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Jaslyn Li
Jaslyn Li

GARLIC SALMON: Opted for sesame bagel which is lightly toasted to crisp outside, soft & fluffy inside; came with smoked salmon, Hokkaido milk scrambled egg with cheese is very soft & creamy; garlic aioli tastes surprisingly light; came with torched sliced cheddar; tastes nothing special & are milder compared to the truffle chicken one, nonetheless a simple & light bagel good to try..
TRUFFLE CHICKEN: Thick piece of oven baked chicken thigh that is well-marinated with various spices; meat is very tender & succulent; came with truffle mayo which has strong aroma yet not overpowering the dish; with Hokkaido milk scrambled egg with cheese, torched sliced cheddar & fresh crunchy greens; love how well the tastes of each ingredients complement one another; opted for garlic & cheese bagel which is lightly toasted to crisp outside yet soft & fluffy inside; surprisingly 1 of the better bagel I've tried; well-executed dish worth a try..

Grilled chicken thigh is tender & succulent; with similar buns & salad; fries are topped with cheese powder..

Brioche buns are lightly toasted; beef patty is thick & succulent, served medium well; with crunchy fresh onions, sliced cheese, mayo & BBQ sauce; same salad; fries has mild truffle taste..

Buns are soft & fluffy; meat is tender, succulent & well-marinated; housemade green sambal is flavorful & aids in reducing the greasiness; fries are crispy & lightly salted, not oily; not a fan of fried chicken burger but this is quite well-executed..

Patty is succulent & well-cooked to medium-rare; came with cheese, sautéed onions, mushrooms & truffle mayo; potato buns are soft & fluffy, well-toasted to lightly crisp exterior; with crispy yet not greasy fries at the side..

Scrambled egg, avocado slices, smoked salmon slices & capers cheese mayo between 2 fluffy bagel; taste nothing special; fries are crispy yet not oily, love that they remain crispy even when eaten last; came with fresh crunchy greens which aid in balancing out the taste..

Big piece of thinly battered cod fillet that is crispy yet not oily, drizzled with honey mustard mayo; sandwiched between 2 lightly toasted brioche buns, with tomato slices & lettuce; came with thick cuts fries that are crispy & not oily, topped with grated parmesan; good for sharing..

Beef burger in UFO shape; buns are soft & fluffy, lightly crisp outside; beef patty is succulent & cooked to medium, no beefy stench; with tomatoes, lettuce & mayo; with fresh crunchy greens with olive oil; fries are crispy & not oily..

Buns are fluffy & well-toasted to lightly crisp outside; homemade otah is well-marinated with various spices, strong lemongrass taste, coated with bread crumbs & deep fried to crisp, not greasy; with fresh crunchy greens; homemade fries at the side is very crispy & not oily, taste good on its own without the need to dip in sauce; good dish worth a try..

Grilled chicken thigh is tender with strong herb taste; buns are soft & fluffy; spicy tomato relish aids in balancing out the taste; with fried oyster mushroom that are crispy yet not greasy..

Grilled portobello with tomato, caramelized onion & pickled cucumber between 2 charcoal bun; bun is fluffy & lightly toasted; mushroom is very big & juicy; came with big potatoes that is deep fry to crispy outside & soft inside, lightly salted..


Beef patty, bacon, pineapple ring, bottom mushroom between 2 hashbrown; beef patty is thick & cooked to well done; hashbrown is very crispy, even the piece that is below the whole burger remains crispy till the last bite, but tad too oily; bacon is not chewy & tough; over generous with BBQ sauce that it covered the taste of all ingredients; came with very crispy curly fries that remains crispy even after end of meal, & no oily feel; greens at the side is quite fresh but too much sauce for my liking..

Jaslyn Li

Level 9 Burppler · 1210 Reviews

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are my favorite times of day.. I’m a Food fan..

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