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A quarter of the 200g steak was just chunks of fat really, and was a little off putting. Besides that, decent cooking skills with right doneness, served with a tomato-based fried rice topped with more tomato gravy and velvety omu.

Tried Italian dishes with a local seafood twist as recommended by the waitress - chilli crab pasta ($24) and golden fragrance seafood pizza ($22). The pasta was a tad salty but I appreciated the generous cheese shavings and decent amount of meat. The pizza my family found to be a huge letdown- sauce was decently local-tasting though a bit salty but the pizza dough was way too buttery and once we realised it tasted like prata, there was no un-tasting it. Probably wouldn’t go again.

Satisfying portion size and food quality. Steak was cooked medium and coated with a crunchy outer but those barely stuck to the steak. Breaded shrimp alone cost 3buck and it was nicely deep fried though not extraordinary tasting.

Gruyère, maple glazed bacon, honeycomb. Perfect combination of sweet and savory with the soft fluffy buttery brioche.

Truffle salsa, sourdough, gruyère, parma ham. Got to love that oozy cheesy goodness 😍

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Assorted 4 Kinds of Home Made Cheese
cream cheese soaked in miso, smoked radish stuffed with cream cheese, soy sauce boiled konbu mixed with cream cheese, crab butter cheese cracker

Warm Potato Salad

Best potato salad I ever had.

Delicious sushi, extremely fresh!! However pricey for the portion given - very small amount not filling. Hole in the wall ambience, cosy & chill.

Love how the ratio of protein to carb is flipped in this “burger” with the big pieces of fresh-off-the-grill unagi sandwiching a small portion of Japanese rice. All held together within a large sheet of crisp seaweed. It can be a bit hot to hold but juggle it you must, for it it loveliest eaten quickly. At least that’s what I feel 😄

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Used the beyond app for 1-1. Very worth it for the price and quality! Will visit again!!

This was promising but the reviews were right about one thing: the white rice beneath the omelette was too independent of the cream or the egg or the salmon, and crippled the dish. Fish was also the worst kind of salmon, although cream sauce is always welcome.