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Fantastic Meat They've got a promotion going on their website itself so I didn't use beyond for this. Skip the Deluxe buffet and go straight for Premium. For 75 per person (inclusive of gst and all), I thought the meal was really worth it. The meats were beautifully marbled and melted in your mouth. We couldn't help but get more orders of both the kurobuta karubi and wagyu karubi. Highly recommend getting their tonkotsu soup for your hotpot too, it's lovely and sweet.
1 For 1 Burpple Beyond This set was $22.90 but with 1 for 1 it was quite reasonable. Honestly, was expecting more quality for the food but it was average at best. The rice did not look like Japanese rice, I think they used jasmine rice instead. However, the unagi was quite good but I’ve tasted better before. I liked the sashimi! However, portions were quite small and the chicken in the chawanmushi was pink and I did not dare to eat it. Overall, it was quite okay, would not go back there again if I were craving Japanese, could probably get cheaper and better quality food elsewhere. Food: 6.5/10
MUST READ - Great Food But Very Schemy Went because of Burpple, 1 for 1 and because we love Wagyu so we went for the premium On their website the price of their buffet ranges from 40+ with premium at 64.9++ but as soon as they found out we ereee using burple they wouldn't allow the price that everyone else pays normally, instead it was $180 per person after ++ so we ended up paying 90 per person WHICH IS A TOTAL SCAM because it would have been cheaper without Burpple which was 64++ without the Burpple. Food was great but trust me if you read enough reviews you'll realise they are very dodgy and scammy. Another example is the premium was so much more expensive because it's more variety of wagyu AND you get free flow Ben and Jerry's ice cream which is not obvious and I looked everywhere on their menu and couldn't find it. I only knew because I read a review online, otherwise they would have gotten away with us having no free flow ice cream because they never told us, they purposely hide that info from you. Just because they're unethical and dishonest I wouldn't come back here again. Disappointed that you pay for burpple for such a terrible deal. Shame on burpple for allowing this also
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Special “Jo” Bowl ($14.80), Premium “Toku-Jo” Bowl ($22.80) I feel like the tendon craze here has died down since a while ago when so many tendon places popped up, but I decided to try this newer place called Tenjin that’s opened by the Le Amis group and I was rly impressed! Although presented not as stunningly as other tendon bowls, I feel like the quality of the tendon here is much better and it’s a better size as the ingredients aren’t overly big and not so much rice is given. (Truthfully, I’ve been staying away from eating tendons because they always make me so uncomfortably full.) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The batter was light and everything was fried well. I particularly liked the fried shiso leaf because of how crispy and delicate it was and the prawns, which were really tasty and tender inside- not overcooked at all. Another thing I liked was that the tempura was only drizzled with sauce lightly, and there’s small bits of kombu on top of the rice. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Thought that the Special “Jo” bowl was sufficient. It had veggies like eggplant, kabocha (Japanese pumpkin), lotus root, bell pepper, shiso leaf, mushroom, 2 prawns and a lovely fried free range egg that was oozy inside. The Premium “Toku-Jo” bowl, which had the same tempura as the Special bowl (minus the lotus), and the addition of anago, fish and crab leg. Personally feel that I could have done without the additional tempura, which cost $8 more and wasn’t very outstanding. Nonetheless, the tendons here are quite worth it as they come with a salad with a creamy sesame dressing and miso soup as well. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Their space is on the smaller side, but it‘s quite warm and cozy, and I enjoyed this meal! They’ve also recently added a few new items to their menu - a cold inaniwa udon with assorted tempura and a tempura moriwase which has tentsuyu (a light sweet soya tempura dipping sauce with dashi and mirin). They both sound delicious, so maybe I’ll be back again when I feel like it.
Toku-Jo Toku-Jo ($22.80) . @tenjinsg probably serves up the best bowl of tendon in sg despite me being a fan of Tendon Kohaku for so long. The entire experience is just many notches up in terms of the decor, the lack of oily stench that lingers on the clothes, and the perfect bowl of friedfood heaven. I went with the premium bowl because why not but they also have the usual $12.80 (vegetables) and $14.80 (prawns + veg) bowls that are great to order too. Every piece of ingredient is not overfried and they serve just enough rice to complement the ingredients. My favourite pieces were the anago, fish and lava egg. The fact that I didn’t have to queue was also a huge push factor to return before this place starts to catch the crowd.
For Value for Money Tempura Rice Bowls Make a mental note of this chic joint in Shaw Centre for future tempura cravings. Order the Toku-Jo Bowl ($22.80) for a generous serving of tempura anago, crab leg, prawn, fish and egg heaped on top of pearly white rice. Choose between a spicy or non-spicy sauce — Burppler Veronica Phua recommends the former for extra oomph. Each order comes with a side of shredded cabbage salad and miso soup so you'll definitely leave feeling satisfied! Photo by Burppler Veronica Phua
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My Go-to Soba Place ($18++) Made of Tasmanian buckwheat flour to boost it a rich fragrance, it claims it uses a “Yute-ade” cooking method to retain the soba’s bounce/texture — the lightly-battered prawn, mushrooms & peas w soft-boiled egg makes this a greater delight to tuck into!😊 This is the only restaurant I’d visit for a legit jap soba fix (it being so simple, it’s one of those dish way more worth to cook at home😅) 💕💯
天ぷらせいろ $21.80 Tempura Seiro chilled soba served with dipping sauce, prawn and vegetable tempura
Beef Shabu Mazesoba Actually wanted the matcha soba set but they’d run out for the day, so I chose the Beef mazesoba which comes with cold soba noodles, slices of beef shabu, shimeji mushrooms, and a chilli oil dipping sauce with a soft boiled egg. The server instructed me to pour the sauce into the noodles, but I wouldn’t recommend this as it dilutes the sauce too much and the soba doesnt absorb the flavours. I found it better to dip the soba into the sauce. This resulted in a better coating of the noodles. Surprisingly, the sauce was actually spicier than I would’ve thought as there didn’t look to be much chilli oil in it. The soba noodles were a tad undercooked as they were hard, but it didn’t bother me that much after I dipped them in the sauce. The beef shabu was tender and yummy, but the amount given was very little. Overall, I think the ingredient to noodle ratio needs to be improved. I probably wouldn’t order this again as there are other tastier dishes on the menu, and better mazesobas in other local eateries.
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Yakiniku Kamameshi Set ($23.8) They definitely have the secret to maintain constant customer flow in Orchard, where the compitition is furious with other restaurants come and go around it in Wheeklock Place. It opened for 14 years since 2005 with this only outlet in Singapore. They have the traditional KAMAMESHI - seafood or meet sevided in iron pot with flavoured steam rice. The beef version with a raw egg, chestnut, spring onions. You need to stir it together before you eat.
Salmon and Tori Kamameshi Birthday treat from a good pal of mine. ❤️ Basically Japanese claypot rice. Sun with Moon's version ($22.80) has sweet soy sauce chicken thigh and salmon with flavored rice (made with mushroom, chestnut, lotus root, konjac and shredded egg) served with a side of nori and ikura. Sprinkled with red ginger which gave a refreshing tang. Also served with miso soup and sides (my favorite being the nanbanzuke, which is deep fried salmon with vinegar). They have a cute hourglass which you flip and after the sand pours through you can open the kamameshi, mix it up and eat it. The protein is perfectly cooked. The salmon chunk was a bit thin though, I prefer huge meaty chunks of salmon. The chicken thigh was exactly that though and really tender. The portion seems kinda small but it was actually really filling with all the side dishes and the perfect ratio of rice to protein. And the rice is so good; perfectly cooked, like a more delicate, less oily version of claypot rice. All the toppings forming a delightful medley of flavors. All in all, pretty good! Would love to come back and try their other dishes. 7.5/10
@sunwithmoonsg is a Japanese dining and cafe, located at Wheelock Place level 3, with their regional specialty menu that change every 3 months. Feature Anago Sansho Sukiyaki from Shikoku Gourmet Fair. Deep fried sliced Sea eel and vegetable served with a sweet broth hotpot. 💰$26.8 📍Sun With Moon. Wheelock Place #03-15. 501 Orchad Road.
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