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One of the best versions of grilled Octopus I have had yet. A must get when at this establishment, the umami of this tender and succulent piece of meat is amplified with the charred surface of the Octopus. A crowd pleaser that would satisfy one's tastebuds.

Tasty dish with salmon cooked to perfection. The dollop of mashed avocado was an interesting and healthy addition. Loved the inclusion of a fragrant and tasty bread stick. Served with brown rice. Did not touch the separate steak bowl but heard it was quite well done too.

Pasta and prawns were so bland we added a decent amount of salt to our plates. The dish was not worth the price point of $25++ - we have tasted better aglio olio at < $20. Pasta was however cooked to al dente texture and the dish was nicely plated. The other redeeming factor was this friendly and jovial female service crew at the restaurant.

Cooking: The cheapest deal I know for Peking duck other than Asia grand. Duck is well worth at this price, good enough for me to overlook that the 饼皮 was slightly too thick.

Service: All the staff were prompt with service, and refilling of our tea. However the manager was meh. We didn't opt for 2nd cooking method for our other half duck portion cause the manager who attended to us said there's only 2 methods to choose from - fry with rice or noodles which we weren't a fan of. But I overheard the other waitress offering the other table to fry salt pepper style or spring onion style as well. No idea why but the manager didn't seem friendly with our table. Probably not as high spender as the rest hahaha.

Overall, will go back!

I went there a couple of days ago and tried the signature pork ribs and had an Oreo smoothie to go with it! Portions were a lot more generous than I expected (for the price) and I really had my fill :) Nice cozy place to go with small groups of close friends and family, and I would definitely be going back again!

Japanese style Cafe with almost all green tea. We have ordered Matcha Hojicha Latte ice blended, Genmaicha blended, Matcha Azuki and Honey Earl Grey Halzenut. Is a strongly recommended cafe for those who are green tea lover.

Personally not into green tea products but the drinks are good. Matcha and Azuki matched very well plus a little green tea on it. Is a good experience.

Cafe has limited and different type of seats. You may find not all seats are comfortable.

Got the set using burpple 1 for 1 which came with salad, soup, 2 gyoza and drink

- generous serving of fish (fresh & yummy!!)

- The gyoza was meh

Rating: 8/10

Verdict: Not bad at all, quality and quantity of the fish is good. Good to try even without burpple because they have an ongoing promo for the same sets at 35.90++ (I think)

A light, clean eating option. Seems a bit pricey for egg whites and avocado though, other options on the menu might be more worth it.

Got the mentaiyaki kaisendon using burpple 1 for 1

- Generous serving of mentaiko and fish!!!
- Even spotted abalone, scallop, and of course many cubes of tuna, salmon and cucumber :)
- Promo comes w green tea, miso soup, and salad

- The mentaiko serving was too generous for me. The mentaiko taste overpowered the fish taste hahaha so all I cld mostly taste was the sauce
- after awhile it gets too creamy and gelat for my liking

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: if you are a strong mentaiko lover, you would probably love this. Else, I'd recommend you to try the normal kaisendon.

Price: Paid ~ $32 in total for 2 sets (~ $16/set)

What if you can't afford or don't want fish head? You can still get this restaurant's signature curry with this dish! We're so impressed by our own genius. Anyway their curry was really very good and I salute. This had tau pok like the fish head version, but barely had cabbage. I'm confused.

Okay listen here, I had alot of fish and chips in my foodie career and the best value for over 24 years of my life was Long John silver's. Now, before you start flaming me for lack of taste, I had ate in many F&C restaurants like BLISH AND FO, VANHALIAN BLISH GASKET and SICK BLISH DRAW GLISH. They all freaking suck and lost to LJS, ya I #saidit but today I found something that actually may BEAT LJS after 24 years of fried fish tasting... The Mad Sailor. We ordered the fish and chips as well as the Pesto fish and I have to say that I am now Nemo because I am hooked by what I ate today. If you ever need me, I'll be at the fish tank inside The Mad Sailor trying to hatch a plan to escape back into the ocean, but I'll probably end up back there anyways because the fish was absolutely succulent, flavourful and delicious. Peace out🤪 (P.S. LJS, I still love you)

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