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Tiong Bahru’s most famous chwee kueh stall. This is located at Century Square’s basement 1. Steamed rice cakes topped with generous portions of chye poh (preserved radish) and chilli. Best chwee kueh I have eaten!

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Though slightly drier and harder than I prefer it, I actually enjoyed this pudding a fair bit. A nice, intense taste of dates, combined with firm pudding, the textural combination of the Tahitian vanilla gelato and the chewy pudding was almost like finding a surprise in the gelato. My only gripe was that it was served with a gula melaka caramel; personally, I would very much preferred a super dark caramel to compliment the dates instead of the coconut-ey notes of the gula melaka. Did I enjoy it? Strangely enough, yes and I would come back to try the other stuff on their menu. #tianns #burpple

Fluffy inside yet crispy on the outside~ ❤️
Recommended is the pistachio ice cream which is not too sweet and comes with lots of finely chopped nuts. Earl grey lavender is strong on lavender, but I would mind if it’s less sweet 😋
For something that I would gladly pay full price, it’s more shiok to get it 1-for-1 with Burpple Beyond 😁

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there was a decent amount of ingredients but do get the bee hoon if you want to feel full. i stopped liking fishballs and this bowl didn't change my mind about that. I thought all the items tasted pretty normal but the chilli helped to elevate the taste.

Easy to order. Chilli is good and kick. Worth the try. Can be a regular meal too.

I love the Onde and coffee, the only drawback is the space is rather cramped...

By the end of the day I’ll have spent over ten hours here! I allowed myself a decadent (expensive) lunch @fortyhandscafe....a fave of mine, smashed avo on toast with added poached eggs for protein. There was crumbled feta on there too and a little side salad of mixed leaves. I might have to try and recreate at home! #fortyhands #fortyhandscafe #avocadotoast #avocado #smashedavo #tiongbahru #healthyfood #healthytreat

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At 7am. A struggle. Afterwards I sat outside @flockcafespore and planned my next class whilst eating fruit salad (watermelon, blueberries and strawberries) and homemade granola with Greek yoghurt. Asked for the honey on the side this time to avoid sweetness overload. Skinny latte on the side. Aaaand relax. #breakfast #brekkie #granola #fruitsalad #skinnylatte #healthyfood #fitfood #postyogafuel

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Something light as that’s what the little girl says she wants to eat. Have a good evening y’all!

😍😍😍 It was so well cooked. Tender, flavourful, juicy. Loved every morsel 🔥