Thai Food

Thai Food

Featuring Tom Yum Kungfu (Boat Quay), Jai Thai (Purvis Street), Warm Up Cafe (Mackenzie), Alibabar The Hawker Bar (Katong), Kopitiam (Hougang 1), Charen Thai Food
Gerard Lim
Gerard Lim

Green curry with chicken

Creamy and tasty. Generous with the portion too.
About $8 or $10 i think? Extensive menu, will be back to try other dishes!

Steamed tofu with chicken basil @ $10+

Tofu is nice and soft, goes well with the sauce. Wish there's a bit more minced meat.

Tom yum seafood soup with chilli paste @ $9+

Good balance of taste and not overly spicy. This is for small size and there's quite some ingredients (fish, sotong, prawn).

Many dishes here to choose from and can also get single person's meals. Will be back again.

Green curry chicken with rice @ $5.50

Not bad, and it's got a bit of spiciness (some places serve simply sweet green curry). Ingredients are quite generous too.

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Minced pork omelette @ $8

More batter than egg. But got lots of minced meat. A bit salty but good with their chilli.

Basil chicken fried rice @ $7

Back here for dinner this time and this fried rice is satisfying. It tasted even better with their chilli.

Price is a little steep for the portion.

Tomyum seafood set @ $10

The set comes with white rice, two fried springrolls and a drink.

The food is not bad though i expected the tomyum soup to be a bit more spicy. There's quite a generous amount of ingredients for the price, two prawns, two mussels, some fish and lots of mushrooms. Think this is the only set that comes with two fried springrolls.

Friend got basil chicken noodles dry which was a bit salty. Not sure if it's supposed to be like that ot just a bad day but would like to come back and try the noodles next time.

Basil chicken rice @ $6
+ sunny side up @ $1
From the mala thai fusion stall.

Delicious plate of food and rice! The basil minced chicken was flavourful and just a little salty so that it goes superbly well with the rice. The sunny side up was also done to perfection such that it looks so nicely done but when u cut through the middle the yolk spreads.

Worth the money 👍

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Tomyum king prawn noodle soup @ $10.50

A small bowl but packed with all the good stuff. The tomyum soup tastes good and appetising; there's a great variety of seafood (not just the king prawn) including fish and mussel and sotong.

This tomyum is really yum.

Seafood pad thai wrapped with egg @ $10.50

Nope this is not an omelette, the pad thai is wrapped inside (almost like omu rice!) Nor sure if it's because it's like this, so the pad thai feels a bit dry. But the taste is still good!

Braised pork boat noodles @ $10.50

Default order comes with rice noodles and there's other noodles to choose from (beehoon, kuayteow, etc.). Delicious bowl of noodles and sauce and love that they added fried pork lard in too.

Got 1for1 deal too, very worth it!

Omelette with minced pork @ $10
Cabbage with fish sauce @ $6
Kang kong with osyter sauce @ $10
Fried garlic pork @ $15

Flavourful dishes that's just so enjoyable.

Special mention to the cabbage - it looks a bit raw and the crunch confirms it, but it still tastes good especially with the fish sauce!

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