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From the Burpple community

Although the fact that this stall only opens at 3am would turn most people away, it's definitely worth the trip. Simple, yet hearty fare, this will satisfy all the late night hunger pangs you might have. The omelette was particularly good, and it was soft and cooked just right. I really liked the prawns as well which were fried perfectly, and so crispy. The best thing however, had to be the fried pork skin. Yes, super sinful, and probably very unhealthy, but also really irresistible. The fried, red pieces of pork skin alone are enough to make me wanna go down at that unearthly hour. Incredibly crunchy, you cannot stop popping them into your mouth. For that amount of food, five plates of rice, and 5 cans of drink, it only cost $23. Will be coming back!