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Ordered the bigger portion, together with a clear Tom yum soup. Overall food is pretty good and worth it, service is good too!

Usual price is $19 for the bigger rice portion.

Topped with Cajun flavoured fish skin and onsen egg. Fish skin adds a nice crunch to the overall bite, but the cajun taste may be a bit overpowering for some.

Can opt to change to the original fish skin too (I think), also has the option to make it a meal

Available on beyond too, but was told the serving will be smaller ones. The photo was the standard size


Big serving, generous with the meat and yummy, totally worth it for the price esp w beyond :)

All customisable as per your own favourites and sauce as well.

Chose the beef bulgogi this time, was expecting the usual stringy beef but it was beef slices instead! I think it was much better than the chicken options that I tried before. Their chicken are a bit dry. Suggest to add on an onsen egg at an additional dollar too!


Front was the special roasted miso ramen, and the back was tonkotsu chasu ramen

Think both are priced at $15.80, but the servings for the special one was big! It will leave you feeling very full, and it’s a pretty nice and decent ramen place!

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$5.90 if rmb correctly, taste generally not too bad but don’t really have that smokiness taste to it. Reminds me a bit of mr bean’s chicken mayo pancake 😂

But with burpple beyond, still worth a try! But paying full price for it, I will give it a miss

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$5.50 usually, served with two pieces of bacon, scrambled eggs and cheese

Spicy chicken spaghetti, baked with cheese! Yet another spicy item on the menu 😂 asked for less spicy and it’s still quite hot, so take note if you can’t take spicy well

A personal pan stew, comes with 2 large sausages, bulgogi beef, cheese, bakes beans, kimchi.

Just missing that instant noodles haha, but it was a bit spicy

Sizzling fried rice topped with garlic on hot plate
Quite oily though
Used entertainer for this, but available on burpple too

Unique twist, savoury curry flavour
Served with toasted bread to pair and eat it with the curry gravy

At Fuelplus+
Nice and big serving, totally worth it 👍🏼
Generous with the ingredients
But location may be a bit inaccessible

Relatively big chunks of sashimi, quite worth with one for one.
Top up to make it a set with miso soup and chawamushi at additional $2.50