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Signature Lobster Porridge ($31.90 onwards) with Spiny Brazilian Lobsters @wanhelou !

Delicious soup with tender and juicy lobster is the best :) !
Feels like I could have the whole porridge to myself hahaha!
We are having a $20 voucher give away too for our followers to try @wanhelou National Day menu !
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Thank you @wanhelou for the invitation :) !

[$4] Hainan Hokkien Mee

Came here to try a different store only to realised they don't open on Mondays so I decided to go back to my comfort food and I was pleasantly surprised.

This is the way hokkien mee should be done!!! This version is dry, having a creamy texture from soaking up the sauce that it normally sits in. The noodles itself were the star of the dish though the liao was quite scarce. The chilli given is also quite little but feel free to ask for more :)

P.S. the uncle cooks in batches so don't be too put off by the queue!

This is the legendary 1 whole roasted duck for SGD $15!!

Only at Duck Master 鸭师傅 in People Park Complex , #01-K99. So much news about it and so we have to try it!!! Went to pay in the morning, choose your collection slot and they will give you a tag to collect it during your timeslot! :) This is SO AMAZING gooooood!! Skin is so nicely, evenly well roasted and CRISPY! Meat is so tender, flavoured and juicy! They give a small container of Chilli n I'm not a Chilli fan but I LOVE IT!!! The crispy skin, juicy and tender meat, everything is just so YUMS! Probably coz it's served as a whole and not chopped. Size is just nice for 3-4 pax! I'm so hooked to it and will come back to order it again even if I have to Q for it, it's worth it for the price!!

More Meat Monday for Me

Having heard many mixed reviews about The Betterfield, I was pleased with my medium rare steak - The Riverine ($20) off their Better Brunch Menu. Decent though not mind-blowing the cut was moist, lovely pink hue on the inside and crusty on the outside. However, it did lacked that oomph factor with the flavours.

Tim Ho Wan.

Dim sum time again~ waking up in the middle of the night with a migraine is the worstZ. 😞

#god Ramen #bugis+ #ramenchampion

God ramen is always the classic food that I like since years ago before burpple started.

Big portion, generous meat , soup is tasty , a lot of noodle and price is decent compare to many ramen places I been to. Over all 8/10

Only udon specialist place in sg, @tamoyasg has a new dinner menu!

Their handmade udon only uses 3 ingredients, flour, salt & water. It can dry out and break easily (due to the absence of additives) but everything is solved when you dunk it into the delicious broths. The udons are super smooth and chewy!
3 super value for money hotspot sets at $13.80 each! It's perfect for cold nights or any respite from a tough day at work.
1. Tempura Prawn Udon. Slightly blander tasting soup to complement the tempura prawn. There's something about slightly soggy tempura that's heartwarming. Feel free to add the free flow tempura batter bits and seaweed to your udon!
2. Beef Sukiyaki udon set. You might think that the beef will get tougher as it keeps boiling in the hotpot. Was pleasantly surprised by how tender the beef remained! (Mind you it was after all the photo taking) Add an onsen egg for $1.40 to complement the beef sukiyaki!
3. Spicy pork miso udon set. It will remind you of a kimchi jjigae with sliced pork. Though when I ate it w the udon, it instantly reminded me of tteopokki 😆. Definitely suitable for Korean food lovers. Add some tempura crunch and your life is complete.
All the hotpots were delicious and unique in their own way, so much so that I can't decide which one do I like the most 🤷🏻‍♀️
Thank you @tamoyasg for hosting and @cweizhi for extending the invite!! #burpple #tamoyaudon #tamoya #japanesefood #sgfood

I had the classic pork with century egg set ($12.50).

Every set comes with dough fritters and a serving of century egg and ginger pickles. The congee has amazing texture and consistency. It's almost like rice gruel but so full of flavour and wok hei. There's a distinct aromatic smokiness to it. The bowl to order is their signature fish belly and pork innards ($14.50) which was what my friend ordered. She was waxing lyrical about how the liver was perfectly cooked. It was well worth the wait.

A morning stroll at the Botanic Gardens led us to join the queue for a bowl of Mui Kee's Congee, a pop up at Casa Verde.

There was already a long queue in front of us at 8:50 am and we were told that it would be a 40 minutes wait. When our bowls arrived, I could smell how aromatic the congee was. That's the first thing that hits you.

Pim Pam Crab "Croquetas" ($2.50 a piece, min 2 per order) - defo a must order here @pimpambyfoc, these little devils should come with a warning as they are highly addictive.

Encased within those light crisp shells fully filled with velvety smooth cream crab fillings. These were so so good, i savoured it with small bites and allowed the flavours to linger as long as they could.

If you too like that black Hokkien mee with that intense dark sauce and thick noodles, you should try this.

It was the must-order dish at every table.
We totally enjoyed the noodles that was free from that ghee taste and thoroughly soaked in the generous serving of the sauce. There was also generous portion of ingredients in the plate that would put a smile to anyone.
This place also offered some good old traditional Hokkien dishes such as Fish maw thick soup and Prawn roll Ngor Hiang.

Banish the blues and impress your business associates with a fancy lunch @peonyjadesg tomorrow!

The Michelin Bib Gour­mand has launched an impeccable 5-course set lunch perfect for busy bees, busine­ss visitors, tourists and gastronomists, priced at only $138­.80++ for 2!
. .
Diners can look forw­ard to a Trilogy of handcrafted Dim Sum, Crabs (choice of Ch­illi, Black Pepper or White Pepper), Sau­teed Beef Fillet with Hong Kong Kale, Sz­echuan Spicy Dan Da­n Noodles, refreshi­ng Fresh Mango Puree dessert and a glass of Singapore Sling Cocktail. More on the blog soon!