Take This Bread

Take This Bread

Featuring Tiong Bahru Bakery (Tiong Bahru), YY Kafei Dian, Mama Patisserie (Fortune Centre), Puffs and Peaks, Thai Baàng (Kitchener Complex), Haritts (Havelock), Bunnies (Chinatown Point), Happy Oven, Gokoku Japanese Bakery (Great World), Sing Hon Loong Bakery
Gerald Chai
Gerald Chai

Madeleine's is by far one of the best Portuguese egg tarts in Singapore.

This bite size egg tarts are perfect for sharing and it's easier and less messier to eat.

The egg pudding itself has always been very good.


YY Kafei Dian is a very popular coffee shop serving hainanese fair. Came down on a Sunday lunch time, and was presented with a long queue, have to chop table first before joining the snaking queue.

Dub as one the best kaya bun in Singapore, this is a must try here at YYKFD.

The bun had a slight crisp from being toasted. Thickly Layered with kaya, with a thin slice of butter kiap in between.


Happy oven has plenty of awesome bakes.

One of the nicest bakes at happy oven is the Banana Cake

This is one of the better Banana cakes I had.

It was moist and sweetness was just right.


Recently saw a video on this place on social media. Since Conveniently located near mrt station decided to give a try.

Apparently, the Baker uses French butter for their bakes.

One thing for sure, it certainly smells very good.

1) Plain Croissants @$4.50
2) Pain Au chocolat @$4.60
3) Egg Tart Croissants @$5.50

Generally all is quite good. The price of the egg tart Croissants very steep in my opinion.

The custard is quite good, but it looks too similar to egg tart. Around $2 can buy a good one already.

The crossiant is really quite good though, definitely will return to get them.

The rebel gurl basically serves Banh Mi.

But there's nothing basic a out their menu, so many different variations of banh mi is available here.

Decided to have the "Hot Chick", which consist of 2 fried juicy patties, their in house "rebel" sauce, mayo , asian claw and of coz coriander.

The baguette was thin and crusty.

Not very filling though, better get some sides with it.

Saw too many awesome photos, decided to give it a try.

Generous portion of lava. The baguette slices functions as a cup to hold the generous amount of lava.

1) cheese - the best of the 3 flavours I had today, sweet & buttery

2) cookies & Cream - like eating warm cookies & cream ice cream.

3) hazelnut- quite gelak but it's good as well.

Caution!! Eating this will get u all messy. The lava may even go up your nose when u chew on it.

Note: needs to be reheated in oven or air fry to enjoy this at its best.

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First time trying the bread here.

Looks good, taste good. Only the bun on the bottom left not very good. The other 3 were filled with generous amount of custard and chocolate cream.

Will definitely return again.

This shop kinda small and cramp thou, will get very gao wei, if start to have a crowd

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Taste good, one of the better banana cakes I had.

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My favourite bread combination.

Soft bread.

Creamy cheese.

Melted chocolate.

Duke bakery certainly doesn't disappoint

The must visit place for me, Everytime i visit to JB. Lavender bakery has plenty of unique breads and pastry. I was starting to get bored of breadtalks variety.

Honey Swiss roll has always been my favourite.

The butter Danish was surprisingly good.

Looks good, tasted good.

But not filling, gets kinda untidy and messy when eating it, everything will just sag down and the meat and egg will start sliding out of your grip.


All breads look damn good.

My favourites will be the mochi mochi cheese and the custard sugar bun.

Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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