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Top 10 in Tiong Bahru

Top 10 places in Tiong Bahru, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Tiong Bahru

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Tiong Bahru, Singapore.

Seafood broth without MSG is much needed in a warm afternoon
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With Burpple Beyond, we tried Earl Grey Lavender and Butterscotch Almond Waffle Set at a reason price of $ 12. The Earl Grey Lavender was a tad too sweet but the Butterscotch Almond was really good leaving a unique aftertaste. Would recommend the Butterscotch Almond!


青龙菜 tastes like a cross breed between chives and spring onions. Homemade Tofu was good but the green vege was still a tad raw and the sea cucumber taste was still a bit strong if you ate it. The small corn and squid in the Hor Fun were a bit fishy but the Hor Fun itself was sufficiently flavourful. Fried Rice was a tad tasteless and the rice was a bit too hard. Don't like Yu Sheng in general, but this one was still okay. The food not bad, although have to issue MSG alert.

It allows the noodle to soak in the broth while maintaining the moist texture for consumption.
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I followed my nose to the coffee shop where this stall was located. The baker was baking butter cake. Wah the smell was out of this world, but I resisted and got the flavors I had already set my heart on. They were available in half or whole loaf. Matcha was slightly dry. Both tasted good.

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Got the Thai milk tea and Earl Grey lavender. Really strong flavours although I think I might prefer udders version of it (Thai milk tea and early grey) .

Those noodles were literally made from fish! The texture resembles a lot like fish cakes! Definitely an interesting take on it! 👍🏻

This was nothing but delicious!! 👍🏻

Hua Bee Restaurant (78 Moh Guan Terrace) is known for a few things. That the 1995 local movie Mee Pok Man was filmed here and in recent years, a Japanese kushiyaki joint - Bincho operates out back in the evening after the mee pok stall is closed.
Here’s the bowl of mee kia (though I ordered mee pok, and the aunty got my order wrong) from Hua Bee. The noodles were a little sticky, clumped together I had to add the soup to separate them, vinegar indiscernible and the chilli didn’t pack much of heat (had to asked for extra). The noodle was really al dente and I love the slurp. The ingredients were generous in their bowl of soup, but nothing was particularly outstanding.