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I ordered the waffles with a topping of smoked trout and scrambled eggs. It may look small but it quite filling. The waffles are soft not the crispy type but pairs well with the delicious generous fillings. I do wish they have more gluten free options that are non rice because some people who are gluten intolerant also need to avoid rice. People who are not gluten intolerant will find the food pricy because they won't be used to paying such amount to eat. But if u need are gluten intolerant and need a safe haven, this place is a god sent. I only wish its nearer my home so that I can indulge more often.

From Ya Xi Prawn Cake (I didn't know this formerly nameless stall is now branded). Their version is unusual. It's more like a vegetable cake with oysters, unlike the kind with pork and peanuts. Not that satisfying.

I have previously reviewed about other traditional kuehs here, but it’s the first for their ondeh-ondeh. You might find it a little pricey for a small ondeh-ondea ball, but trust me, the quality justifies for its price.

It’s one of the few with a thin chewy kueh skin, that’s hardly found. Usually the factory made ones have thick kueh skin with little filling. I was taken aback by the mini ‘explosion’ that I had in my mouth upon the first bite, as the sweet brown gula melaka started flowing out. Everything complemented nicely, with the grated coconut. You will also find a literally sweet surprise after the gula melaka, as they also incorporated a small block of brown sugar in the filling which you can bite into.

This huge wobbly tower is definitely the dessert to order if you want to impress a date. I chose this partially because I am super duper in love with anything that is salted caramel.

The souffle is incredibly airy and moist, it's really the most interesting and palate-stimulating texture ever. It kind of just melts in your mouth. And I liked that there was a distinct burnt sugar flavor, so the caramel taste shone through. And they coat the ramekin with butter, which becomes a super savory brown butter that pools at the bottom and contrasts the sweetness of the dessert. The salted caramel ice cream enhances that and provides a perfect rich, creamy textural contrast. Really a well executed, technical dessert.


Definitely the best porridge around Tiong Bahru area. Uses excellent pork and fish ingredients. The meat balls are minced with dried fish for enhanced flavour and fish used is top quality ones. Porridge is very tasty and smooth and lasted till the end not turning watery.

One would not be blamed for wondering why a sandwich would cost $20. But this one is super decadent and took me to Paris in one bite.

First mouthful and the immediate thing I notice is that toasted buttery brioche. It is so crunchy yet just falls apart and melts in the mouth, almost like cake. Its not like any brioche I've ever had, it is so rich and decadent.

Then there's that beautiful steak, which despite its thinness is still perfectly pink in the center, with the sunny side up egg with its rich yolky flavor. Tying everything together is the sweetness of caramelized onion (the classic combination of beef, onion and egg cannot go wrong) and creamy mayo.

Stall within the Tiong Bahru Yong Tau Foo shop that sells good bak chor mee. At $5 there are lots of ingredients such as pork slices, minced meat, fish cake slices, fish ball and a medium sized fish dumpling which is very authentic. Noodles was well cooked - al dente to the bite. Worth every cent. Yummy!!!

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Xian Ji Porridge has quite a variety of porridge — from fish head and fish slices, to minced pork and lean meat porridge.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/xian-ji-porridge/

Located at Blk 55, Tiong Bahru Rd, unit 01-39, Singapore 160055. .
Kueh Dar-Dar, $0.80 each. Afternoon Tea Time to chase the Monday Blues away. We love this Kueh Dar-Dar, it’s so irresistible and we couldn’t stop!!! All these lovely nonya kueh are freshly made. Stuffed fully with fresh coconut shavings, wrapped with their soft Pandan infused crepe! We stored in a fridge and it’s still moist inside, not too dry and texture is 💯! One of the best we ever had!! Amazing delicious!! .
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I love pot. Like seriously, pot is hot. And hot pot is great especially on a rainy day like today. For legal reasons that’s a joke.⠀

I’ve taken to calling Shi Li Fang budget hai di lao, but perhaps I judged it a little too harshly. Sure, the meat ain’t topnotch, but it’s decently affordable, and they hit the spot real good. Veg is also pleasantly fresh, so you can feel somewhat less guilty. And finally, the soup bases, especially the chicken collagen one, are superbly sapid. ⠀

Yes, I know the soup base is an MSG bomb, but say it with me kids: we’re here for a good time, not a long time!

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The almond croissant and kough amann are my all-time favourites at TBB. Buttery, crispy and always very satisfying!