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What’s better than hot soup in cold weather? Ice cream! Learnt this from the good folks in the UK when I was studying there 🙊

@boberteasg has dropped yet another new product on us; this time, in the form of our favourite dessert, ice cream!

Choose from the following 4 flavours:

Brown Sugar Boba Soft Twist ($3.30)
Milk Cha Boba Soft Twist ($3.50)
Milk Cha Soft Twist ($2.80)
Choco Oreo Soft Twist ($3.50)

Personally I like the Milk Cha Boba Soft Twist the most; a milk tea based soft serve topped with warm boba, you have to eat it fast before it turns into liquid. But hey, then you get a cuppa chilled milk tea! 😂 The other soft serves are great too and I like that the soft serve retains its solidity for quite a while; the Choco Oreo one was still in its shape and form even though I left if untouched for 20 mins!

The soft serves are only exclusively available at the BPP outlet for now.

Truedan will be introducing a new Taro drink paired with their signature brown sugar too.

We tried the new Brown Sugar Taro Milk ($5.90/M) and found it to suit the Singaporean tastebuds perfectly, reminding one of Bubur Cha Cha dessert! We also like how they made the brown sugar level adjustable, something that you hardly find here in Singapore. We would recommend that you go for 50% and below to fully appreciate the different components of each drink.

Other drinks to try include the Thai Milk Tea, which is a crowd favourite, as well as the Passionfruit Green Tea for those of us with lighter palates.

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Healthier bubble tea is no longer a fallacy Yanmi's trendy purple-rice yogurt drink, which has taken China and Sydney by storm.

Using fresh yogurt made with Australian milk, produced by cows raised on pollution-free grassland pastures, and premium quality purple rice imported from Mojiang County, it makes a perfect beauty drink or healthy meal replacement. The drink is prepared through continuous cooking and cooling of the rice for five hours. The resulting rice bits are refreshing and add a nice crunch to the velvety drink while adding vitamins B1 and B2, folic acid, protein and more to your drink. I really like how the yogurt here tastes!

Apart from the purple rice drink, Yanmi Yogurt offers a variety of options that will wow different palates including its Famous Fruit Yogurt Smoothie, Mello Oats Yogurt, PurePure! Avocado Yogurt, Man-Mango Yogurt and a Singapore limited edition Durian Yogurt!

If you haven’t realised, Jollibean has launched its brown sugar series for quite some time already. For those of us who love brown sugar but are health conscious at the same time, this might just be the hack!

The brown sugar series comes in 3 different flavours:
- Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Soy ($3.20)
- Brown Sugar Pearl Chocolate Soy ($3.90)
- Brown Sugar Pearl Matcha Soy ($3.90)

My favourite out of the 3 would be the chocolate one! Hurry down if you haven’t tried it.

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Apart from the colour difference, it taste just like a bandung that I can get for less than half the price at the Coffeeshop. Gimmicky.

Chi Cha San Chen is from Taichung, Taiwan and its drinks are honestly, one of the best that I have had. I appreciate the process that went into preparing each cup of tea. Using a teapresso machine, each drink is freshly prepared which explains the longer waiting time.

Also, the longer waiting time is worth it as their Ding Dong Oolong is awarded the Highest International Authority iTQi Certification, which is the equivalent of a Michelin 3 Star in its field!

I tried the Dong Ding Oolong Fresh Milk Tea ($4.70) & Bubble Milk Tea ($4.20) and dare say that it is one of the best bubble tea that I have had. It is recommended that you have 100% sugar for your drinks here though.

This place probably needs no introduction with its heavy social media presence but I still wanna share that I really love their Fruit Burst! It is such a refreshing thirst quencher! The Matcha Strawberry is Super instagrammable as well but matcha fans be warned, the strawberry in this overpowers the matcha.

One thing to complain about? The takeaway bottle does cap well, I ended with a bag that is soaked in green tea 😢

Where else do you find an air-conditioned cafe with free wifi, electric socket that serves Cha Yen at only $2?!

It also helps that they use an insulated cup that results in a hardly diluted drink for you to nurse while you do your work ◡̈

Instagrammable yet decent drinks, what more could one ask for?

Finally tried brown sugar series drink after seeing it repeatedly 😅 Heard that this one is one of the best around so had this as my first. I like that the brown sugar boba is warm and it goes nicely with the cold milk. However I think this is too jelat after a while, the brown sugar is too sweet for my liking. What’s your take on brown sugar drinks? Let me know! ◡̈


If you are looking for a minty, refreshing thirst quencher, this is the one for you! Love this so much!


Stoked that Aqua S is finally in sg after seeing it umpteen times on Instagram. So stoked that we had actually been there twice already! The girlfriend loves the sea salt one, which is their signature. I don’t because I don’t like salty things on things that are supposed to be sweet 😅 the Taro one from earlier this month was decent but we both agreed that the Ribena flavoured one this time round should be avoided at all costs. It just taste... artificial.


Educator by day, sgfoodie by night

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