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Located at 531A Upper Cross Street, #02-65, Singapore 051531. We are savouring a delicious bowl of fishball noodles, $3.50! A very decent and worth-the-money bowl in the CBD area.. this old-couple stall sells mainly in the morning till noon and close during lunch. We arrive about before 8am and was greeted with a long lines of bowl orders, which we waited for about 25mins. Hadn’t seen such a bowl with so many ingredients, 3 fishballs, fish cakes, sliced pork, minced pork and fish dumpling! By default they will add vinegar so do advise them if you will like to opt out from it. Noodles was springy, chilli-ketchup gravy was well mixed and ingredients tossed in it totally absorb the gravy.. A super fulfilling bowl of traditional fish ball noodles!! #hungryunicornsg #honglimfoodcentre #honglimcomplex #fishballnoodles #fishballnoodle

Well, mine did from how beautiful this looked and that Chef Akane-san brought the hanami to me. Sakura milk pudding with preserved Sakura flowers, white and red Japanese strawberries and Japanese grapefruit, this dessert course was amazing, simply amazing! Chef Akane-san, thanks for this delightful sweet treat. The milk pudding was so good that I cherished every mouthful, wishing it won’t end.

Winner of Epicurean star award Singapore for best asian chained restaursnt 2015. Tried their claypot chicken rice, although i guess it is not their specialty. Spiced rice, a bit fried rice like with chicken and mushroom. Itself is a bit bland, needs help from the soy sauce 3.5/5

I love how the pickles add an extra crunch. So oishii. Chef Kimura-san, どうもありがとうございました for this amazing Omakase. Truly, truly it’s my best sushi Omakase meal! Every course was a high. Thank you!

Placed on the crispiest special nori, it’s one of my fav bites

Reasonable price. Nice and cheap. Texture of noodle is well cooked bcos of the automated cooking machine.

Did you know that miso soup is often served after a meal to help in digestion? This was delicious!

This mouthwatering baby is easily one of the hot favorites. Savour those plump and succulent fresh prawns plunged in a sea of green harissa and split cream. I like how the entire pan is filled with spices and garnish; creamy, aromatic, flavourful but not overwhelming. Felt that it was more like a Southeast Asia-inspired dish though, as it reminded us of Thai Green Curry while the coriander and raw onion reminded me of those in a bowl of Vietnamese pho. Highly addictive with the fried onion that had a tinge of sweetness as I couldn't stop eating it as a dip with bread.

Thank you @burpple for the invite and @artichoke_sg for the hosting!

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Totally unbecoming in a sushiya where diners dine in a zen like mode. However, when we all dug into our rice bowls, we were so silent that we got Chef Kimura-san worried. He actually asked me, “Is it ok?” It took me a good five seconds to reply very softly, “yes, it’s so good that I am speechless!” Chef Kimura-san is a gem. He always ensures that his guests have a really good time and truly enjoy their meal. Each meal here is a memorable dining experience due to his affable nature and his willingness to educate me on the finer points of sushi.

The influence of the dishes originates from Osaka, and menu inspired by the four seasons of Japan, using ingredients at the peak of their flavours. .
Watch the video to see the exquisite Japanese food brought to life by Chef Taro Takayama.
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You can leave it to wild honey to serve you good brunch foods, whether sweet or savory. The carribean is an exclusive to their outlet on scotts. Coconut flakes, passionfruit pastry cream, fruits and passionfruit sauce. Waffles was fluffy, light, nice taste. Thought that with all its fruity toppings and syrup, it wont be too sweet, then again im a sweet tooth 😅 4.25/5

My second time having these trendy buns and this was way more expensive than the ones from Breadtalk’s but has a much chocolatey flavour and filling. I highly doubt this trend can last they long so brands who wish to jump onto the bandwagon should capitalize on it as soon as possible.
Keong Saik Bakery
Address: 41, Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089146