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TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai
TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai

Ponggol Seafood has been around since 1969. It was originally located at punggol jetty back than in 1969 before leaving in the early 90s.It has since shifted back to its original location(actually 50m away) in 2014.

Chilli Crab is one of their signature dishes. The Crab meat itself had a certain sweetness and it tasted so good. To be honest, I was not expecting much, so I was surprised how good this was.

For only $32, promotional price, definitely worth it to get at this price.

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When come to Uncle Leong, surely have to eat their crabs. Although their signature dish is the Simmering Sand & Bee Hoon Soup, I just can't stop myself from ordering my favourite Chilli Crab.

Decided to get a medium size crab, which usually range from 1.1kg to 1.2kg. And we were served with a 1.1kg Male crab.

For those who aren't sure what's the difference between a Male and female Crab, the female crab generally has smaller Claws as compared to the make crab. But the female crab has crab roe in it.

The Crab at uncle leong is definitely fresh, meat was soft and had a hint of sweetness.

The chilli was good as well, but it's much more spicer than the usual chilli crabs I had. Generous amount of sauce as well, no need worry not enough.

First time I had Uncle Leong, was way back in 2011, way back when they were situated at Ang Mo Kio, just across the car park from Mellben Seafood(which is still there now)

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One of the better curry fish head in Singapore.

Was looking for a place for a late dinner at 9pm, most shop in tai seng alreasy closed or already closing. Glad that Yu Cun was still open.

Curry was flavourful and filled with plenty of ingredients, beacurd skin, tau pok, long beans, brinjal etc.

The fish head was also meaty and fresh. The fish that is used here seems to be much larger than the usual places I eat my fish head at.

Just when I thought I finished, I overturn the fish to find another thick layer of meat under the ingredients.

Highly recommended.

Signature steamed Squid @$9

Souperb serves quite a solid bowl of steamed Squid.

Presentation wise, not so good. But the taste of the "soup" packs a solid spicy kick. The sotong was very fresh.

Will definitely return again to try their other dishes

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Decided to try the seafood course at $35.

Comes with 2 pieces of salmon, 3 prawns and 3 scallops.

All seafood were fresh, but portion felt quite small.

Prawns were slightly overcooked. And was presented with mentaiko sauce.

Salmon was cooked in teriyaki.

Scallops were cooked with teriyaki and garlic.

I would suggest going for the meats as the quantity is much more and would he more filling then the seafood.

The stingray is also more value for money.


Came back again to try their other menu items.

Cod fish was fresh, the chilli padi goes really well with the teriyaki sauce.

Meat was bouncy and tasted quite fresh. Do look out for bones, there were a few in mine, which is expected for cod fish.

Portion was a little smaller than expected.

Served with rice, beansprouts and miso soup.


Mellben is such a well-known Crab institution in Singapore, that whenever u want to have best chilli crab, Mellben is always recommended.

Melben seafood, with 1 less L in its name is one of the family branches of the famous Mellben at ang mo kio. Having recently ate at the main branch at Ang Mo kio recently, I am well placed to judge if this was of the same standard.

Decided to arrange for delivery today, free delivery for orders $200 and above.

We ordered the signature chilli crab.

Unfortunately, the chilli crab gravy here was much sweeter the original AMK stall. Crab was very fresh and huge, with an overload of crab roe.

Original branch at AMK definitely tasted better in my opinion. But if u have crab cravings and don't want to travel for crab, this is definitely the best option for home delivery in my opinion.

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Chilli crab is also one of their signature dishes here at Mellben.

Decided to get a 1.4 to 1.5kg female crab to be cooked: Chilli style.

Female crab: lots of egg, roe. (BUT)Small claw

This crab today is full of roe. Crab meat here is very consistently good, consistently fresh.

The chilli is a little spicy, but I really enjoyed it.

Chilli crab > crab soup


Mellben seafood has been opened for along time here at AMK. The store is the main branch.

The crab bee hoon soup is Highly recommended dish here at mellben.

Crab confirm is fresh here, meat is so tasty.

Decided to go with a 1.1kg male crab for this dish.

Male crab = large claw, no roe.

Claw was huge.

The broth was also so flavourful, really like it, until we both decided to pay $5 just to top up the soup. Simply shiok.

Luke's lobster is a famous and populat brand from New York. Maine Lobsters are used here. Maine Lobsters are the most sought after type of Lobsters as its apparently more succulent, more flavourful of all the Lobsters.

There were queues as long as 2 hours when it first opened way back in 2020.

Now don't have queue already, so finally got the chance to try it.

Lobster meat portion was adequate, there's enough meat for every bite.

Overall quite an enjoyable basket of Lobster Roll.

But quite expensive for something not very filling.

Had to come here to eat after seeing a YouTube video of this place.

The buffet spread was very extensive, a whole steamed seabass was also Included in the menu. Free flow drinks and ice cream also Included. The buffet spread Includes prawns,Squid, crayfish, scallops, clams, marinated pork,beef,chicken etc etc etc. I find the marinated chicken quite shiok, they use boneless thigh meat chops. Especially the value chicken.

We decided to top up with the additional "super happy package" for $59++ which Includes:

+ Whole lobster
500g fresh seasonal catch

+ Mud crab
500g fresh seasonal catch

+ Live seafood selection
Seasonal catch including four freshly shucked oysters

The crab was full of roe. Lobster was fairly huge.

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The most popular item here at west coz cafe, is their fish head. Their assam fish head was damn good the previous time I was here.

This time round, I am going for the curry fish head.

As expected, the fish meat is soft and tasted so fresh, this pot of curry was filled with ingredients, from beacurd skin to eggplant to long beans, lady fingers, tau pok etc.

The curry was also damn delicious and flavourful, goes well with rice.

Fish was fresh, even its stomach meat has no stale smell.

Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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