The Kirsche Schokolade, sour cherries in dark chocolate, delivers exactly as its name suggests. The sourness of the cherry compote paired nicely with the sweetness of the chocolate mousse gelato and chocolate cake, giving it a nice balance. Coupled with the bitterness and slight acidity of the double shot Empire, this is a good midday perk-me-up. I told my wife that we can go on that walk around Botanic Gardens after this!

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The Crème Brûlée surprised me as I am not usually a fan of the burnt cream dessert, that I find is usually super sweet. However, this one, with its dark espresso gelato and caramelised vanilla custard, was perfectly balanced out by the aromatic and bitter double shot of paramount. A really nice fusion of sweet and bitter. Although a pet peeve would be that it melted my ice cream way too quickly for me to enjoy it 😂

I would find myself back here if I'm looking for a midday sweet treat or as a motivation on the midway point of the coast-to-coast trail!

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My first visit back to @tartebycherylkoh in almost half a decade! 😅 but the consistency here, no words to describe. Half a decade later and I’m still wowed by my first bite of the Blood Orange Tart ($13.50). I love how the tart base is firm and not overly crumbly, ensuring that I get a nice balance of tart, panna cotta cream and blood orange slices with each bite. So good. But the prices are really a tad steep to be indulging in this regularly 😅

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The Mango Pomelo Sago ($5.80/M) has changed my thinking! I never thought that I would like the cup form of this dessert but this changed my mind! 🤯 I love how generous they were with the amount of mango, pomelo and sago given. I also love how the grapefruit meat and mochi bits that were thrown in helped elevate this.

For the Christmas season, you can also look forward to their Cream Cheese Grape Tea, which is launching next week. Resembling a slushy, this is a perfect weapon to combat the recent heat wave. The pretty gradients in this drink is also supposed to resemble a 🎄! The cream cheese is supposed to represent the snow while the green grape yogurt is the grass and the aiyu jelly, the land. How creative!

Another drink that we had was the Aiyu Jelly Lemon Tea ($5.50/M). We had this at 0% sugar and it was super refreshing, you could distinctly make out the tangy and citrusy notes of the lemon which was balanced out by the mild sweetness of the aiyu jelly; a guilt free indulgence!

In support of the local community and in line with Shake Shack’s ideals of sourcing incredible ingredients from some of Singapore’s best confectionaries, Shake Shack Westgate will be presenting the exclusive Peelin’ Cherry-fic concrete, a re-inspiration of the classic banana split. Featuring a vanilla and chocolate custard base, the concrete is a blend of fresh bananas, caramel sauce, crunchy sugar cone shards and Lemuel chocolate chunks by home-grown Singaporean bean-to-bar chocolate maker, Ronald Ng. Topped with a cherry, the Peelin’ Cherry-fic concrete balances rich chocolatey flavors and fruity aromas.

Staying true to its roots as a dessert place, Toby's cakes were really fantastic! Despite feeding us to the brim with the curry rice and ribs, we couldn't stop downing the cakes. The Orh Nee Cake ($7.90) here received the vote of appreciation from the Orh Nee Queen, my fiancee! Totally reminiscent of the traditional Chinese dessert, the queen found space to almost finish the entire cake on her own! High praise indeed. I had the Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($7.90) and was equally impressed with how authentic tasting this was. I like that it is not overly sweet and appreciate the fresh coconut shavings that sat on top of the pandan sponge cake that sandwiched the gula melaka cream. A great fusion of east and west indeed!

What’s better than hot soup in cold weather? Ice cream! Learnt this from the good folks in the UK when I was studying there 🙊

@boberteasg has dropped yet another new product on us; this time, in the form of our favourite dessert, ice cream!

Choose from the following 4 flavours:

Brown Sugar Boba Soft Twist ($3.30)
Milk Cha Boba Soft Twist ($3.50)
Milk Cha Soft Twist ($2.80)
Choco Oreo Soft Twist ($3.50)

Personally I like the Milk Cha Boba Soft Twist the most; a milk tea based soft serve topped with warm boba, you have to eat it fast before it turns into liquid. But hey, then you get a cuppa chilled milk tea! 😂 The other soft serves are great too and I like that the soft serve retains its solidity for quite a while; the Choco Oreo one was still in its shape and form even though I left if untouched for 20 mins!

The soft serves are only exclusively available at the BPP outlet for now.

Truedan will be introducing a new Taro drink paired with their signature brown sugar too.

We tried the new Brown Sugar Taro Milk ($5.90/M) and found it to suit the Singaporean tastebuds perfectly, reminding one of Bubur Cha Cha dessert! We also like how they made the brown sugar level adjustable, something that you hardly find here in Singapore. We would recommend that you go for 50% and below to fully appreciate the different components of each drink.

Other drinks to try include the Thai Milk Tea, which is a crowd favourite, as well as the Passionfruit Green Tea for those of us with lighter palates.

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Healthier bubble tea is no longer a fallacy Yanmi's trendy purple-rice yogurt drink, which has taken China and Sydney by storm.

Using fresh yogurt made with Australian milk, produced by cows raised on pollution-free grassland pastures, and premium quality purple rice imported from Mojiang County, it makes a perfect beauty drink or healthy meal replacement. The drink is prepared through continuous cooking and cooling of the rice for five hours. The resulting rice bits are refreshing and add a nice crunch to the velvety drink while adding vitamins B1 and B2, folic acid, protein and more to your drink. I really like how the yogurt here tastes!

Apart from the purple rice drink, Yanmi Yogurt offers a variety of options that will wow different palates including its Famous Fruit Yogurt Smoothie, Mello Oats Yogurt, PurePure! Avocado Yogurt, Man-Mango Yogurt and a Singapore limited edition Durian Yogurt!

If you haven’t realised, Jollibean has launched its brown sugar series for quite some time already. For those of us who love brown sugar but are health conscious at the same time, this might just be the hack!

The brown sugar series comes in 3 different flavours:
- Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Soy ($3.20)
- Brown Sugar Pearl Chocolate Soy ($3.90)
- Brown Sugar Pearl Matcha Soy ($3.90)

My favourite out of the 3 would be the chocolate one! Hurry down if you haven’t tried it.

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Apart from the colour difference, it taste just like a bandung that I can get for less than half the price at the Coffeeshop. Gimmicky.

Chi Cha San Chen is from Taichung, Taiwan and its drinks are honestly, one of the best that I have had. I appreciate the process that went into preparing each cup of tea. Using a teapresso machine, each drink is freshly prepared which explains the longer waiting time.

Also, the longer waiting time is worth it as their Ding Dong Oolong is awarded the Highest International Authority iTQi Certification, which is the equivalent of a Michelin 3 Star in its field!

I tried the Dong Ding Oolong Fresh Milk Tea ($4.70) & Bubble Milk Tea ($4.20) and dare say that it is one of the best bubble tea that I have had. It is recommended that you have 100% sugar for your drinks here though.

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