Featuring Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (Jewel Changi Airport), Gram Cafe & Pancakes (VivoCity), Belle-Ville Pancake Cafe (Bugis Junction), Hvala (111 Somerset), KELE (VivoCity), Cat & the Fiddle (Westgate), Tuk Tuk Cha (NEX), Apiary, Oblong
foodie 😛
foodie 😛

Finally got to try BOP @ Jewel!!! The queue was pretty long but it moves fast so we didn't wait long :)
Got the double scoop and thyme cone for $9 and chose white chrysanthemum and sea salt hojicha for my flavours :>

LOOOVEEEEED THEM BOTH the white chrysanthemum was lovely it was sweet but not too sweet and the chrysanthemum taste was amaaaazing. The sea salt hojicha was yUMz too salty and hojicha-y YUMMMM definitely understand people's obsession with this!!!

Rating: 8/10

Verdict: would definitely come back to try more flavours!!!!

The premium pancake is available only at specific timings and there's a limited quantity.

Enjoyed it though I'm not sure if I wld come again because it's quite pricey and I think there are better options with better pricing elsewhere.

Good to try if you are in the region tho!

Rating: 8/10

Shibuya Toast Tuk Tuk Matcha Mini ($6.80)

Taste wise - rly good!!! Toast was crispy, the matcha icecream serving was generous and not too sweet. Paired together with the red bean, yuuum!!!!

Rating: 7.5/10

Verdict: Would definitely get again!

Went on a Saturday afternoon and there was a long queue, had to wait around ~20-30mins. Decided to get the 4 piece plain pancakes ($7.90) and added an extra topping of vanilla icecream ($1).

SO SURPRISING!!! so much btr than expected the pancakes were sooo soft, and the fresh cream was v light!! Paired together with the vanilla ice-cream, yuuuum hehe like soft and sweet and the butter provides a little salty-ness.. 😍

Rating: 8.5/10

Verdict: Would definitely come back again to have more or try the other flavours heheh. For 2pax, you can just share 4pieces because it actually filled us up HAHAHAH

Bought with burple 1 for 1 so $12.90 for 2.
Very worth it with 1f1 and the center is proper legit durian puree and cake exterior is nice and soft.

A little on the small side so might be a tad pricy without the 1 for 1. But overall good tasty.

first time to hvala and tried the matcha hojicha latte ($6.80) and some ice-cream not in pic. Firstly, interior is amazing HAHA.

taste wise - hmmm not overly sweet, could actually do with slightly more sweetness (personal preference), matcha taste is very authentic, the drink gets btr the more you drink

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: good to try but the prices aren't the cheapest (personal opinion once again). probably won't visit again unless I'm feeling v atas and want to ball 😛

Tried Apiary for the first time today and got the triple scoop ($11) with plain waffles ($6)

Flavours ranked (personal preference):
1) Earl grey - Standard and common favourite with a nice tea scent, nothing outstanding but not bad 7.5/10
2) Blue milk - evident from its name, has a very strong milk-y taste 7/10
3) Apiary - the honey taste is very strong and honestly all I can rmb so did not rlly like it hahaha but personal preference nO hAtE u do u 6.5/10

Waffles - nothing outstanding, pretty standard quality and size is alright 👌

Verdict: May return to try other hyped icecream flavours if any but unlikely to get the waffles agn considering prices arent the cheapest

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Red Velvet Waffles (with cream cheese filling in between) and a scoop each of Earl grey lavender & Teh Tarik ice cream 😍

- the Earl Grey lavender ice cream is amazing!!!! Rlly recommend if u like because daaaayum
- the $10 combo set that comes w waffle, 1 scoop of ice-cream, and a drink is pretty worth

- The waffle size is too small!!! Barely ate any and it's all gone :(
- The cream cheese filling is very light that it can't be tasted when you eat the waffle w the ice-cream

Rating: 8/10 !!! (10/10 for the ice cream tho)

Verdict: A pretty cosy place that can satisfy your cravings for waffles&icecream if youre around the corner

Used the burpple 3 for 3 promo and tried 3 flavours -

Lychee Raspberry: My favourite out of the 3, 9/10!!! Nice balance of flavours yum rlly recommend!!
Yuzu Lemon: Yuzu and lemon/sour taste is nice, 8/10
Durian: durian taste present but not as much of the cheesecake, an OK durian-flavoured cake, 7/10

Recommend trying if you have the promo! :-)


live for da fud

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