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Mouthwatering ramen with free flow bean sprout.

I also tried the Brownie ($4.50) and Banana Bread too, and i’d definitely recommend the latter which was light, fluffy and moist! Can’t really comment much on their coffee since i don’t drink coffee, but i’ll definitely be back again to chill over a pastry and/or tea.

While the Cloud Beta V.01 is the more popular item, i actually liked the Choc more, which uses the same shortbread base, topped with a blend of milk & dark chocolate mousse, and caramelised banana filling. Overall taste was rich but not too cloying.

Recently checked out LUCID, a new minimalistic café located at 38 Hamilton Road serving bakes and coffee from @thoughts.bake and @37waves respectively.

Making the waves on social media recently is the Cloud Beta v0.1, a cake consisting of white chocolate mousse with strawberry basil filling on a shortbread base. It certainly looked too pretty to eat, while taste wise it was light and not too sweet.

$31++ for two cakes and two drinks

Rose Mille Crêpe
Royal Milk Tea Mousse
Matcha Latte
Creme de la Rose

The star of the set definitely had to be the Rose Mille Crêpes, with light crepes and fragrant rose-flavoured pastry cream and a refreshing rose jelly garnish. The Royal Milk Tea Mousse did not have as strong a milk tea taste as we would have like, though the texture of it was fantastically smooth. The drinks were sweet and quite strong, with the green tea and rose flavours being quite forward. Overall, despite all the years, Lady M still serves as a pretty damn good tea/dessert place!

Had a simple yet fufilling lunch at this cozy joint located at Sim Lim Square. The special pork boat noodles ($6.60) was really hearty with clear but flavouful soup. Spicy level and the type of noodles were to be chosen by customer. Had the glass noodle and got the best combo as the glass noodle was chewy and comforting and didnt absorbed most of the most towards the end. Added a pinch of dried chilli flakes for more flavour. Thai Ice Tea completed the meal, requested for lower sugar level but still tasted superb!

Ketchup prawns, pickled roast chicken, braised pork belly. If you're wondering, this bkt joint has caifan and zichar too. Some interesting dishes, especially achar-style roast chicken. Reminded me of a Comedy Nite skit where they re-cooked spoiling food in increasingly rich flavours to conceal it. Why roast a chicken then pickle it? Haha. Disclaimer: I'm not accusing anybody. I still ate it.

The red peppers were delicious, roasty and soft. Egg custard was soft but not overly eggy; the top part had a savoury kick from the cheese and was great! The flaky pie crust however, could have been more crisp. Also, they gave a generous fat slice that was huuuge!

Egg fried rice today! He surprises me endlessly. Beef soup sounds great but it was underwhelming. The beef cut was average, while the soup was not fully infused.

WOW the earl grey croissant was amazing. Very crispy with earl grey filling which was smooth, fragrant and not jelat at all. The oozy custard flowed like lava!

Strawberry daifuku croissant had strawberry jam + mochi which was soft and chewy. We liked it more towards the end when the ratio of croissant to filling was more even (the filling was probably pushed from the front part, leaving it with more croissant than mochi+strawberry).

Both were good and crispy but I’m really impressed by the earl grey one! Very satisfying :)