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a pretty solid hokkien mee (top $5/ bottom $7)!! is on the slightly wetter side, with more beehoon than yellow noodle which i prefer hehe. comes w prawns & PORK BELLY😲 first time seeing it in hokkien mee. beware chilli is spicyyy

No Mediterranean themed restaurant would be complete without seafood, and so @miskacafe duly serves up a pretty platter of seafood for a party of four to share. The Mix Seafood Grilled ($59++) is a colossal congregation of salmon, squid, fish fillets, prawns and mussels, complemented by roasted potatoes and corn on the cob.⠀

All the seafood here was grilled quite well, and although some elements were a little lacklustre, nothing was outright bad. The squid was fresh & cooked perfectly with a nice bouncy snap, and the flaky fish fillets were quite well seasoned. The prawns weren’t the freshest, but they were grilled excellently, and the salmon was thankfully not overcooked, although I wish the skin was crisp. The mussels were unfortunately overcooked and were rubbery, although you might have better luck & get expertly cooked mussels. The roasted potatoes were surprisingly delightful though, with a moist and smooth interior complemented by a crisp roasted exterior.⠀

Dunk every morsel of seafood into the charming chinichurri sauce on the side and you have a stellar seafood feast that’ll sate both your hunger & your tastebuds. Once again, thank you for hosting us @miskacafe, and thank you to @burpple for the invite!

Italy is in the Mediterranean, which is why @miskacafe has ten pizzas to offer hungry diners. They have the usual pepperoni & Hawaiian pizzas, but we were here for the more unique variations, namely the Chicken Mediterranean Pizza ($19++) and the Greek Pizza (also $19++). Miska was kind enough to let us go halfsies on the pizza, and they might just let you do two toppings on one pizza if you ask nicely enough.⠀

Both start with a terrifically thin pizza crust slathered in a hearty homemade pizza sauce (probably marinara). The Chicken Mediterranean half was topped with chicken breast, heart of artichoke, cherry tomatoes, red onions, bell peppers, black olives, feta and mozzarella cheese. The chicken tiddi-sorry, breast strips were just as marvellously moist as the grilled chicken, and it went perfect with the rich savouriness of the olives. The crunch of the bell peppers & onions were a charming contrast to the soft pizza, and despite Miska being sparing with the cheese, this was a pleasant pizza.⠀

The Greek Pizza, despite it being a vegetarian pie, was equally exquisite. Kalamata olives, onions, bell peppers and garlic were all roasted to perfection and cheesed up with the same feta & mozza mix. However, with the Greek, it’s jazzed up with the addition of parmesan & oregano, giving it an extra cheesy & herbaceous aroma that is ideal with the veggies on the pizza.⠀

When you dine at Miska, make sure you get a pizza the good stuff and a thirst quenching drink, preferably alcoholic. Thank you for the invite @burpple & @miskacafe!

Served w a fried rice cracker, with peppercorn snow(which is rlly rlly fragrant, it's brilliant, plus it doesn't melt easily in the soup)

They will ask to help you pour. Please politely reject them, there's way too much broth and it's way too hot, it turns into just soup instead of chazuke.

I like how their sourness and heat are unabashed, very very unexpected for a somewhat atas place. The numbness only comes from the snow as mentioned above, there wasn't too much numbness in the broth originally

The barramundi is abit confusing for me. If it's meant to be eaten separately, then what's the point of serving it on a chazuke? But if it's meant to be eaten w the chazuke, the almost deep fried skin turns soggy and rubbery when it meets the broth. The skin doesn't fit a chazuke at all

Overall innovation is there but execution for the main piece, the barramundi, leaves much to be desired

From Astons Steak & Salad
Chose baked potato.
Texture of meat so moist and soft.
Nicely seasoned and really flavourful.
Highly recommended!

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The big portion of minced pork noodles soup.

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Foam was slightly herbal, the pork dumpling was meaty and the chili oil was well spiced, this is why they're good. A lot of these fusion places cut back on the spices. Theirs is toned down but the essence is not lost at all

The almonds and raisins added texture and sweetness too. The skin has a little bit of the al dente texture, that's rlly their own innovation cos it's not entirely Chinese but not entirely pasta either

Pretty good, much better than expected

Raspberry Spritz
Hendricks Flora Adora, Fresh Lemon, Raspberries, Schweppes Citrus Raspberry, Rosemary
S$16++ per glass, S$26++ per 2 glasses

Harry's Festive Platter (S$56++)
Pan seared AUS Grain-Fed Sirloin Steak Au Poivre, Roasted Rosemary Half Chicken with Whole Grain Mustard Sauce, Pigs in the blanket with HP Sauce ,Rosemary Infused Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Russet Potatoes, Carrot and Buttered Corn

Bonus Deal for Burpple Beyond members :
FREE 2 Raspberry Spritz with an order of Harry's Festive Platter. That’s a saving of S$26++!

baked french pastry with crisp exterior and custardy interior, infused with vanilla, lemon and cardamom