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Feature :
🥪Signature Har Jeong Gai with Garlic Chye Poh Sourdough
Garlic Chye Poh Bread served with prawn paste chicken, fried egg and in house sweet chilli sauce.
🥪Stewed Beef and Cheese with Multigrain Sourdough
Mutligrain sourdough served with generous japanese braised chunk tender, caramelized onions, mozerella and Colby and Cheddar cheese mix.
🥪 Battered Fish and Paprika with Sunflower seed sourdough
Sunflower seed sourdough served with fried fish fillet and in house egg mayo.

My fav is the har jeong gai, the chilli not spicy and not too sweet,  and the taste balance, none is overpowering.
And I like all their sourdough bread (baked freshly everyday)
FYI: they sell the bread separately.

Beside the sandwiches, they also sell Assortment of Sourdough Brioche Doughnuts ($23 for 6), and cakes likes Signature Pralet and Sugarfree Kueh Sarlat.

Delivery is free above $120 or within 3km, they are all delivery platform (Grab, Foodpanda and Deliveroo)

To place an order, can visit this link
: https://take.app/a/ordercaffepralet
Or WhatsApp 83180698.

📍Caffe Pralet by Creative Culinaire.
17 Eng Hoon Street, #01-04.


Saw this EVERYWHERE for the past few days so I knew I had to try it. It was opened by a ex-Naked Finn chef so I had high hopes and the fish soup here lived up to it. Fish was fresh, bouncy and firm, did not have a unfresh, fishy smell. The soup was on point too and had a nice sweetness from the fish. It’s $6 for a bowl which some may find a little pricey but I think it’s worth it!

Was feeling peckish so we got some lamb and chicken skewers here! Taste is great though I wished it was a little more spicy 🔥

Not the prettiest of cross sections (I blame P2HA and disposable cutleries), but don’t let that take away from how amazing this Signature Har Jeong Gai ($14) sandwich was. The fried chicken was juicy and tender (albeit a lil soggy cause of the whole takeaway circumstances), the prawn paste marinade fragrant and discernible. Now I like very punchy and aggressive flavours so I’d say they can afford to be more heavy-handed, but that’s not to say it was tasty as it is. Very well-executed in fact, I was very pleasantly surprised. The sweet chilli sauce was commendable as well: sweet enough and not one-dimensionally so, nicely balancing out the fried chicken. Kick up the spice a notch and it’d be perfect. What I loved the most however, was their chye poh sourdough — our bread of choice. It’s kinda like a super savoury and umami a sourdough focaccia with a great crust and soft, fuwa fuwa insides. It’s a shame I couldn’t taste actual bits of chye poh in there, or else I’d buy loaves of this back immediately.

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Lavender set Consist of :
💕Sashimi Platter
💕Australia Wagyu Beef and Mentai Pasta
💕Skin Salad
💕Chicken soup.

The Sashimi was cut thick and very fresh, meanwhile the wagyu beef was
medium rare,juicy and tender with nice brown crust/char.


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To place order can visit their link https://www.bincho.com.sg/delivery.

Free delivery for order above $80.

78 Moh Guan Terrace, #01-19.


When Dad gets us tea aka one of the best Kuehs in SG while we all stay at home 😘😋

This was pretty enjoyable. However the prawns were tiny tiny tiny.

This was a lil disappointing. Didn’t have the wok hey taste. Go for the green curry!

This was really enjoyable. Black glutinous rice.

Loved this green curry! Had lots of curry when we ate there. Unfortunately when we ordered takeaway the curry was limited to the box :(

Really enjoyable and good price.

Stir Fried Dragon chives ($17) was disappointing. tasted bland and could use a little more seasoning.