MealPal SG Meal subscription service in CBD. Conclusion : meh. Too few Asian options + cuts off before expiry date if you don't renew.
SG: Allegedly Famous Hawkers "famous" hawkers stalls that aren't always very impressive.
Smittenangel's HK Eat List What I think of HK famous eats. I continue to be consistently underwhelmed by hk food. why do people say that this is a foodie paradise ?
SG: 麻辣 Mala Madness when the chengdu nostalgia strikes 🐼 ⚠️ : I have lived in chengdu so my 🌶️ tolerance may be somewhat higher than the average Singaporean.
SG: Date Night ❤️ my panda and i ❤️
Fine Dining, Date Night SG: Tapas & Tipples my fave food genre really. small, inventive portions with lots of variation.