[CLOSED] Senjyu (Bugis Junction)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * SAVOUR AN IMPECCABLE JAPANESE DINING EXPERIENCE Inspired by the truest traditions of Japanese cuisine. Infused with the imagination of contemporary tastes. Senjyu which means ‘eternity of life’ was chosen to convey our lifelong passion in serving the freshest and finest Japanese food. Similarly, the flying crane in our logo symbolizes longevity and soaring to greater heights – a testament to our unwavering dedication in perfecting our craft and reinventing Japanese cuisine. Come and discover the latest array of refined casual premium dining Japanese offerings combined with a touch of elegance and modern creativity.The combination of these natural flavors engages all senses to elevate the ultimate dining experience. Savour these intricate flavours in a contemporary twist, only at Senjyu.

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Had this at the bugis junction outlet. It's worth a try now as they are have a 50% discount on their entire menu.

Hope you guys have a good Tuesday ahead! 👍💪

Had this at the bugis junction outlet. It's worth a try now as they are have a 50% discount on their entire menu.

Hope you guys have a good Tuesday ahead!👍💪

If you were wondering why this Chirashidon seem to lack luster, that's because it really does. Pretty plating aside, this sashimi could have been fresher and the ratio of sashimi to rice could also be a little more balanced. Nevertheless, the vinegared rice was well done, carrying enough sweetness in the grains. But at 50% off its original price, this bowl of chirashidon only costs me $11.70, a really attractive price tag for its setting and portion. Senjyu is located on the second floor of Bugis Junction, near Yoogane and is currently having 50% off almost its entire menu. Let's just say that the 50% promotion makes everything a lot easier on the wallet (and tastebuds)!


Recommend this new Japanese Restaurant in Bugis - Senjyu! Here serves premium quality Japanese food. The golden roll is very savory with the tangy mango served. Plating is like an art piece! The Shake Mentaiko (not captured in pic) - serves with generous amount of Mentaiko. Chawamushi is great, big chunks of fillings were found within and ample amount of salmon roes. Food are dazzling surprising and above my expectations. Senjyu is a sister company of sakae sushi but service and food is definitely above and beyond sakae standard! What's best, currently there is a special promo of 50% off the menu. Original bill was supposed to be $108 but after discount bill amounted to $54. Will likely return again! Satisfied meal overpowered the moodiness today!

Exceptionally fresh sashimi I'd say.

It's a pity that the tori soboro ramen was really blend, it felt as if it was meant for a patient who is suffering from hypertension and diabetes. Nonetheless, kudos to the food & superb service by the lady in short hair.

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