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Their bee hoon starts from $1 onwards and doesn’t need many ingredients to spice it up. This is thanks to their signature sweet sauce that provides the OOMPH to this common dish. Mix it together with their tangy homemade chilli and you have an unstoppable duo that starts your day right.

Throw in a Sunny Side Up or a crispy Fried Spring Roll and you already have a complete meal. Other classic complements include their Chicken Cutlet, Fish Fillet or Fried Luncheon Meat and it probably still won’t even cross the $5 mark.

If you’re still not full enough, a more watery Peanut Porridge might be good to wash down the oily Bee Hoon or consider trying out their Chee Cheong Fun too!

Went at 1.30pm and the queue was still very long although it moves quickly. Ordered fried egg (drizzle the dark soya sauce), pork chop and sambal sotong. The latter was a mistake so I’ll stick with either the cereal prawn or pork belly in future. But the egg was runny and the pork chop was so crispy. The rice looks messy but the flavours were out of this world after they soaked in the different curries added.

After lunch, do buy some ondeh ondeh cakes from next door confectionary for dessert! Full bodied coconut taste and gula Melaka.

got the handmade fries with truffle mayo ($10+), 300g beef striploin with creamy mushroom ($47+), ravioles de royans ($18+), chocolate cake ($10+) & some mocktail & cider.
the ravioles de royan is basically french dumpling pasta filled with tete de moine cheese (no idea what cheese is that) but i enjoyed it way more than i thought i would and i rly regret getting the small portion of it 😔 however, the homemade fries with truffle mayo and the steak wasn't anything mind blowing 😩😩 the chocolate cake was rly rich in flavour bc its rly thicccc (not those sponge cake type) so its good to share as it may get abit jelat.
overall i would defo come back for the ravioles and try some of their other dishes as well hehe 😋

This is hands down my favourite sushi chain in singapore - the sashimi is always very fresh and juicy with no fishy taste. Special shout out the the big red prawn - favourite order and i always have at least 2 of them. They are not very expensive also so it’s always my go to when it comes to sushi!

Massively craving some warm porridge and this was so good. The unholy combination of fresh raw salmon with sesame oil paired with a good thick bowl of porridge. Dont skimp on the egg, you won’t regret it! Sometimes the simplest meals are the best. Can’t wait to head back

19.90 with 10% service charge.

Taste not bad.

16.90+ with 10% service charge. They do not charge gst. This is their special pizza I think. Taste not bad. Too. Thin crust.

16.90 with 10% service charge. They do not charge GST. Smells nice and taste good.

Had wanted to try the baked chicken but staff said the kitchen was closing and the food would take 40 minutes hence went for the easier pasta. The dish was cheesey, not too rich and chunks of chicken bites that was tender. However i would have tried other quintessentially Greek food such as Bakalaki salad or their meat platters to get the full Greek experience.

Tiong Bahru Galicier will never fail to pop up if you are hunting for traditional nyonya kuehs. But due to its popularity, it can be difficult to catch specific kuehs, like this one that I have been missing out for a long time. Set on a moist, fluffy Pandan sponge base, the Putu Ayu appeared dense but sank in nicely with a good balance of airiness. There are 2 flavours on top; half with gula melaka that’s was stronger in flavour than the other half with white desiccated coconut. Personally preferred the gula melaka for the sweeter kick and the white desiccated coconut seemed more suitable for their kueh dardar.