Feeling healthy (!!!)

Feeling healthy (!!!)

Salad bars situated around our sunny island ✨
Valerie Chua
Valerie Chua

Can never rave enough about how wholesome this salad meal can be — #foodcoma is real after struggling to finish my bowl!

($9.50) - 1 base + 3 cold/warm feeds + 1/2 protein + 1 topping + 1 dressing

mega love!!!

Beyond blessed to chance upon 1-1 poke bowl promo from 1 nov - 3 nov!!! Ordered in a bowl from Change Alley for lunch 😋

Can never go wrong with their different variation of signature poke bowls 💯

Total cost of a bowl: $15.80 / 2 ~ $8 per pax

Mentaiko Mayo Salmon:
Opt for Regular (100g) + $2.90
- Brown Rice
- Honey Pineapple
- Wakame Seaweed
- Cherry Tomato
- Sweet Corn

- Tobiko
- Garlic Chips

- Mentaiko Mayo

Regular Poke bowl - $12.90
(1 scoop of poke + 4 toppings)

Wholesome range of fresh toppings to choose from with a side of original salmon! Finally have some alone time spent and so glad to find a quiet corner at MW 😊

Trying this salad parlour for the first time!

Small Mix - $9
1 Base (brown rice)
0.5 Protein (Chicken Thigh)
1 side salad (Crab Mayo Salad)
3 toppings (Seaweed Salad, Corn, Egg)
1 sauce (Soy Sesame)

If you’re unable to dine out at CBD, fret not! Opt in for a takeaway at your designated salad shops and have your meal alongside the river bay :-)

Ordered petite bowl and love how every toppings were generously filled!

Petite ($9)
-> 2 Based, 1/2 protein, 2 supplements, 1 topping & 1 dressing.

✨ Whole grain pasta
✨ Brown rice
✨ Scrambled egg white
✨ Swiss brown mushroom
✨ Teriyaki Chicken Thigh
✨ Parmesan Bread crumb
✨ Pesto Sauce 💯


Hands down one of the most generous, satisfying salad meal ever (finally visited this store) when office’s just a stone away!

Love how the presentation of each ingredients were displayed presentably & how the servers were extremely friendly!!! Would definitely drop by for lunch again 💯☺️

Human Size Bowl - $9.50 (1B, Any 3 combi, 1 topping & 1 dressing)

Base: Mixed greens
Cold feeds: Tomato Pasta, Tomato Salsa
Warm feeds: Sautéed mushrooms
Protein: Lemon garlic chicken
Toppings: Cheese
Dressing: Japanese Sesame

Just a fan of anything korean, hearty cafe food and a whole lot of dessert treats! @valzybelly

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