again. Food items were very very average and felt as if they were supermarket-bought, nothing really stood out other than the TWG tea. I expected better from Marriott.
Don’t get me wrong, the food and pastries weren’t bad, but I would expect a certain standard from a hotel high tea set priced at $38.

Ambience was nice though. A pity the subpar standard of food did not match the hotel atmosphere at all.

Künefe is a crispy cheese-filled dessert made with kadayıf, which is a traditional shredded wheat dessert with pistachio filling. It was delicious, I enjoyed the crispy textures of the shredded kadayif noodles, the chewy cheese inside, and the crunchy bits of ground pistachios on top.

We initially ordered this without knowing what it is, simply because it looked interesting. What we thought was a rosti-like dish (it looked like it!) turned out to be a sweet, satisfying dessert. Would recommend for sharing - I probably wouldn’t be able to finish it on my own as it is quite a big plate. Try it if you’re looking for something different, oh and especially if you like pistachios!

We got the Dark Chocolate Mint and the Earl Grey for $4.50 with the Beyond 1-for-1 deal. Ice cream was pretty good, and you get to watch the people ice skating while enjoying your gelato. A nice spot if you just want to sit and chill and people watch.

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