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This restaurant has seen their haydays. Ever since new management, this lady is of the rudest you can find in the restaurant.

Porridge is no longer good. Taste that even a dog won’t want to eat. This is how rude the staff can be!

Please patronise this place at your own risk. I’ve banned this establishment for good! Please help spread the word, a place not even worth a dime to be dining in here!

Soft and firm carrot cake tossed with eggs and sweet dark sauce. We ordered the $3 portion to share and they are quite generous with their serving. The taste of dark sweet sauce uplifts the dish but may not favour those who don't like their carrot cake to be sweet. It may be a little too greasy for one person to have it all 》$3 + $0.50 Egg

Bukit Merah View Carrot Cake | #01-37

A decent bowl of prawn noodle but the ingredients given was quite less considering we ordered the biggest portion that came with 4 halved prawns, slices of pork and fish cake then topped with fried shallots 》$4/Big

Hock Ann Prawn Noodle/Lor Mee | #01-36

Pretty stoked to have heard that 2280 Burger had recently opened their doors at 213 Henderson Road; the building is just located a short distance away from Bukit Merah Bus Interchange, and is opened by the same folks behind Burger Labo at Malan Road within Gillman Baracks — also the same folks that had brought us The Naked Finn. Service is pretty much self-service here, with burgers being made to order; order through the self-order kiosk and collect the order at the window once your order number has been called. Currently there is only the 2280 Burger available on the menu, with a choice of a single or double patty variant whilst the only sides here are the standard fries. Folks can opt for house-brewed tea, milkshakes churned using ice-creams from Apiary, while specialty coffee is brewed using beans roasted by Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee.

Opting for the single patty variant of the 2280 Burger, the 2280 Burger may look like a very basic cheeseburger, but it does its job especially well — beef patty, sliced cheese, pickled onions all sandwiches in between the two buns; really liked how well the patty is being executed here. The beef patty may not be the same as what Burger Labo offers in terms of size, but the 100gm patty is just the right size for those who aren’t looking to get overly stuffed here. It’s beautifully brined and marinated; the texture being more on the lean side but still provide a good bite — all savoury, chunky and slightly crusted from the grilling process. The melted cheese atop seals the deal, and the pickled onions seems to have been mixed with bits of pickles for that tangy, refreshing crunch that cuts through the meat, while the buns are sufficiently light and fluffy. A very well put-together cheeseburger that ranks high up in the charts for me.

Burger Labo has been known for their stellar burgers which are of a gourmet nature — the burgers there featuring fancier composition and elements, but 2280 Burger is an establishment that seems to be catered towards the masses; more of a fuss-free spot that makes for artisanal offering pitched against the upmarket fast food options that had made their entry into the F&B scene in recent years. Hoping that they are able to add on more variation of meats for their burgers soon — perhaps a chicken, pork, or fish option that would cater to non-beef eaters so that more can get to enjoy their stellar creations in time to come!

This is a pretty popular stall in tiong Bahru market. It's our first time trying the dish and we found it a tad underwhelming despite the many good reviews. The taukwar was really crispy and had bean sprouts and cucumber sandwiched in between. There were also a few slices of apples and papaya that gave the dish a refreshing few bites in between. However we felt that we preferred traditional rojak as it has more flavour.

Really oily but really satisfying. Texture was good, and caipor has just the right amount of saltiness. Chilli was not too spicy as well. But the auntie is quite fierce.

I'm finally here! I had wanted to try this Mediterranean restaurant since it opened in 2017. This dish was a lot. Two chunks of minced beef and lamb, pita bread, ample fries. The meat was juicy and tasty. I was really disappointed by the pita. It has to be good, but it's overly dense and tasted unpleasant. On the other hand, the cucumber dip, called tzatziki, was one of the best sauces I've encountered! Excellent ambience and service.

I chose dark chocolate peppermint + earl grey lavender. It was great 😋

super moist dense cake with a strong kaya flavour and kaya spread on top, way too sweet but quite a nice treat, maybe eaten best with black coffee

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super flakey and buttery but a bit too hard and hard to cut through and bite. cinnamon flavour could be more pronounced as well. sugar top added crunchy though

I'm finally here! I had wanted to try this Mediterranean restaurant since it opened in 2017. This is basically lamb chops. There are three chops, one is obscured, but they're quite small. The meat was tender but little flavour. The side of potato was too salty for some reason. Excellent ambience and service.

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miss the times when creamier was on burpple