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Fight free radicals, promote strong immune system and maintain healthy skin.

Achieve the equivalent amount of Vitamin C in 16 lemons with a single slim tablet.

dm me if y'all interested

📸: @issssyb

cafe week where you can get a 2 pax set for $25 or 4 pax set for $45 at your fav cafes

oh yes and wash down your meal with @yeossg newest coconut water product

did you like it?

I'm sitting on de fence for this one

promos are at 2 pax for $25 and 4 pax for $45 for a set of dishes

satisfyingly filling our bellies for lunch today

more live action on ma snapchat @shauneeie

late by a couple mins but still damm convenient to use. I hope to see more hawker and cze cha choices like during my stay in china whilst using similar apps. •
guess which was my favorite item on de table that made me order kenny.

now anyone for mahjong or drinks? 😄😄

satisfied some claypot chicken rice craving

although not the best but still well worth the money at $5. they got the fire too strong and the rice burnt event before they could stick onto the claypot
I like those slightly charred rice at the side you know.

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