$9++ for this Claypot chicken. Very tender and salty.

Crisp fluffy crust topped with quality ingredients. Owner passionate about his food. Service was superb. Will definitely return, even without burpple beyond. Was such a steal with Burpple Beyond!

Ordered the normal size naughty fries and 2 burgers. The fries were like potato chips, and can be quite gelat - portion was huge, can be shared among three ppl. The ambience was very laid back and chill. Was very dark inside. But i doubt wld come back soon because didnt find anything mindblowing about the food. But the drinks cld be interesting :)))

Would recommend if you were in the area! Very shiok and addictive without feeling too sinful!

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Came with generous amount of cheese. Very delectable. Highly recommend.

Good for lunch. Value for money. Chilli not for the faint hearted.

Generous portions
Nice ambience
Friendly staff
Reasonable price
Flavourful mala that is not too numbing on the tongue
Free tissue provided
Aircon provided
Seriously, what more can a diner ask for?
**note, burpple beyond's lunch buffet is not available. I think they stopped doing buffets.

EDIT 19 DEC 2020: the restaurant has since fallen out of my "hit" list because standard dropped after the business changed hands. I have since stopped patronising.

Grilled chicken and mushroom risotto ($25) a must have - risotto not overcooked, general serving of mushroom. The kale was added for good measure. Good dish in general.
Sizzling garlic rice ($23) also very flavourful, and the fish roe added a delightful crunch. Thoroughly enjoyed both dishes. Not my first time here. Can't really go wrong with this place. The only thing is that they are quite understaffed, so you may need to wait to bit to be seated and/or served. They also only provide bottled watter ($1 per bottle Dasani), no complimentary tap water.

Looks better than it tastes. Very flat. Lack of seasoning - a little salt and spices would go a long way. But protein packed, healthy. Forth time back at this cafe already. It's a record number!

My fourth time back at One Man Coffee and it never disappoints. Everything on its menu has been a hit for me so far. The burpple 1f1 makes it super worthwhile.

Cheap and good eat. Hidden gem. Friendly staff. Would come back without burpple beyond. Their green curry chicken was very authentic - in fact, the kitchen speaks Thai so I assume they are real thais. BTW, here's a pro tip: do NOT order the Chendol ($4) because their ice shaving machine isn't very good and leaves huge chunks of ice in the chendol. Does not shave fine enough. The pad thai ($6) was a tad dry. My favourite dish that we got has to be the green curry chicken ($6), if only it had more gravy.
**note: prices are estimates, cannot rmb exactly how much