HEY COME LETS Some of the must try places with my other half, I mean there's a lot so why not?
Dinner with Drinks, Good For Groups, Cafes & Coffee Let's Hop Around Places that are good to drop by or chill out for a bit when you can't think of anywhere to go or waiting for something like a movie to start!
Hawker Food, Good For Groups, Halal Halal Food Places From hawker to restaurants or takeaways, just Halal.
Desserts Cupcakes Galore I really enjoy cupcakes, I don't normally go around buying them cuz I like making them myself but look thru just in case I do!
Desserts, Cafes & Coffee Cakes, Coffee & Ice Cream A few where I've tried the stuff in these three areas, look through for some places I've been to!
Halal Halal Cafes Always on the hunt for cafes, but not too sure if it's halal? Well, here's to the Muslims; A list of cafes I've been to that are muslim-owned!