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Muffin Man
Muffin Man

Enjoyed the biang biang noodles. Each strand was well coated with the tasty sauce.

A bowl of noodles costs between 6 to 7.50 each.
Beer was 6 dollars a bottle.
Cold vegetables are available too (imagine cold mala vegetables)

No english menu available, so ask the staff to recommend. If needed.

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5 dollars for a kolo mee.
A bit on the high side since its pretty much just minced meat and charsiew.

But gotta acknowledge the noodles has good amount of bite, plus the minced meat is well marinated.

I ordered the mee pok, and it had a great balance of vinegar and chilli. Interesting to have half a shitake mushroom too. And you get an egg drop in your soup too, as if you're eating xiao wan mian.

Can be a bit confusing to know what you're ordering because the dishes are called "father", "brother" "grandmother" etc etc noodles

Soup is tasty and rich.

Wide variety of choices. Good value for money, especially since the rest of the stalls in this coffeeshop are charging a lot more

Mala noodles are manageable, like eating xiao la at a regular mala stall.

Wait times can be long as theres only 1 staff handling orders and cooking.

Also, no seats so its a pure takeaway place, so its quite expensive.

Burpple deal is 10 dollars, compared to regular price of 12.90

Noodles had the right amount of bite.

Had the chicken noodles, and i liked that the sauce had the right amount of richness.

Very tasty, especially when you add the chilli.

My friend liked the zha jiang mian too.

Tasty and rich soup, treat yourself to the mini pot noodles.

Come early. its popular enough that it can get sold out by 1230 sometimes.

Might be hot because you are sitting near the main road.

But its a small price to pay for tasty and comforting noodles.


Dry noodles always hits the spot. Chili can overpower the noodles, but thats not a bad thing when the chili tastes so good.

I even bought home one tub of their homemade chili because obviously we love the fire in our bellies.


noodles had a nice flavour. But its a bit costly at $6. Especially when there is a char siew noodle stall next door.

Their fried porridge seemed q popular though.


Ordered the spicy noodles and the chef warned us it was very spicy!
Did not disappoint, love the fiery kick. Will be back for the skewered meats.

Dumplings were also well stuffed with lots of meat

This place is halal certified too

Have tried both the soup and dry versions and would choose dry all the time.

The noodles had the correct amount of bite without being too starchy, and tossed well in the tasty sauce.

Loved the chilli too, but be warned because its got lots of kick. In fact, i liked it enough that i bought one bottle from them to bring home.

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Must buy if you are around the area. The gravy is just nice, being neither too thick nor watery.

Every bite bursting w flavours, and further enhanced when you bite into those crunchy golden nuggets of lard.

And then the juiciness of the pork adds a further oomph, as if your tastebuds werent already dancing.

How do you take nice photos when you're hungry?

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