For beverages, we had
🌟 Omija Float ($9.50)
🌟 Roasted Bellflower Root ($9)
🌟 Roasted Korean Sunchoke ($9)

The drinks taste very healthy. For those visiting, do make a reservation ahead of your visit to get the window seats!

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Finally visited this viral cafe serving specialty coffee, matcha and croffles 🥐☕️💕

Our trip here wouldn’t be complete without trying their signature creamu menu. We ordered…

🌟 Matcha Creamu ($8.90 iced)
🌟 White Creamu ($8.70)
🌟 Dirty Creamu ($9.50)

The highlight is definitely the signature homemade cream which unexpectedly stole the show 🥹 it’s light creamy and sweet which elevated the beverages and made them so satisfying ✨

This hole-in-wall cafe is best known for their delicious signature creamu series. So if you’re visiting, don’t miss out on that! 🫶 Seats are limited though you can opt for takeaway.

📸 Instagram/TikTok: @myfoodframes

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For drinks, we had
🍯 Manila Honey Oat ($6)
🍵 Matcha Latte ($7)
🍠 Sweet Potato Latte ($7)
☕️ White ($6)

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Hosted by the Multi-Michelin Bib Gourmand Awardee New Ubin Seafood, we enjoyed a special menu to suit the Californian wines by The Paring 🍷

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Have you tried this famous Melbourne cafe? With its first international location in Singapore, Puzzle Coffee is best known for its edible biscuit cups 🫶

We had…
🍵 Matcha Latte
🍠 Purple Sweet Potato Latte
🍐 Pear Crumble
🥐 Kaya Croissant

The socially responsible artisan coffee house commits to using only sustainable packaging which is why you will NEVER see plastics here 👀

For every 100 cups of coffee or bag of beans sold, they will donate a tree 🌎 BYO reusable cup and enjoy further discounts on your coffee ☕️

While I had better matcha elsewhere, they are after all famous for the Melbourne coffee beans roasted in-house 🫘 Coffee lovers, feel free to share what you think about their coffee!

Overall, a spot suitable for quick catch up in town ✨

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For drinks, choose from the signature ice coffee, fruity frappe and milkshake options! We got the blue lagoon ice latte ($9) that comes with a beautiful colour gradient

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This “mini” milkshake came in quite a regular size. They also sell mighty milkshakes ($12.50), which I can only imagine must be huge. The staff advised us to get the salted caramel, gummy pop or cookie top which are said to be the less sweet flavours for the milkshake.

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For drinks, we had
🛁 Bathtub Gin
🖤 Black Tear
🥃 Togouchi Sake Cask

While it was hard to pick our favourites amongst the tapas and desserts, we unanimously agreed on the bathtub gin as our top beverage pick 🍸

If you’re visiting, don’t forget to look up for a surprise above your heads. See if you can spot the Macallan casks🛢️👀

Enjoy selected spirits at a special price of $11 every Tuesday as part of Spirtz Night🥂

📸 Instagram/Tiktok: @myfoodframes

Can’t leave without trying their new drinks🍹Alternatively, opt for cocktails or gin and tonic including Gen Z Party 🍸 and Rose Raspberry Osmanthus Lemon Gin ($16) 🌹🍋

Enjoy free flow Tiger Crystal Draught every Thursday for only $28.80 (120min time limit) 🍻

📸 Instagram/Tiktok: @myfoodframes

Don’t forget to head to their bar counter and try their range of cocktails, wines and beers. We had the quirky cocktails like queen 👑 and p*rnstar martini prepared by the bartenders 🥂✨

Intriguing flavours of blueberry syrup and puree, lemon juice, grenadine syrup, blueberries, rosemary, aloe vera and cinnamon

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Invigorating mixture of citrus yuzu marmalade, lemon juce, soda, fresh mint leaves, lemon and kanten jelly (non-alcoholic)

On a foodie adventure 🍴💓 IG: @myfoodframes

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