Chinese Food🍜🍚

Chinese Food🍜🍚

Featuring KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra), The Sushi Bar Dining (Ngee Ann City), Kok Sen Restaurant, Tanyu (313@Somerset), Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen 翡翠港式小厨 (Takashimaya), TungLok Teahouse 同乐小聚 (Square 2), Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat (Serangoon), KEK Keng Eng Kee (Pandan Gardens), Dragon-i Restaurant (Johor Bahru City Square), Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant
Amanda Tay
Amanda Tay

@ Cafe 107 Tze Char Stall
• Hong Kong Style Steamed Seabass
• Nai Bai w Mushrooms
• Stir Fry Kai Lan
• Furong Omelette

@ Chong Qing Grilled Fish 重庆烤鱼
• Patin Fish + Fermented Black Bean ($38) • Chinese Cabbage ($3.80)
• Lotus Root ($3.80)
• Potato Slices ($3.80)
• Thick Vermicelli ($3.80)
• Handmade Noodles ($3.80)
• Pork Slices ($5.80)

Inexpensive yet generous dish portions with super quick preparation and serving time⚡️Everything on the list is a must order except the vegetables (tasted super normal) and mingzhu roll which failed to live up to its hype as seen in alot of food bloggers’ reviews☹️ The fish maw comes with a substantial amount of real handpicked crab meat!!
• Nonya Inspired Halibut - Small ($18)
• Marmite Chicken - Small ($12)
• Mingzhu Roll - Small ($12)
• Chilli Crab 2pcs ($68)
• Lotus Heaven Macadamia - Small ($10)
• Fish Maw & Crab Meat Soup - Small ($40)
• Moonlight Horfun - Small ($6)
• Steamed Mantou 6pc ($7.20)
• Rice ($0.80)
• Ice Lemon Tea ($2)
• Ice Water ($0.50)

One of my fav veggie dishes😋 Remembered it to be salty the first time I tried it here but still ordered it again🙊 This time it was less salty so yay 🤓
• Chinese Spinach w Salted Eggs & Century Eggs ($12)

And of course my previous post at wasn’t only just the plate veggies😂 0 tolerance for spiciness so non spicy option for me w loaded pot of mushrooms hehe. Switched from my usual patin and regretted cuz my patin fish has significantly lesser bones sobs ☹️ Current status - working my way up their loyalty card for my free grilled fish and buffet wahahaha😋
• Golden Snapper + Mushroom Herbs - Large ($42)

Bustling chinese restaurant w ridiculously affordable tze char dishes😱 THE WHOLE FISH IS ONLY $15 SGD???😍 As per their restaurant name, the signature paper baked chicken is a definite must order. Stewed pork was also one of the popular dishes there but was too oily for my liking🙃 Crabs were all sold out when we reached for dinner at around 7:45pm🙄 So get there earlier in case + the restaurant is free seating so don’t expect the waiters to usher or find you seats🤦🏻‍♀️
• Paper Baked Chicken (RM26)
• Teochew Style Steamed Seabass (RM45)
• Stewed Pork w Yam (RM15)
• Sea Coconut Drink (RM3.50)
• Rice (RM0.30)
• Shark’s Fin w Crab Meat Soup - L (RM70)

Googled for good tze char restaurants and ended up at Kok Sen - apparenly a Michelin Bib Gourmand Zhi Char 🤔 The horfun and beehoon are their signatures and were only served spicy so even tho I can’t take spice, being a fatty I ordered (obviously). The seafood was fresh and tofu was yummy😋 But didn’t think the crabs were worth $65 each for the sizes served and also probably because I ate 2 for $68 at KEK Seafood the other day🙊 Well $65 isn’t an issue for a crab till you see my next post LOL stay tuned for a shock🤦🏻‍♀️ And a burn in my pocket😭
• Romaine Lettuce Stir Fried w Fermented Beancurd ($10)
• Big Prawns Hor Fun ($18)
• Big Prawns Bee Hoon Soup ($18)
• Black Pepper Crab ($65)
• Steamed Crab ($65)
• Rice ($0.70)

And so from my previous post, this fish obviously deserves a solo post otherwise I’d be letting my tummy and pocket down😩 Didn’t bother asking for the market price that day as I usually WILL order fish at tze char places. BIG MISTAKE HAHAHA I was just stunned at the $88 on the receipt😂 The fish was fresh but the regular cooking style didn’t seem to justify for the price paid??😱 Second checks before I order my fish dishes now🤣
• HK Style Steam Grouper ($88)

The xlbs are surprisingly good cuz the skin isn’t too thick and still containing lots of broth within 😋 The fish was was super fresh and the sauce was so good I couldn’t stop eating😂 Prices were reasonable taking into consideration the food quality, ambience & service!
• Sweet & Sour Fried Fish (RM8/100g - RM166.10)
• Braised Beancurd w Vegetables (RM30.19)
• Pork Belly Side Dish (RM16.98)
• Green Dragon Vegetables
• Double Boiled Chicken Soup (RM18.87)
• Shanghainese Steamed Meat Dumplings (RM11.32)
• Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun (RM9.43)
• Chrysanthemum Tea (RM4.72)
• Corn Juice (RM9.43)

BUT HERE ITS A MUST ORDER cause its so different and tender?? Omg🤣 Their signature horfun also lives up to its name. And I think after KEK’s every other chilli crab out there is just a disappointment for the price point vs portion size😩 They set the bar too high hahaha. Sum Kee’s curry fish head came in a massive pot and only costs $26??? WORTH IT. Not a fan of fried food but the volcano tofu is just WOW.
• Coffee Pork Ribs ($18)
• XO Sum Lor Horfun ($8)
• Volcano Tofu ($22)
• Chilli Crab ($58)
• Mantou x12 ($8.40)
• Green Dragon Beansprout ($22)
• Curry Fish Head ($26)
• Spanish Pork Ribs ($28)

No wonder the roadside coffeeshop was bustling w customers even with its inaccessible location. Not to mention that additional serving of fish was just +$12 and they also provide you with yam, vege, soup etc looking just like the original steamboat portion so its super worth to order the additional serving!! The side dishes were also yummy and cheap😝 Service wise not the best, but the quality and price of the food makes up for it🙃
• Pomfret - small ($25)
• Extra Pomfret Serving (+$12)
• Coffee Pork Ribs - small Prawn ($10)
• Minced Meat Beancurd - small ($7)
• Rice ($0.50)

Constantly filled w customers both local and foreign, even celebrities all around the world travel all the way down to this place for their soup😱 This place is a definite must try!! Famous for their turtle soup too but I’m apprehensive to try it out cuz of its weird texture🤣 Prefer the white chicken to the black one as its alot more tender and sweet in comparison😋
• Cordyceps Chicken Soup ($13)

@thy.amanda & @247hangri Fat cheeks 🍡

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