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Food was 3/5 - nothing to shout about, but portion was a lot for the 1-for-1 price paid (i mean... look at the pic!!!). Spent ~$18. Couldn't finish the food. Milk tea was on the sweet side. Menu variety is quite good.

The soup here is lighter than most, but the briny taste of shrimp is still evident and I like that it isn’t too oily. The pork rib prawn noodle soup ($5) is really substantial, with 2 prawns and 3 ribs. The pork is fatty but tender!

After a major souffle let-down I still tried one of their cakes that I heard was great
This one is definitely much worth it than the souffle!
The sweetness is just right, the chocolate intensity is great, the pralines, fugde, and all other elements were nicely textured, had nice flavor, and each also had a nice amount so the overall texture balance of the cake was great.

Had high expectations on this bc heard they have good souffles but maybe my expectations were too high. The souffle wasn’t as fluffy as expected, furthermore, the yuzu was too intense that its acidity will dehydrate your mouth even more, resulting in a very dry souffle
Not very recommended, unless you love super sour stuffs.
Manuka honey sorbet that came with it, although it had nice manuka honey notes, was also too sour in my opinion as to assist the souffle.
Would probably be better if I’ve opted for their cacao souffle!

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An absolute classic and a must-try at every bakery. TBB's version cost $3.75 and certainly met the benchmark for an excellent croissaint.

I love how invitingly crispy and flaky it is on the outside and how it crumbles when you first bite into it, but pulls apart to reveal a soft, fluffy, doughy center. The rich buttery flavor permeates the pastry and it is really a well done work of art.

My dining partner taught me to order some milk coffee on the inside to dip the croissaint into. So I dipped pieces of my croissant into a piccolo latte and believe it or not, it tasted even better. Kind of like dipping kaya toast in egg to make it even richer and more complex in flavor.

This delicate dessert cost $10.50 but tasted amazing. A light, airy, crispy choux pastry was cut in half and filled with a rich hazelnut paste and a vanilla-flavored cream. Embedded into the cream and garnished at the top were roasted peanuts.

I love the combination of sweet vanilla cream and salty peanuts. And there was the earthiness of the nuts that just cuts through all the fluffy textures of the cream and pastry, which were not overly sweet. Such a delightful, savory twist on the classic profiterole.

Only difference was it's flatter, like a more compact version. Nothing else.

The standards of this snack don't vary too much, so I shouldn't over-praise this. I'll say though the version here was denser.

One for one lunch promotion on weekdays! One (thin) serving of chicken chop, some potato wedges (countable with my 10 fingers) and green beans. The serving was pathetically small... and the oven roasted chicken didn’t taste oven roasted at all - more like grilled?

I understand that they’re busy at lunch time but the service was.. not nice. My friend requested for her pasta to be without garlic and they just replied saying ‘one for one promotion, cannot make changes’. May not be back ever again.

Sure, there are better, but if you're looking for a good chicken rice, this does the job. Chicken was great. These days you get either boneless cold chicken or bone-in warm chicken - here's a boneless warm chicken. Rice was also fragrant and oily enough.

Super hearty meal.
You guys should try their gelato also! Look superb!🤤