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Great Affordable Homemade Pasta Staff were very friendly and helpful; they patiently explained the restaurant concept and gave recommendations. We tried the Crazy Carbonara ($15.90) that was recommended, and no regrets!! Sauce was pleasantly light for a carbonara and the pieces of smoked duck were tasty. Apparently they revamped their menu to include more sauces (pesto, tomyum etc) and I would come back again to see what other pasta types they have and to try other pasta dishes! 😍😍
Arabiatta W Paprika Fusilli Yum, there were 3 choices of pasta and i chose paprika fusilli. Not for those who love spicy though, the tomato sauce is quite sweet. Not bad for a student they have lynch set meal for $9.90 & $11.90. Homemade ice lemon tea is included and it taste like honey is in it
Seafood Pomodoro ($15.90). I'd be honest, I don't think it was good. It's decent but I don't understand the crowd they draw. - What I don't understand is their insistence on offering only "special" varieties like the lemon garlic fettuccine here instead of proper plain pasta (I asked). Sometimes less is more. - Still, credit where it's due. Pasta was cooked to al dente with a good bite (though it was not rolled thin enough and became a bit chewy). The amount of seafood given was generous. Pomodoro sauce was balanced. Not sure if that extra tick of citric zest from the pasta was needed though (the other pasta on selection would have fit even less FYI). - Not exactly authentic, and the lack of normal pasta is a jarring decision, but Tipo is still a good alternative to the many "casual" pasta places in the same price range.
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Steak Better Than Most Expensive Ones Outside! Upon entering the shop, it was quite small with limited seats. I suggest you make a reservation in advanced and I did so using the Quandoo app! So convenient. The kitchen was just directly behind the seats, so I think my hair reeked of the cooking smell after I left the shop. But that was okay because... I absolutely love the steak!!! I ordered the ribeye steak which was about $30++ and I must say it was quite a good portion. It also comes with mash, salad and roasted tomatoes, which was very tasty too! I ordered medium rare for the steak and I'm glad it was cooked so well, there was not much of the red juices oozing out. Paired it with the caramelised onion sauce was a good combo. Currently they have a 30% discount during lunchtime from 1-4pm, so the overall bill was worth it! I think their steak quality and cooking skill is much better than most others that are selling at higher prices. Service was okay as well. I'd definitely come back again!
[Cote de Boeuf ($78 for 700g, feeds 2 to 3). I find that they serve good and affordable steak suitable for casual or family dining, and it's one of the few steakhouses that are halal, yet serving good steaks. 🔸 Pictured is their Cote de Boeuf, and that's a lot of premium beef for only $78. What you see is a 150 days grain fed Black Angus, hand graded to ensure taste, quality and consistency, and served with your choice of sauce - black pepper and mushroom, caramelized onions or spicy vinaigrette. 🔸 Better still, there's a 30% off main courses promotion on weekdays except Tues (closed on Tue) from 1pm to 5pm. You just need to key in your orders before 5pm to enjoy this deal. 🔸🔸 Taken during a tasting.
The Royals Steakhouse 170g Ribeye, medium well is a bit tough. Lose the tenderness. Medium doneness would be much better. The pepper sauce is good but try their onion caramelised sauce.. ($28)Rate:👍🏻
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For 1-for-1 Main Dish (save ~$25) Turn to this restaurant along Bussorah Street for a Turkish feast with the gang! To start, go for the Saksuka ($8), consisting of eggplant, paprika and red tomato sauce lightly seasoned with herbs. For mains, the community can't stop raving about the Patlican Musakka ($24) – think lamb, eggplant, potato, green pepper, tomato and cheese – a super rich dish not to miss out on. Photo by Burppler Jonathan Lim Jia Jun
Testi Kebab ($29 for 1, $48 for 2) Slow-cooked in a sealed claypot, the testi kebab here comes with lamb cubes, potato, onions, eggplant, and tomatoes. The theaterical aspect of this dish is really interesting because the claypot is broken once the fire dies off. It was done carefully so as to prevent the bits of claypot from getting into our food. It's rather wasteful that they can't re-use the claypot, but oh wells. The lamb was really tender as expected with sweet sourish sauce. The taste was kinda similar to patlican musakka without cheese, which is something I enjoy but maybe not when served one after another.
Patlican Musakka ($24) [or $15 via the Communal Dining at Kampong Glam App or FB Messenger] Lamb stew with eggplants and potato and topped with cheese, before getting baked in a claypot. Love how tender and smell-free the lamb was, and didn't know that it would go really well with tomato paste. It feels like eating lasagna without the lasagna sheets! The eggplant and potato added some healthy touch to the dish although I still dipped them in more cheese and tomato paste!
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