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This well-loved 30+ years stall is known for their generous portions, and their wide variety of Singaporean desserts.
A lovely rendition with springy tender soft juicy crunchy textures, and bright fruity floral earthy sweet zesty sour nutty flavours.
Honey Sea Coconut And Nata De Coco
Tian Tian Yuan Dessert House
@ Tiong Bahru Market & Hawker Centre, 30 Seng Poh Road #02-15
More details:

Only 1 item on the menu to choose from, and u either get the $4.50 or $6.50 portion.

Meats where tender and flavourful with every bite.

Pig stomach and lean meat were my favourites here.

Although the Soup was clear, and not "cloudy" whatsoever, it was flavourful with a distinct taste of salted vegetables.

Free soup top up at the store if u can't get enough of it.

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BurgerLabo used to be located at Gillman Barrack, before they moved into their former concept, 2280 Burger here at Henderson.

But their affordable 2280 burger remains on the menu. Grass-fed Aberdeen Angus patty, grilled a la plancha. Topped with pickled red onions, American cheese, beef garum & house-made shio kombu burger sauce. Sandwiched in a buttered bun.

Yes, it sounds pretty delicious by looking at what the ingredients in the burger. Recommend to go with double patties. They cooked the patties to medium for food safety standards.

Complete your meal with their fries in either salty or truffle taste.

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Meng kee char kway teow has been hyped up recently on social media, for being 1 of the best char kway teow in Singapore. Just YouTube search char kway teow.

It is really good, the lup cheong quantity is very generous, wok hei is evident and the entire plate felt eggy, just the way I like all my CKT.

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Experience authenticity at its finest at Douraku Suhi. Now open at Gardens by the Bay!
Begin your meal with a bang by indulging in their impressive Douraku Platter, featuring the Chef’s daily selection of the freshest sashimi or the delectable Pitan Tofu! Prepare to have your cravings completely satisfied at this amazing spot!

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Chicken Cutlet here is crispy and rather huge.

Well marinated, eating this with chilli sauce is damn shiok.


Came across the newly-opened outlet of The Breakfast Club whilst going around Tiong Bahru Plaza recently — for those whom are wondering; yes, this is the same The Breakfast Club which is also located within The Coffee Shop By Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap just a short walk away from Kovan MRT Station; while the brand is also known to be the same one that has brought to us the Joji’s Diner brand that operates out of a shophouse unit at Upper Serangoon Road, they had also closed down a number of locations previously such as the outlet of The Breakfast Club that used to be located in Holland Village, as well as the Joji Diner’s location at Stanley Street. The outlet of The Breakfast Club at Tiong Bahru Plaza takes over the former premises of the now-defunct Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap that was in the basement of the mall. While the remaining concept of The Breakfast Club is a concept situated in a coffeeshop, the very first standalone location of The Breakfast Club is the now-defunct Holland Village location — despite the Tiong Bahru Plaza outlet being its only standalone location now, there is lesser of an emphasis in its decor to recreate vibes of an American diner; much of the shop space looks like a typical shopping mall kiosk-style eatery with dine-in tables and stools featuring wooden accents. The Breakfast Club has always been known for being a location big on all-day breakfast dishes and the Tiong Bahru Plaza location is no exception to this — the menu having segmented into categories such as All Day Breakfast, Club Mains and Sides. Beverage options at The Breakfast Club’s location at Tiong Bahru Plaza can be described as a little bit limited; the only drinks available here being lemonade, orange juice, iced lemon tea and canned drinks.

If there is one dish out there that best represents what The Breakfast Club is all about, it probably will be the Breakfast Plate — we usually detest ordering breakfast platters whenever we visit a cafe, but the Breakfast Plate is probably that item that best defines comfort American brunch fare that The Breakfast Club has their core focus in. The menu describes the Breakfast Plate to come with elements such as pork sausage, hashbrown, cherry tomatoes, baked beans, scrambled eggs, sautéed mushroom and bacon strip — patrons are able to opt for their choice of carbs here, with the default choice of carbs for the Breakfast Plate being the French Toast; the Pancake and Sourdough options are listed as an upgrade from the French Toast that is charged at $1 above the original price tag of the dish at $12.50. Patrons can also exercise the option to add other elements to the Breakfast Plate such as that of the Grilled Chicken, Mixed Greens, Pasta, Sunny Side-Up and Smoked Salmon — each element listed here carrying their own price tag. Digging into the Breakfast Plate, we were most excited to give the Pancakes a go first — the Pancakes served up at The Breakfast Club are essentially American diner-style Pancakes that look considerably hefty, though we were surprised by how light it is with a cake-like texture within; we were actually anticipating this to be rather jelat but it did turn out pretty manageable at the end. It is also noted that the pancake does seemingly come with a slight butteriness and also a hint of sweetness that came with a cinnamon-y touch; probably explains why it doesn’t come with maple syrup and butter accompanied on the side though one can still help themselves to the maple syrup at the self-service area.

The streak of bacon that accompanies the Breakfast Plate is done to a texture that is slightly chewy here — came with a saltishness that one would associate with cured meat. The flavours for the pork sausage could also be described in a similar tune, though we did enjoy the snappy skin of the sausage that we felt was a good texture. Other elements such as the hashbrown were a little bit more generic; we also found it a little bit on the greasy side, though it is worth commending that they did put in some effort to make the baked beans a little different by adding small cubes of luncheon meat to give it a varied texture. Personally, we felt that the sautéed mushrooms could definitely do more time in the pan to bring out its naturally earthy notes, though they have added garlic into the mix that gave it more flavoural contrast apart from the herbs that they have also added. The scrambled eggs did come with a decent texture — sufficiently runny, though we did find it a little bland and lacks of the eggy fragrance that we yearn for in egg dishes. Whilst the other elements of the Breakfast Plate aren’t what we will call outstanding, we do feel that their American diner-style pancakes being something that hits the spot — their fare has always been considerably affordable for how the All Day Breakfast are priced between $7.50 to $12.50; lower than that of what specialty cafes would have charged. Whilst missing of much of the glitzy vibes that Joji Diner has, The Breakfast Club at Tiong Bahru Plaza does provide residents around the area a relatively wallet-friendly option to go to for some decent brunch fare to satisfy those cravings.

Went to Por Kee Eating House last week and ordered their Fried Dice Chicken with Dry Chilli, Sambal Kangkong, Hotplate Tofu, and their Yang Zhou Fried Rice! Total bill was $56 for 2 pax😇 Overall ratings 8/10! Food was good but was a little pricey... would head back again for special family occasions😁

When cravings hit hard, you gotta satisfy them. 🤪 As with every visit to Meng Kee Fried Kway Teow, they have been pretty spot on with the wok hei and portion of ingredients of the Char Kway Teow - there's no denying me from the pronounced sweet-savoury flavour in this sinful mess. I like that the noodles/kway tiao mix leans towards the wetter side and is not too oily. Every strand is evenly coated with an eggy aroma & medium brown hue of the dark soy sauce, but not to the point of being chao ta. I prefer my blood cockles/hums to be cooked a little longer, but I can still taste how fresh & plump they are.

Also, this should be enjoyed as piping hot as possible for the best flavour profile! That explains why I only took a few quick shots before chowing down the entire plate. 🤭

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Probably one of the openings that is being mentioned quite a fair bit around this week would be that of the opening of Toast Box Coffee House — Toast Box may be a name which many would find familiar considering how they are a brand by the BreadTalk group and do have countless of outlets operating all across the island. That being said, the opening of Toast Box Coffee House still bears quite a bit of significance for the brand, considering how Toast Box Coffee House is a slightly different concept than the other Toast Box outlets that we are familiar with after all these while. While there are other outlets of Toast Box that have incorporated a nostalgic theme that already brings a different vibe to their other standard concepts (think the Bras Basah Complex location that had taken over the former premises of the now-defunct Music Book Room), Toast Box Coffee House attempts to be a whole new concept that not only offers exclusive menu items that are unavailable at other Toast Box locations, but also houses an outlet of First Street Teochew Fish Soup within the same premises; a little bit more of a casual eatery with a Nanyang-style focus that also has table service (hence the inclusion of 10% service charge). Toast Box Coffee House takes over the former premises of the now-defunct Old Tiong Bahru Bak Kut Teh; located at the ground level of the iconic art deco-style pre-war flats at 58 Seng Poh Road. Decked in a style that brings back those vibes of the colonial times, the interior decor should not be unfamiliar to those familiar with the Toast Box brand name. The menu at Toast Box Coffee House is being segmented into categories such as Thick Toast, Sandwiches, Traditional Toast, Asian Delights, Breakfast (only available from opening till 11am), Cakes and Kueh — beverages served up at Toast Box Coffee House includes the usual Nanyang-style Kopi and Teh, as well as concoctions like Honey Lemon, Homemade Barley etc.

We weren’t actually too keen on giving Toast Box Coffee House a go at the start; that being said, we are typically suckers for Nanyang-style coffee houses that has a strong vibes of Hainanese eateries in the colonial times. This, coupled with the fact on how Toast Box Coffee House does offer a menu that includes exclusive items not available at other Toast Box locations (vis-a-vis Toast Box at Bras Basah Complex, which is no different from a usual Toast Box outlet apart from the theming) was what made us really compelled to give Toast Box Coffee House a go. One item which caught our attention very early on whilst reading about Toast Box Coffee House from the few social media posts that have went up online was the Old School Hainanese Pork Chop Rice — we had been looking for Hainanese-style Pork Chop Rice all around the island; a form of Western food that had one point of time vanished from the menus of most eateries except a few in Singapore, though had seen somewhat of an uprising with modernised establishments starting to serve their own interpretation of the dish. The Old School Hainanese Pork Chop Rice was actually quite decent here — we weren’t expecting much considering how we have had varying standards of food whenever we dine at Toast Box, but we actually found this to be pretty palatable. At $9.80++, the Old School Hainanese Pork Chop Rice comes with deep-fried breaded pork chop that is drenched in that all-familiar red sauce that is accompanied with peas, onions, pineapples and lychee with a mound of rice by the side and a sunny-side-up on the top.

Thought that the pork chop was done pretty well; it does seem to have been tender used to achieve a good and consistent bite — the cut of meat being on the leaner side of things as well. The only gripe in terms of the “heritage” that it was lacking of is the use of panko crumbs rather than crushed soda crackers for its batter. The sauce does come with a tangy and savoury note — itself seemingly being a concoction of ketchup and Worcestershire sauce that is much in accordance to what we grew up knowing it as; the sauce is also thickened enough for a consistency that is considered sufficiently dense. One thing that we did note about the sauce was that is a little different from what we had expected was the note of sweetness from lychees that it also carried — makes it taste somewhat closer to the Heng Hwa-style lychee sweet and sour pork as a result and thus not as “authentic” as we would like it to be. Meanwhile, the sunny-side-up here comes with a fully cooked yolk; something to note for those whom are into eggs with a molten yolk. Whilst we usually wouldn’t comment on this, we were glad that the bed of rice was cooked just about right — at least this wasn’t hard or undercooked which we had experienced at some other Toast Box locations before. We had also given other items like the Kueh and the Traditional Black Sesame Toast a go during our visit as well; we were actually quite impressed with the qualities of their Kueh offerings. For the Traditional Black Sesame Toast, the inclusion of butter helps to gel the black sesame spread and the toast together though we weren’t a fan of the inherent savouriness the butter brought; also thought it could be a little sweeter to provide a balance of flavours. Prices of the hot food at Toast Box Coffee House are a little bit on the high side when compared to mom-and-pop eateries around its vicinity; the cheapest item priced at $5.50 being the Small Curry Chicken with Prata, while the priciest is the Old School Hainanese Pork Chop Rice at $9.80. Will be interesting to see how things will pan out for Toast Box Coffee House in the future.red to mom-and-pop eateries around its vicinity; the cheapest item priced at $5.50 being the Small Curry Chicken with Prata, while the priciest is the Old School Hainanese Pork Chop Rice at $9.80. Will be interesting to see how things will pan out for Toast Box Coffee House in the future.

Wanted to try the Michelin 2023 award winning noodle ($3.50) but unfortunately char siew has run out so had the shredded chicken instead.

One unique i observed was that the noodle is sweet. Wanton wise is quite plump and flavourful.

Overall, it is a delicious meal and really like it.

Medium ($6.80), Large ($8.10)
Grape Pearls Topping +$1.90

I got the normal sugar level and turns out it was slightly sweet. Also left my drink in the fridge for too long and the centre hardened so I couldn’t get to enjoy the original texture of the pearls.

Will try to enjoy it on the spot the next time.