Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine

A list of food options for when you crave for local cuisine.
H. Chunwen
H. Chunwen

Ordered their Set A Basmati Coconut with Classic Fried Chicken ($7.90) and added on some Butter Chicken ($3). Given that their food does not contain MSG, I find the taste pretty good!

Basmati rice was not Lemak enough for me but for those who want a healthy meal, this should suffice. Their Chilli isn’t the typical salty ones as well and is definitely way healthier! Would have to say that their butter chicken is good too, not as flavourful as many other places (but again, healthy alert!). This bowl is probably for those who wanna be healthier but craves local food imo. In addition, the eggs were cooked to a wonderful consistency (runny yolk) and their fried chicken was really flavourful and the Star of the dish!✨

Expect to wait quite a bit for this, I spent 40min in queue with about 15 people before me! This is one of the better soya sauce chicken I’ve had, the chicken was moist and tender with a really good bite! Ordered the thin noodles, which absorbed the sauce well but tasted just like average wanton noodles. If I were to queue 40min again for this, I would just order a whole chicken 😂 Also, check with them if they had chicken rice but they only have white rice which was quite a pity.

Nestled in the neighbourhood of Bukit Gombak (and the same coffeeshop as Ah Kow Mushroom Minced Pork Mee), this is by far one of the best Lor Mees I’ve had.

I ordered a small bowl of Lor Mee ($3.50), which was rather filling and added on fried fish ($1.50). The bowl of Lor Mee included yellow noodles, fish cake, hard boiled egg, braised pork, fried meatball and beancurd crispies and the sauce was not starchy/ jelak.

The fried fish, fried meatball and beancurd crispies were really good, and the amount of garlic and vinegar put was just nice; I feel that these really set them aside from other lor mee places.

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Premium pork loin was very meaty, there were lean (and drier) portions and also fattier (and tender) portions on each piece of rib so you get to try both varieties on one slab of rib. The soup is pepper based, but not overpowered with pepper. Balance of the soup is just nice, but there are better places out there if you’re looking for a good bkt soup.

Pork trotters were really good and the sauce is herbal-based instead of a salty soy sauce stew. Added braised peanuts ($1) and you tiao ($1). Worth trying but not a place I would revisit for my bkt fix.

Was in the vicinity and popped by to try the Chicken Cutlet Ban Mee. Chicken cutlet was flavourful and still remained crispy despite turning cold but it gets a bit jelak when eaten on its own; better to eat while it’s hot. Texture of Ban Mian is brilliant but if you can’t take spicy (like me), I suggest not to mix the whole serving of chilli in 😂 Also to note, only the signature dry Ban Mian ($4.50) comes with minced pork, the others do not. Price is exclusive of service charge as well. Would come back to try the signature dry Ban Mian.

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