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CB Eats | Carissa & Bridget
CB Eats | Carissa & Bridget

The ravioli came in a terragon prawn bisque sauce, which to me tasted like a slightly briny version of thick tomato sauce. The ‘fishy’ flavour of the sauce was not overpowering and is unlikely to be off-putting to those who are not fans of seafood. The ravioli itself was filled with a mixture of lobster and cheese and served al dente. While it was not particularly flavourful on its own, it went really well with the delicious sauce.

This pizza comes with a creamy white sauce base and tender pieces of chicken. It had a decent truffle flavour too, which complemented the other components of the pizza well. The crust of the pizza was particularly enjoyable, as it was very flavourful on its own with a chewy texture, and had some added crispness from the burnt bits.

I decided to give this new rice bowl a go instead of my usual beef bowl from Yoshinoya and boy, was I disappointed. The tendon was so bland but thank goodness it was served with an onsen egg, which was probably the only redeeming factor. I struggled to finish this. Do yourself a favour and opt for their signature beef bowls.

Those pieces of battered fish were so yummy, and retained their crispness despite sitting in sauce. The tartar sauce was delicious too, and tasted slightly sweeter than the usual tartar sauce we would find outside. The bits of pineapple salsa added some crunch and a refreshing sweetness. Overall, the different elements of the dish came together really well and made for a satisfying dish.

Really worth it with the 1-for-1 deal too!

This was really good and we could see why it was such a popular choice among diners. The rice had a consistency similar to risotto, and a slight tomato flavour. It is rather heavily-seasoned though, and may better suit those who prefer stronger flavours. The grilled chicken was tender with a nice crispy skin, and topped with a paste similar to pesto. The dish is highly recommended for sharing as the portion is huge and the rice may get too cloying after awhile.

Really worth it with the 1-for-1 deal too!

This dish is an attempt to reinvent takoyaki by replacing the traditional batter with a sweet egg omelette. It was pretty tasty, with big pieces of octopus. The mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce were great accompaniments too. Do take note that there is a significant amount of pickled ginger used in the filling, which has a strong flavour and may not be for everyone.

Essentially 5 of the same tamagoyaki but with different toppings. While the tamagoyaki itself is pretty tasty with a nice amount of sweetness, the toppings - tomato, seaweed, salmon, mentai mayo, zuwaigani (snow crab) did not do much to enhance the flavour. Perhaps the most flavourful one would be the tomato one, which was essentially a dollop of tomato ketchup. Fans of spice however, may enjoy the spicy seaweed paste, which has a decent amount of heat.

Definitely a dish for sharing as it can get very cloying due to the amount of eggs used.

A bowl of springy noodles with minced pork sprinkled with chili powder, shredded nori, fried shallots, and chopped spring onions. The noodles were quite flavourful after mixing all the ingredients together, and the spring onions in particular added a freshness that cut through some of the heaviness of the dish.

Overall a decent noodle dish but could definitely use more heat, especially for a dish touted as “sichuan pork”.

A bowl of springy noodles with a generous amount of braised pork, shredded nori, and chopped spring onions (the dish comes with fried shallots too but I omitted it from mine). The braised pork used is unlike the sweet version from our Taiwanese counterparts but is more savoury, and you can taste hints of the five spice powder that was used. There was also a good amount of sauce that coated the noodles sufficiently.

My favourite dumplings out of the lot. The dumplings arrived freshly fried and the crispy exterior provided a nice contrast to the soft filling. The filling consisted of creamy mashed potatoes and bits of bacon that added a nice, smoky flavour. The dumplings went great with the spicy sriracha cream served alongside as well.

The standard dumpling choice that would not go wrong. These dumplings reminded me a little of xiao long baos as there would be a burst of “soup” upon biting into them. The filling itself was very flavourful, albeit on the sweeter side compared to similar dumplings.

Pretty good fare for a neighbourhood cafe. While the dish may not look like much, the chicken was actually really tender with a nice crisp on the outside. The mushroom sauce was pretty decent too and came with a variety of juicy mushrooms.

If you come during lunch hour, their lunch set deal includes an iced tea along with your main!

Couple of gal pals eating our way through Singapore

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