Any kind - but you'll probably find a lot of bbt (& Matcha 🤭)
Wei Ping Ang
Wei Ping Ang

@my_lil_coconut is a homegrown brand that serves Thai-style coconut milkshakes, made with hand-picked coconuts, and freshly blended to form their coconut smoothie!

They have an interesting variety of refreshing drinks with crowd favourites such as coco milkshake with Red Ruby!

Their Coco Shakes are made with the same base - Coconut Flesh, Condensed Milk, Icecream, and then topped up with the respective toppings that you picked. They were generally q sweet because of the condensed milk, and I'd just focus on the toppings considering that's largely what makes the difference!

Mango Konjac Pearl ($5.30 - R, $6.30 - L)
I liked that the Mango Konjac was really chewy, and would be for those who like Mango Jellies.

Pandan Sago ($4.90 - R, $5.90 - L)
Pandan sago was only there for texture, as there's no flavour to it!

Red Bean ($4.90 - R, $5.90 - L)
Red bean was quite huge so it was a nice texture - for those who enjoy red bean!

Milk Pudding ($4.90 - R, $5.90 - L)
This was q light in terms of flavour, wouldn't mind even stronger pudding flavour!

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Pineapple Green Tea ($4.30 - M; $5.30 - L) (first drink from left)
This drink was slightly sweet even with 0% sugar, because of the pineapple fruit within. I actually didn't mind that the pineapple flavour wasn't very strong, considering I'm not that big a fan of pineapple 🤭.

I'm sure many of you have heard of Yi Fang @yifangtea.sg, which originated from Taiwan and specialises in Taiwanese Fruit Tea. They use premium quality ingredients from Taiwan, and do not add any artificial flavours or additives in their drinks!

There's a few outlets in Singapore, including Shell Stations such as Shell Sengkang, and there's also a new outlet at Boon Lay Shell Station!

Here's some of their best sellers I tried:
Mango Fruit Tea ($6.30 - M; $7.30 - L)
After trying their fruit tea, and I can see why it's their signature! This was slightly sour, which was really refreshing, and came with loads of fruits including apple, orange, and passion fruit seeds. Great to quench your thirst!

Oolong Tea Latte ($4 - M; $5 - L)
Their Oolong Tea was q fragrant, although I personally prefer even stronger ones, but it's not overly milky, so those who can't take dairy products well might enjoy! I picked 0% sugar, which also meant that I could enjoy solely their tea flavour w/o any added sugar!

🌟 Osmanthus Oolong Tea + Cheese Cream Top ($6.40)
The cream cheese top was really fragrant, and went very well with the osmanthus oolong, which also had a light floral tea fragrance, making it refreshing and got me wanting for more.

Winter Melon Chrysanthemum Tea + Sweet Potato & Taro Pearls ($5.60)
First bought this drink to try and honestly didn't particularly enjoy the mixing of 2 strong flavours together - winter melon and chrysanthemum. This drink wasn't exactly to my palette.

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Was really intrigued by all the flavours they offer, and decided to try the unique flavours instead of the original/ usual Coconut flavours.

Black Sesame Coconut Shake (L - $6.50)
Definitely my first time hearing of and trying Black Sesame Coconut Shake. This is almost like having Tang Yuan in a drink - NGL it overpowers the coconut, but it's really pretty good as a black ssm drink.

Pistachio Coconut Shake (L - $7)
Tbh wasn't expecting much from this flavour, but was really surprised that you can really taste the pistachio here. This drink was less icy than the black ssm one, and coconut flavour was slightly more evident here, although it still gets overpowered by the nutty Pistachio flavour. No complains considering I'm a huge Pistachio fan.

Love the variety they offer and I'd definitely get them again if they are made more accessible in future!

Hoijicha Latte ($6.50)
Compare to the Matcha Latte, this is definitely my favourite of the two, as I really enjoyed the strong roasted tea flavour from the Kuro Dark Roast Hojicha Powder! Pretty enjoyable, and likewise, it wasn't too sweet!

The Garden Slug has partnered with @naokimatcha to offer freshly prepared matcha and hojicha drinks made exclusively with Naoki Matcha products using a standard approved recipe.

The vibes here were pretty chill, and best part of all they're pet-friendly!

Matcha Latte ($6.50)
This is made exclusively with Naoki Matcha’s Superior Blend, and I appreciate that it's not too sweet, and has a slight bitterness from the Matcha Powder!

Matcha Latte ($6.50 iced)
Slight grassy, seaweed notes in their Matcha, and I liked that the sweetness balance was good - wasn't too sweet, and you also get the bitterness from the Matcha Powder. Definitely enjoyed it!

Definitely would still visit for their other flavours, and this new outlet has 2 counter seats so do go early if you want to get the seats!

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Iced Matcha Latte ($7.50)
Slightly sweet from the Hazelnut, which may have also overpowered the Matcha a little. Wouldn't say it's the bitter, gao kind of Matcha Latte, but more towards light, slightly grassy Matcha flavour here.

Congrats @cocoboss.sg on opening another outlet at Peninsula Shopping Centre, located at Level 1 just beside Funan Mall!

Decided to try their Salted Caramel Shake ($6.90), and I wanted to be more adventurous this time so I added Matcha powder as flavour up! Tbh no regrets, because it somehow went well together, and the coconut flavour was still evident!

Although the Matcha powder tasted slightly closer to Green Tea, it was still really refreshing and I didn't mind it. I picked Chunky again this time, because I love the chunky coconut bits for an additional bite in my drink 😍.

Not to forget, there's a new flavour Cold Brew Coconut Shake at this new outlet, so coffee lovers may be interested to try it out!


To those staying in the West, @cocoboss.sg has recently opened their 5th outlet at @lequestmallofficial! Now you can enjoy their coconut shakes with a wide variety of flavours to choose from, including their OG Coconut Shake ($5.80), Salted Caramel Coconut Shake ($6.90), Avocado and more!

I decided to give their Cookies and Cream Coconut Shake ($6.90, +$1 to upsize) a try, and I loved the strong Coconut taste, which was really fragrant and extremely refreshing for a hot day!

You can choose your crunch (Coconut Meat) to be in Bits, or Chunky for larger coconut bits! I opted for the Chunky, and the mini bits added good texture to the drink which made it even more enjoyable.

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Eat Well, Travel Often.

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