Any kind - but you'll probably find a lot of bbt (& Matcha 🤭)
Wei Ping Ang
Wei Ping Ang

This latte leaned towards the milky side, and was also slightly sweetened with sugar syrup.

If you try the cream on its own the eggy flavours are actually quite strong. You're meant to mix the cream into the coffee and drink them together so the cream wouldn't be too sweet/ overpowering.

Purple rice coconut shake (M - $5.50)
Interesting to see purple rice with coconut shake as it's q a rare flavour (?), but I actually enjoyed this because flavourwise it's kinda similar to what you'd get from Pulut Hitam 🤭.

Oreo crumb coconut shake (M - $5.50)
Felt that the Oreo flavour could be much stronger here!

Taro Fresh Milk (M) (w/ mini pearl)
They coat the cup with orh nee paste, but because of the use of taro powder, this drink tastes a little artificial for me.

Bamboo Charcoal Milk Tea w/ white pearl (M)
Interesting drink made with charcoal - there's this taste to it that's indeed different, and it's also pretty thirst-quenching. Fan of white pearls would prob like the chewy bite that their white pearl provides 🤭.

Have you heard of/ tried this Australian brand bubbletea that's currently in Singapore?! @gotchafreshteasg is located in Velocity Novena, and serves up a huge variety of drinks!

Paris 1883 Milk Tea (L)
This was my favourite out of the 4, with several toppings including pudding, grass jelly, black pearls and Oreo crumbs! I liked that you could actually taste the Oreo bits! Pearl was also kinda chewy!

Four seasons tea + cheese foam (L) (0%)
Wouldn't mind for the cheese foam to be even thicker in terms of consistency, and stronger in the cheese flavour! Not a huge fan of the tea flavour as well.

Can taste the hoijicha, just that it's a little milky, rather than those really thick and strong bittersweet hojicha that hojicha lovers like me would be expecting.

@sgcocosan is located at Level 1 of Paya Lebar Square, offering a good variety of drinks at their store.

Original Coconut Shake ($4.40 - M)
Their coconut shakes are generally slightly icy and less creamy than some others.

Taro Coconut Shake ($5.30 - M)
The taro flavour you get here would be those artificial taro powder flavour, which quite overwhelms the coconut flavour.

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Matcha Latte ($7.50)
As part of the set, this was really quite strong in the Matcha flavour which I really liked! Definitely an enjoyable one, and really worth it considering it's part of the Burpple set.

@my_lil_coconut is a homegrown brand that serves Thai-style coconut milkshakes, made with hand-picked coconuts, and freshly blended to form their coconut smoothie!

They have an interesting variety of refreshing drinks with crowd favourites such as coco milkshake with Red Ruby!

Their Coco Shakes are made with the same base - Coconut Flesh, Condensed Milk, Icecream, and then topped up with the respective toppings that you picked. They were generally q sweet because of the condensed milk, and I'd just focus on the toppings considering that's largely what makes the difference!

Mango Konjac Pearl ($5.30 - R, $6.30 - L)
I liked that the Mango Konjac was really chewy, and would be for those who like Mango Jellies.

Pandan Sago ($4.90 - R, $5.90 - L)
Pandan sago was only there for texture, as there's no flavour to it!

Red Bean ($4.90 - R, $5.90 - L)
Red bean was quite huge so it was a nice texture - for those who enjoy red bean!

Milk Pudding ($4.90 - R, $5.90 - L)
This was q light in terms of flavour, wouldn't mind even stronger pudding flavour!

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Pineapple Green Tea ($4.30 - M; $5.30 - L) (first drink from left)
This drink was slightly sweet even with 0% sugar, because of the pineapple fruit within. I actually didn't mind that the pineapple flavour wasn't very strong, considering I'm not that big a fan of pineapple 🤭.

I'm sure many of you have heard of Yi Fang @yifangtea.sg, which originated from Taiwan and specialises in Taiwanese Fruit Tea. They use premium quality ingredients from Taiwan, and do not add any artificial flavours or additives in their drinks!

There's a few outlets in Singapore, including Shell Stations such as Shell Sengkang, and there's also a new outlet at Boon Lay Shell Station!

Here's some of their best sellers I tried:
Mango Fruit Tea ($6.30 - M; $7.30 - L)
After trying their fruit tea, and I can see why it's their signature! This was slightly sour, which was really refreshing, and came with loads of fruits including apple, orange, and passion fruit seeds. Great to quench your thirst!

Oolong Tea Latte ($4 - M; $5 - L)
Their Oolong Tea was q fragrant, although I personally prefer even stronger ones, but it's not overly milky, so those who can't take dairy products well might enjoy! I picked 0% sugar, which also meant that I could enjoy solely their tea flavour w/o any added sugar!

🌟 Osmanthus Oolong Tea + Cheese Cream Top ($6.40)
The cream cheese top was really fragrant, and went very well with the osmanthus oolong, which also had a light floral tea fragrance, making it refreshing and got me wanting for more.

Eat Well, Travel Often.

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