Desserts, Pastries

Desserts, Pastries

Featuring Sunday Folks (Holland Village), The Lokal, Wimbly Lu (Jalan Riang), GRUB (Bishan), Patisserie G (Millenia Walk), Twenty Grammes (Bugis), Tom's Palette, Tarte by Cheryl Koh (Shaw Centre), Hatter Street (Kovan), Kki Sweets
Cady Tay
Cady Tay

A flaky, buttery crust housing a silky-smooth, not too sweet egg custard - who could possibly ask for more? A classic, traditional egg tart done simply but well. Nothing gimmicky and nothing mind blowing, but it was a good and enjoyable tart. The next moment, I found myself gobbling it all up!

The takeaway box is really pretty too which makes it very presentable and suitable for gifts. Since the tart isn’t too sweet, I think the older generation would enjoy it too - I know my grandma did. :)

A pretty solid pistachio ice cream, made from pistachios grown in eastern Sicily. Every mouth of the gelato was a burst of sweet, rich nuttiness! The mouthfeel was a happy coming together of ice cream and peanut butter.

Apparently this specific type of gourmet pistachio is less than 1% of our world’s pistachio production, so they are rare and high in demand! Their taste is quite distinctively more premium and rich than your everyday pistachio, setting this ice cream flavour a notch higher than the common pistachio ice cream flavours out there.

I like the design and theme of the cafe - it’s very cute and playful, reflecting their mindset towards their gelato flavours, many of which are unique and adventurous, mixing savoury and sweet. It’s a great place for gelato adventurers to visit, and I’ll definitely be back to try their other interesting flavours!

A mid autumn special - this flavour caught my eye because of the uniqueness of its constituents - white lotus paste and osmanthus oolong, topped with melon seeds. The white lotus paste is supposed to represent mooncakes while the osmanthus oolong is the accompanying tea you drink with the mooncake.

A lovely idea. And while the gelato tasted exactly like I was eating a mooncake in ice cream form (the flavour was very strong!), I couldn’t quite catch the osmanthus oolong accent which was supposed to be a floral aftertaste. This was honestly quite a pity because I thought it would’ve been a beautiful combination with the white lotus paste, providing refreshing, light floral notes to the otherwise earthy and heavy lotus paste base.
If improved on its execution, the osmanthus oolong would be the cherry on top to this gelato flavour, bringing a more complex flavour profile to an otherwise rather one dimensional one.

You can use Beyond’s 1-for-1 deal here, which made the gelato very affordable. Play Gelato is also on Shoppee, if you want an alternative to the 1-for-1 deal, or if you’re coming alone and just want a single scoop like me! (No shame in there.)

The shop’s setup is simple and quite casual. There isn’t a huge area for dining in, only about 3 tables or so. I visited on a weekday evening and it wasn’t too busy, so I could easily get a seat for myself.
The owner of the shop is very friendly and welcoming, being enthusiastic to tell you all about Play Gelato and even include you in their R&D of their new and upcoming flavours. I’ve been here twice and noticed that the owner never fails to engage with customers and get their feedback, which was a nice touch. It’ll be very exciting to see how Play Gelato evolves and grows in Singapore’s competitive gelato scene - I’ll be keeping a look out!

This was a nice take on the traditional teochew orh nee dessert - coconut cream with velvety yam orh nee and vanilla chantilly, as well as candied ginkgo nuts embedded within. Tart crust was crispy and buttery, going well with the slight sweetness from the fillings.

Surprisingly this dessert was quite light and not too sweet, compared to the Chinese dessert we usually get, which tends to be on the sweeter side and very dense. Nothing too mind-blowing, it tastes exactly as how it sounds like it would taste, but it’s pretty nice nevertheless. A safe pick.

We visited on a weekday afternoon and there was no queue, selections were all available still. We once went on a weekday evening quite near closing time and they were completely sold out, so best if you come slightly earlier to avoid disappointment.

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Oh my where do I even start - the croissant was suuuuper crispy - you could hear the many layers crisp as you sink your teeth into this delicious masterpiece. Although it’s named “Black Forest”, it’s actually raspberry jam inside, and of course with no alcohol. The jam was super fruity and went amazingly with the chocolate flake toppings.

Definitely a sweet treat, slightly pricey but you pay for quality. We visited at around 11am on a Saturday and there was already quite a queue outside their bakery. Their popularity is most probably testament to their good quality bakes.

Visited Humble Scoop’s new outlet in Kovan! All of their flavours are so nostalgic, we had a hard time picking which to try. We decided to go with the hawthorn berry sorbet to beat the heat - and boy were we blown away by its intense flavour! Every scoop was packed with so much of the berry’s taste, as the shop stews the berries so as to get its maximum flavour. It was as if I was taking a bite off the whole pack of hawthorn discs all at once (maybe if I were a hungry greedy kid?). I also loved how the sorbet actually had chopped discs embedded into it to give another dimension to its texture.

Definitely a blast (literally, of flavour) back to the past. I would say this is best shared because of its strong flavour, but perhaps hawthorn berry fans might welcome the overwhelming fruitiness with open arms (and mouths). I’m not much of a sorbet person, but this was pretty refreshing for a hot day, and an enjoyable one to share with friends and reminiscence about the past together.

We visited on a weekend evening and there wasn’t much of a queue. The shop is only a short walk away from Kovan MRT, making it so accessible and easy to get to!

Yes, it’s worth every calorie. I liked the signature flavour - milky and malty would be the two words that sum it up perfectly. As a huge fan of both words, this was right up my alley.

One downside of soft serves - you’re always battling against time. This one melted super quickly, and I soon found my hands in a sticky mess in a matter of minutes. 🙈 and I thought I was already slurping it all up really quickly!

All in all, not too bad of a soft serve, I’d be keen to try their speculoos flavour too.

An elegant cake that captures and refines some favourite childhood tastes (Horlicks and cornflakes!), packing it all into this cute honeycomb. The Horlicks mascarpone cream was light and fluffy, contrasting the crunchy and sticky honey cornflakes base. It was a treat for our tastebuds!

We thought it was a little bit of a waste that we weren’t able to enjoy this at the confectionery itself since the plating was really pretty. The takeout box was adorable though - the paper box was shaped like a ring box and came in a cute small paper carrier (which also resembles the paper carriers from jewelry shops 🤔). Anyway, all the more reason for us to return when dining in is finally allowed!

We visited on a Sunday afternoon and there was no queue. The staff was very friendly too.

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I was so excited when I found out that this patisserie was opening a physical outlet where you can do walk-in purchases! The staff there told us that the Kouign Amann was a crowd favourite so we had to try it.

It was so good! The pastry layers were crisp and buttery, yet sticky and chewy all at the same time. It was deliciously sweet, with the sugar caramelised perfectly - we found ourselves gobbling it all up in minutes.

We also got the Wagyu & Bone Marrow Sausage Roll ($16), consisting of Wagyu beef mince rolled up in flaky puff pastry, topped with bone marrow and glazed with black garlic and garnished with a thyme stem. This was also really yummy - the puff pastry was baked perfectly, and the mince was deliciously moist and flavourful.

Overall - Le Matin Patisserie lives up to its hype. If you don’t plan on ordering a whole box of pastries like me, why not take a trip down to their physical outlet just a few minutes walk from Outram Park MRT?

You might want to head down early - we visited on a late morning on Saturday and there was a little bit of a queue. Also, the bakery’s famous Pistachio Escargot pastry was sold out by the time we got there. :( We’ll be back to try it next time!

The pastry was light, fluffy and moist. It’s blended with beurre noisette, egg whites and grounded almonds for a soft mouthfeel, and the toppings of chewy dried cranberries and crunchy pistachios provided a nice contrast in textures.

Though towards the sweeter side, it makes for a perfect afternoon snack to sweeten your mid-day blues. Each box comes in a box of 8 financiers.

Also, can I just say, the box is really pretty!

Honey Cinnamon was a very comforting flavour, I felt like I was eating a cinnamon bun in ice cream form! Though, I do wish that the cinnamon could be stronger, but that might just be the greedy cinnamon fan in me talking. 😋

The parmesan cheese & cream crackers definitely stole the show. The combination of salty and sweet was executed excellently in this savoury ice cream flavour!

Unfortunately, we found that the ice cream was slightly too soft and melted even when served to us. We had it immediately after getting it but found ourselves holding cups of melted ice cream just a few moments after.

Otherwise, flavours were really nice and the owner was very friendly and helpful in recommending us flavours. We visited on a weekday evening and there was no queue or waiting!

The Yuzu ice cream was super duper fruity - upon first bite, the yuzu really hits you like a strong gust of refreshing tropical air!

The Salted Caramel Cheesecake was pretty good too, I liked that the salted caramel wasn’t too overpowering, salty or sweet (this was really well balanced I think), allowing you to appreciate the elements of the ice cream equally.

Unfortunately, we found that the ice cream was slightly too soft and melted even when served to us. We had it immediately after getting it but found ourselves holding cups of melted ice cream just a few moments after.

Otherwise, flavours were really nice and the owner was very friendly and helpful in recommending us flavours. We visited on a weekday evening and there was no queue or waiting! Really worth it with the Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deal, making this a steal!

Honest reviews from an average salarywoman that’s hungry. I’m on insta too! @smallwalletbigmouth

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