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interesting and wide variety of drinks available here! including matcha, hojicha and black sesame. i went for their specials which was the injeolmi latte, gula melaka latte and goma latte. all were good and not sweet . price ranges at $7-$8.50 but the cup size was quite big

also tried their pistachio coffee.. rich nutty taste but seems too thick for my liking

this cafe has pretty good vibes. went for some post lunch coffee. tried their iced white, mocha and their special coffee which had coconut in it. interesting
price range from about $5-$7

music was abit loud, so it was abit hard for chit chats.

not too sure if i would spend $8 on this again

really love the rustic vibe of this coffee house
atmosphere was super chill and service was good!!

we tried their signature earl grey yuan yang which was pretty pleasant. there’s like a floral note to it and a good balance btw sweet and bitter

tried both the sea salt caramel and the macadamia latte. the former was stronger in taste but i enjoyed both!!

Really love the white cold brew !!! It’s milky, not overly sweet or bitter too.

My friend raved about the hojicha latte, saying that she can drink this everyday

Coffee was smooth and packs a punch.
All coffee comes with double espresso shots

This cold brew was pretty smooth. Not too thick and too sweet!!! Lovely

Tried out this tiny coffee shop today. Shop space was really limited so it’s best to just take and go.

Cereal milk latte was one of their specials and I gave it a try. I think the taste didn’t really suit me. I love cereal milk ice cream and I was thinking maybe cereal milk latte shd taste good as well but hahahha its bitter and the milk taste a bit weird lol maybe it’s just me.

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Death Cream consists of a mixture of espresso, cream and vanilla beans. Slightly on the sweeter side and it sure contains a lot of cream. Recommend to be shared by 2 ppl since it can get slightly overwhelming after a few sips.

The Taisho M.A.D Milk tastes very nutty, not something I actually enjoyed. The M.A.D milk
is actually made up of macadamia nuts, almonds and dates.

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i love pastas and pizzas!

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