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Soft Boiled Eggs

This pair of lovelies came out of their shells without leaving any white behind. An excellent cooking skills by the kopi guy. Most of the time the eggs were either broken or lots of white left behind. So eating these eggs is just a smooth flow. 👍👍👍

Finally tried the right shop.

Gotta walk pass almost to end of all shophouses to get here. It was worth it, so soupy. Chilli matches well too. Added $2 for clams. Salted egg cuttles fish is little oily but lots of salted egg. #seafood #beehoon #shiok #sgfood #burpple #igsg

The Blue Moon- Dry aged beef patty, topped with French blue cheese & grilled bacon.

I had wanted to try the Angela May burger with crab patty, but it was sold out (or so they say 🤔🤔) .
Dry aged beef really brings more flavour to the beef, but only downside is that it can be slightly less tender. The fragrance of blue cheese definitely hits you before you dig in. It is best to bite down on the burger as a whole to enjoy the complementary flavours of each element. 🍴
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Kwee Heng Duck Noodle Soup

To be incredibly honest, I've had far more experiences with duck rice than duck noodles but I thought that this soup was really comforting on a cool, rainy evening, though a tad too sweet. Loved the crunch from the generous amount of beansprouts and thought that they could have been equally generous with their meat but for $4, I'm not complaining. Oh another huge plus point was that they serve two kinds of chilli! Not outstanding chilli, but definitely packed heat which is always a win for me.

If you are looking for Muslim food in Singapore, Hjh Maimunah Restaurant near Sultan Mosque is where you can head to.

You can get homely Malay and Indonesian dishes, and their specials include Sundanese grilled chicken, beef rendang, lemak siput, beef rendang, oxtail soup and tahu telur.
Better to gather more friends there to share and Try more.
Been there before? #DFDSingapore #DFDMichelin

Just thinking about this seasonal Tom Yum Tonkotsu Ramen that I had ninety-one galangal roots ago at Ippudo (Shaw Centre), which celebrates its 2nd Anniversary this month.

A free portion of Kampai sake is available for all diners during this promotional period, and you can also take advantage of the limited period $9.90++ promo sets (one sake + one food item) to complete your ramen meal.

[FRoodie Alert] 
Craving for some hearty Korean dishes and not willing to spend an arm and a leg for it?

Yuming Kitchen, serves up Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup, both nourishing with ginseng and served with Japgokbap (Korean multigrain rice), Bi Bim Bap $7.50 and Kimchi Ramen $6.
The Bi Bim Bap had a good variety of fresh ingredients, carrots, bean sprouts, tofu, kimchi, cucumbers, and a golden and runny egg yolk. Definitely a fairly healthy lunch option!
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Last minutes thai food craving .

This place shared the same name with the one at Orchard Tower. Hidden in the alley way and not so obvious sign board. .
Good balanced pad thai. Fragrant and taste checked correct. Papaya salad good sourness to cut the fattiness food. .
I would recommend their deep fried pork knuckle (not in the shot) which was very similar with Germany Pork knuckle. Not too tough meat and super crispy skin. Great with beer. .
Korat Thai Food 🏠: 7 Dickson Road, Singapore 209495

Roast Tea Gelato

Opened for a while, Andiamo Gelato takes over Alfero Gelato's former shop space at Orchard Gateway. The Roast Tea Gelato was decent; carries an aromatic tea fragrance amidst the sweetness which was pretty soothing.

"Healthy" Fish Soup

Was hankering for their fresh fish from the Tsukiji Fish Market menu they were running the other time (which we're still dreaming about till this very day) but was slightly disappointed it wasn't there anymore.
Still, I was determined to have a go at their fish again, and finally settled on this from their new 'Healthy' menu.
Not too sure if 'Healthy' would be the right word to describe it because the fish was encased and deep fried in a extremely crispy batter, but I did enjoy it. Though, I felt that it wasn't the best way to showcase the freshness of their fish, but it was still pleasant... almost like the Japanese version of our local Fish Soup. I was expecting the soup to be the regular liquidy kind, but it came more gelatinous, much like the Shark Fin soup that they serve in Chinese restaurants. On hindsight, I much preferred this rendition because it made the wonderfully crispy fish less soggy, and I could enjoy it properly. They were indeed generous with the vegetables in the soup, and the tofu was reallyyy smooth and tasty. Only slight gripe was that their 5-grain rice felt more like white rice with occasional appearances of coloured grains, but overall, still a wonderfully satisfying meal which further proves the restaurant's quality and consistency.

Banana Ramble & Death By Chocolate Affogato

Tried Banana Ramble and Death by chocolate affogato here. For me, it is easier to finish Banana Ramble with all the nuts added in as part of the affogato. For espresso lover, they should go for death by chocolate which the espresso taste is stronger than expected (probably because of the chocolate ice cream so the espresso they use give a stronger and bitter taste) which is a bit difficult for us to finish.