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Reviews at Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu (Albert Centre Market & Food Centre)

Reviews of good food at Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu (Albert Centre Market & Food Centre)

handmade yong tau foo at its best, this is seriously the yummiest bowl of yong tau foo i’ve ever had! comfort food for rainy days 😋 the soup is tasty, with just the right amount of saltiness and a tinge of sweetness. enjoyed each piece of yong tau foo, especially the prawn balls and bittergourd topped with meat patty. be prepared to queue during peak hours. will definitely be back for more!

damage done: $4.50

🍲: Yong Tau Foo
📍: Albert Centre Market & Food Centre

heartwarming & comfort food, perfect for the rainy weather 😌

unlike the other usual YTF stalls, each bowl of Bai Nian YTF comes with a standard bowl of handmade ingredients; (bitter gourd,prawn balls, minced pork balls, white, black, gold tau kee - beancurd rolls)

plus point: added beehoon into my YTF @ no additional charges!! #cheapskate

My usual order of Large 加料 ($5.50) with no bee Hoon, yes bitter gourd. These hand made pieces are still as good as I have remembered them! So so so so so so (and it goes on and on) brilliantly awesome! Soft yet bouncy yong tau foo piece with comforting light soup - no wonder this really rank one of the top places for the Engineers!
Always a bit bit sad after devouring the last piece in the bowl and looking for the next time we meet again.

Tasty soup with fresh and big ingredients. My favourite was definitely the prawn ball!

Ordered large bowl with beehoon (no additional charge for beehoon) for $5.50! The handmade pieces were delicious. Soup was light without being bland. One of the best soup YTFs around!

Tasted exactly like how I thought it would be - 清淡。

Some might find this bland. But I love the ingredients they use.

Point in note: you don’t choose the ingredients

Be prepared for long queue

The best thing to get on a cold and rainy day is this bowl of YTF ($5.50 for large portion). Handmade YTF bits that are fresh and super flavorful, drenched in a sweet clear broth and white bee hoon (comes with free top up), a small bowl definitely isn’t enough. I finished the large bowl with no difficulty either. The chili and sweet sauce is a must!

Can't get enough of this. Go during off peak if you can as the queue during lunch or dinner time can be quite long.

Never got over this tasty bowl of Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu. Similarly, never got over the sad feeling when you realized all the pieces have disappeared.

Ommggg this is so good! Love love the prawn.. super delicious! Soup is so good too! Bee hoon is too little though so it is not very filling.. would suggest you get dessert after this 😉 Be ready to wait as this stall has a really long queue!

Only mee sua is available as base, with pre-selected ingredients and the option of having bittergourd or not. Having heard positive reviews about this stall, I decided to brave the long 30 min queue on a weekday afternoon and give this a try. No regrets indeed, with the freshly made ingredients and comforting bowl of soup making up a hearty, satisfying and healthy (somewhat) meal; except that the portion is pretty small for the $4.50 serving I had. The ingredients comprised of tau kua (deep fried tofu), tau kee (fish cakes wrapped in beancurd skin x3) minced pork ball, prawn ball, bittergourd stuffed with minced meat (optional). A serving of half sweet and half chilli sauce is also provided by default, which I requested for solely chilli due to personal preference. Do note that extra charges are applicable for extra sauces (but not for noodles- WHAT?!!) After the piping hot soup is poured in, spring onions and a dash of white pepper is added in, enhancing the flavour and aroma of the soup. Can’t make up my mind which was my favourite ingredient here as all were great! Except for the bittergourd which might be an acquired one due to the characteristic lingering bitterness that might not be suited for those who 不能吃苦 (pun unintended). Fortunately it was still alright for me, given that there was minced pork filling encased within that provided a slight alleviation to the bitterness (swipe to the end to view it). The chilli sauce got me taken aback for a moment by surprise (and satisfaction thereafter) with its lingering spiciness that packs a punch - a great companion to the YTF ingredients, but not for the faint hearted! 🌶🔥🔥 . Worth the queue? Definitely a yes for me (provided it’s not more than 30min)! 😂
#burpple #smitteneats #smittenchoice

Recommended by fellow colleague Boon and Dex, we the engineers went in our grab rides to try this amazing bowl of deliciousness. The freshness of the niang dou fu pieces was just too good for words, you just have to try it for yourself. The soup was really tasty and there isn't a hint of MSG. I love the prawn paste ball, it gives me the feeling of having a prawn wonton, but it isn't. I personally recommend the large bowl over the small bowl, which comes with 2 more pieces. Trust me the extra 2 pieces will lengthen your happiness just a little bit longer.

Only comes in mee sua as base together with pre-selected ingredients. And even though you can't choose the ingredients like the other Yong Tau Foo stalls, you would still want all of them anyway. Super fresh as almost everything is handmade. One of the best in SG. 😋

One of the best yong tau foo i had. I was never a bug fan of this dish but now this place changed that. Though the long queue the dish was exceptionally good. All the ingredients was fresh and the size was just big enough. They have 2 sizes small one for $4.50 and the big one for $5.50. #bestyongtaufoo

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