Random Food Eats

Random Food Eats

Featuring Tan Yu ([email protected]), Canton Paradise (Bedok Mall), Paradise Teochew (Takashimaya), Ah Yat Kitchen, Xin Wang Hong Kong Café (Bugis+)
Harold []
Harold []

I had the nice pleasure of dining at Ah yat kitchen today.
I had several items, pork rib, lor mai kai, crispy chee Cheong fun with prawn, fried carrot cake and har Gao .

The food is decently good. The fried carrot cake had a whole egg on top of it fried to perfection. Request for the hae bee hiam condiment and have it with the carrot cake, it is perfect.

The prawns were fresh but for those people that hate coriander you may want to avoid this place because their dim sum generally comes with coriander.

Overall, great place, worth a visit.

Paradise Teochew, another signature of the paradise group. Dishes were average but the duck in casserole was really great.

I had the fried mee sua which I felt was too greasy and was not up to par with the usual paradise standard, I could have gotten better at the restaurant near my place.

Drinks menu was not present and the staff had no idea how much the drinks were. I’m not rich. This was disappointing.

Additionally the ordering process was too messy, the drinks server and the waitress were taking my order at the same time. They could have taken the drinks order when I was seated. However they did not.

The cup that was on my table was also dirty. If something so obvious came out of the kitchen god knows what else could have ended up in the meal.

Credit would be given when it’s due, the ambience was great, table was setup properly and the nice napkin used was a nice touch. The Apple tea was also fragrant and pleasant to wash down the grease.


Sadly I forgotten the name of this steamboat.

Service: 1/5 gone are the days of classic xin Wang but the decent service and decent food. The server guiding us in was zombie like. I did not even require a smile but certainly an expression would help?

Food: 2/5 classic papaya soup came lukewarm and was not hot at all. I did not dine very late at night… approximately at 9pm. But soup coming lukewarm was terrible and unacceptable.

Honey toast was not like last time where it was thick and tasty. The honey toast now resembles a single gardenia thick toast bread.

Seafood steamboat was alright. Prawns were fresh and alright..

Even if the service is bad, I would return for food however in this case, the service and food were totally off. Xin Wang, you can definitely do better than this. I hope to return a year later and see that you guys have changed…

Fish was tender and tasted perfect. However the rice that was Weber with it was undercooked.

Mala was more numb than spicy so for those unable to handle spice, go ahead.

The duck that was served was supposedly and Irish duck. I guess it’s meant to be like London fat duck.

The duck tasted great, fatty in the right places and lean where it needs to be. Ladies avoiding fatty foods should avoid this duck but do take note you are missing out. The duck paired with its dipping sauce gives it an amazing flavour that is not easily found elsewhere.

Do give it a try

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