Japanese Cuisines

Japanese Cuisines

Japanese food yes. Don yes. Ramen yes. Tsukemen yes. Tonkatsu yes. Mentaiko yes.
Weici & Linyuan
Weici & Linyuan

We ordered Mentaiko pasta, Saikoro beef cubes, Hotate Mentai Yaki (Scallops), Unagi fried rice, chicken nanban and truffle fries.

Personally, Hotate Mentai Yaki was the best for me. It is very tender and rich in mentaiko sauce (tremendously generous). Whereas, the mentaiko pasta is a lil too jelat to my tasting, but it would be good for sharing!

Moving on to my second favourite, it would be the beef cubes, it’s the most pricey on the list, just for a few cubes. But I must say, it was superb.

My third favourite would be the unagi fried rice. It was very filling and savory.

The rest would be sub-par.

In addition to the mains, we also ordered a tower that costs $65++ as well as soju that costs $18++. The drinks were on the pricey end. But nevertheless, great place to hang on a Friday night.

One thing to note is that, would be great to go early. Even though we book reservation, we had to wait for another 30mins because it was too packed.

Price: $20/pax (if just went for the Mains)
Rating: 8.5/10

So far, I have only tried 2 tonkatsu specialized restaurants in Singapore. One being Tonkichi @ Takayshimaya and another being Ma Maison @ Mandarin Orchard. I would say Ma Maison would be the better of the two, with both in the same price range.

Ma Maison @ Mandarin Orchard has the fresher and more juicy cuts of the pork. We also tried their fried oyster, it’s super good, must-try! They are also very generous with small food items such as free flow rice, tea, condiments and complimentary desserts. Accompanied with a very serene and classy atmosphere, I just say this outlet would be my fave out of all. The service is also top-notched and professional. Ya know, overall just makes you feel like a queen and king walking out of the (fine-dining kinda) restaurant. Satisfactory!

Price: $30/pax
Rating: 9/10

I think we ate this at least once every month. As tsukemen lovers, Menya Musashi never fails to fulfil our cravings! This restaurant is definitely the top of our tsukemen list (it was, until Dondon donki’s tsukemen came into our life).

The soup broth comes in 3 options: white, black and red. They are all tonkotsu broth, with white being original, black being garlic and red being spicy. Personally, I go for white while Weici goes for red. The broth are just super thick and rich. The noodles have the just-right kind of tenderness to dip in the broth. Yum!

In addition, this is a complete recipe to get fat. They have FREE x1.5 to x4 of kaedama (extra noodles) when you ordered tsukemen. And of course, I believe this is the reason behind my weight gain after many dates at this restaurant. 😖 Still, worth it.

Price: $14.90-$16.90++
Rating: 9/10

If you’re a sashimi lover, this is probably the thing for you. You can indulge in a free flow sashimi with a wide variety of other dishes such as grilled meat, seafood, sushi, tempura, dons and ramen.

I’m neither a buffet person nor a sashimi lover (I only love salmon! Hehe). I would give it a 6 as it’s not as worth it for me. The sashimi is pretty fresh but I’m more obsessed with the tender beef slices and the teapot soup. They also gave complimentary one mentaiko scallop per person, mentai gao until gelat wew. Stuffed with tons of bifu, mentai tamago and tea soup, I guess I’m still satisfied.

You can further add on $20++ for free flow of alcohol such as hot sake (it’s good, stole some sips from my friends heh) and beer!

Price: $50/pax
Rating: 6/10

Having eaten beauty in a pot, this is my second time having a collagen hotpot and I must say this is really super good.

We ordered original and sukiyaki collagen hotpot. You can see how the thick tofu-like collagen is slowly being cooked into a soup base. The staff would then serve you each with a small tea cup for the first taste of the soup before putting the vegetables and meat into the pot.

Other than the main dish, we also ordered nanbai chicken which is super sedaaaap. I mean what can go wrong with this nanbai sauce?! We wanted to order a second servings for this!

For drinks, we ordered bijin sake and mio sake. Bijin sake ($12) is a very interesting drink. The staff would pour the cold sake into the shot glass which would overflow into a wooden square bowl. So basically, we are suppose to sip the shot glass, and down the shot glass followed by the square bowl. It’s for good luck! As for Mio sake($16), they would pour it into champagne glasses for us and it tastes great! Like sparkling sake with a sweet fruity taste.

All in all, the service provided by the staffs were also great. We would definitely come back again.

Price: ~ $30/pax
Rating: 10/10

Here’s one for all the mentaiko and salmon lovers! It is very tender with thick mentaiko sauce. It is an extra plus for me with my favourite fish roe bursting in the mouth!

Price: $25 NETT for 2 Don (Burpple deal)
Rating: 7.5/10

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Medium rare and thin slices of wagyu beef! Good for its price and great portion. Aesthetically wise, it’s also pretty. I would prefer it without the white sauce.

Price: $25 NETT for 2 Don (Burpple deal)
Rating: 6/10

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