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Jingwen Ong
Jingwen Ong

miso mushroom noodles and fried pierogi were both DELICIOUS

among the mala tang shops in singapore, zhang liang is definitely one of my top favourites… there’s something about the soup that’s so fragrant, milky but not overly so… 🤍

one of the more enjoyable and delicious hotpot / bbq buffets i’ve gone to 🤍 the tomato soup was so addictive, couldn’t stop drinking. & shoutout to the bbq meat platter - it was a MOUNTAIN of meat and we were trying our best to finish but so so yummy!

also the place was so pretty and the staff were very approchable and friendly too so the dining experience was a huge plus!

okay so this was so good i wrote a lemon8 post about it. BUT TLDR: curry is rich and milky, chicken is so tender (and given generously), potato chunks are aplenty and the taupok soaks up the curry so well. try it!

our mala stall in the south spine canteen has switched up a few times but the current stall owners are so friendly!! and the mala is so fragrant too.

we had a few dishes but one of the outstanding ones was the charcoal hotpot with tomato soup! i love tomato soup so this was really homely :)

this was from the curry rice stall!
I LOVE THE PORK BELLY. and the potato chunks. and the curry. basically everything on this plate. i had to stop eating halfway to take a photo to remember this gem of a dish

FRIED YONG TAU FOO has got to be one of the most sinful yet delicious things ever 😍😍😍 used to eat this at i12 katong all the time before the stall there closed down. going to eat it again, it was a little pricier than i remember… but the quality definitely didn’t dip. love the noodles in the minced meat & mushroom sauce… idk how it can be so simple yet so so flavourful 🥲 9/10!!

got the mala beef bone soup (tip for those who have low spice tolerance: ask for ‘yuan wei’ for the original soup without any added spice - still a little spicy but a lot more tolerable!) i love mala tang so this is also a very safe and comforting option.

i was introduced to this place as the ‘more affordable din tai fung’ hahaha so had to give it a try. tomato egg noodles were pretty decent but because i got it to go, the soup wasn’t piping hot when i put the noodles in so they were a little clumpy :( but the tomato broth was still rich and had that distinct sweet-sour flavour which i liked.

most people go to zhang liang for the mala soup (which i enjoy too) but the dry mala also deserves some recognition… 🤍🤍 not overly oily or dry, but very flavourful and you can experience a shiok (yet not overly so) numbing sensation & spicy punch with every bite. special shoutout to the thick sweet potato noodles that go so well with the seasoning! 9/10

i didn’t intend to come here for dinner but saw they had a promotion so i dropped by… and it ended up BLOWING MY MIND. noodles were very springy, and i enjoyed every single thing in that bowl - the egg, the soft chashu that is so soft it practically dissolves in your mouth, the ngoh hiang, fried wanton… and the wanton soup was great to cleanse my palate at the end. they had an outlet at guoco tower but it has closed unfortunately :( but so delicious 8/10!

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