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From the Burpple community

Random buys from 7-Eleven again. Waffle biscuit stripes that is both chocolatey and sweet!

Followed the recommended steps and microwaved it for a minute. Bursting chocolate lava flow out from the cake. Super sinful but it’s so satisfying!

Surprisingly it was not too sweet and quite light on the palate even after the whole bar. Not very chocolatey and you can taste more of the sugary white coating at the bottom.

Unexpectedly good Ondeh Ondeh Cake pick up from 7-Eleven. A light pandan pound cake with cream cheese and gula melaka topped with dessicated coconut at SGD2.90. Have a subtle taste of cream cheese and gula melaka yet two of them work well in harmony.

Part of a food festival. Came with the three cheeses. Nothing special lah. No hint of chilli too.

Ending the night with Magnolia latest creation, Purple Taro milk. It tasted somewhat similar to those yam potong from heartland mama shop. I can literally stuck a stick in and freeze it in the freezer and there i have a taro potong.