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Nasi Lemak ($3.70)
⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
🍴First time trying this nasi lemak and we loved the ingredients and sambal chilli but the rice fared less well. Our chosen set 3 had chicken, egg, fish cake, and we added an otah (+80c). All the ingredients were really tasty and this would have been a winning nasi lemak if not for the odd texture of the rice. The coconut rice had an almost glutinous rice (?) sticky yet hard texture and could do with pandan fragrance (but that’s my personal preference) although not sure if this texture had to do with it being taken away.
⚠️ P.S we usually go to this hawker centre to buy the yummy and well-executed homemade popiah skin from Hup Kiat (01-28) thats $20/kg.
📍 Zheng Nasi Lemak, 01-12, Havelock Road Cooked Food Centre, Blk 22A Havelock Road, Singapore 161022

Using 1 for 1 Burpple app!
For 2perons is really too many 😂
3persons share is just nice!

Food taste : 3/5
Environment : 3.5/5
Staff : 5/5

Not v crispy, nor super tender, but the flavour is real. Sapid and the charcoal flavour comes through easily. Not bad at all

Delicious blend of mess - Hainanese curry rice with chap chye, fried pork chop, char siew and fried egg.

Westgate branch~
Yakult green tea with 3 pearls ($3.80 + $0.90).
Yakult green tea is just as it sounds, yakult and green tea. Nothing impressive. Honestly i think i can make it myself...
Their 3 pearls consisted of the sesame pearls, chrysanthemum & pink cactus. The pink cactus was quite sweet and tasted rather artificial while the chrysanthemum just tasted like any other ordinary pearls - could be that I can’t tell the difference as it may overlap with the green tea yakult. Sesame pearls were the best with the prominent taste of sesame and added another dimension to this otherwise average drink. Though, overall the pearls were not the best pearls i had as they were rather hard & too chewy for my liking - not sure if it it’s supposed to taste like that or is it cos they weren’t freshly made.

The noodles were thick and chewy. The tomato flavour is rich and there are quite a lot of ingredients too.

The bun was rather dense and the minced meat was pretty tasty.

Mortadella Sandwich ($18) (house-made mayo and elemental on focaccia) I like level of thickness for ham inside focaccia and tbh it got that fullness for brunch.

Country Sourdough Bread (whole) ($18) I felt that it's was quite much sour aftertaste and got that heaviness of bread's weight.

Mixed lettuce, ebiko, kani stick, mandarin oranges, peaches, tamagoyaki, golden tempura crunch, smoked salmon, kecap manis pedas.

Nice environment, favourite toast with bobbly, get ready for the weekend ☺️