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From the Burpple community

Located nearby entrance of Novotel Hotel or exactly beside a saloon if you come from SomTam Nua. I prefer their grilled coconut cakes over this.

Somtum Nua is extremely popular even among the Thai locals in Bangkok! It basically serves northeastern cuisine and famous for their Somtum and fried chicken!

Wonderfully creamy eggy curry sauce drenched over sweet crab meat. The sauce is dreadfully addictive, be warned!


Do go to this place for dinner if you're planning to do shopping at the night markets of the Siam streets. We went there after reading a food blog recommending this but didn't really have any expectations cause the food pictures didn't really look super delicious. But I guess that's the beauty of Thai food- simple but delivers a packful of flavors. I will recommend the crispy chicken which is so juicy and tender and of course CRISPY, smoked duck, papaya salad freshly made upon order and last of all sticky rice. Yes you didn't see wrongly. STICKY RICE. this version is different from that usually found in mango sticky rice. It's not sweet but has a slightly chewy bite to it, making it a perfect accompaniment to all the other sides. This place left us wanting for more, and until now while writing this post a few weeks since we came back from the land of smiles, our mouth salivates just from the thought of the delicious crispy chicken with the sticky rice.

found this Siam Sq tiny stall in 2010 but haven't been able to locate it since, despite scouring all the sois in Siam Square. it's. I know it's a long shot but does anyone recognize ???? it sells a killer mama noodle salad.

(#Latergram) ANOTHER FAVOURITE STREET FOOD OF MINE AT BKK!!! These little pieces of fried coconut paste were so damn mouth watering! The coconut taste was so fragrant, and stuffed with generous amount of corn! The fried outer layer was crispy and slightly chewy too! So damn yummy!